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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Video: Woman Raped at #Occupy Philadelphia

I direct you to my previous post about the comparisons between the Penn State scandal and the OWS protests. By allowing the #Occupy movement to continue unabated, mayors in these various cities are complicit to varying degrees. Oakland mayor Jean Quan has the blood of a dead man on her hands. Any mayor who has allowed these protests to continue despite the violent crimes taking place within them are culpable too. In this news report, we learn that a woman was raped at Occupy Philadelphia.

Notice that the police are quoted as saying that the Philadelphia protests have been 'largely peaceful.' That's in direct opposition to an email from someone on the ground there; it was posted to POLITICO's site days before the rape:
WTF - my office is across the street from Occupy Philadelphia, and I can't tell you how much we are all starting to really appreciate the stench, trash, and carefree idleness of the protesters. To write they are "winning" because a nexis search indicates a more common usage of the phrase "income equality" is akin to writing the pro-child molester crowd is "winning" b/c a nexis search turns up more stories this week about child molestation. C'mon. Politico should send you folks around to the different sites (assuming you've been inoculated beforehand for malaria, etc), and you can get a first hand feel for just how much the surrounding communities are really taking to the "occupiers."
Anyway, here's the news report about the rape:

h/t Breitbart

Penn State Scandal and Occupy Wall Street

The object of significant public ire when it comes to the child molestation scandal at Penn State is Assistant coach Mike McQueary. In 2002, he personally witnessed Jerry Sandusky raping a ten year-old boy. Most are angry at him for not stopping it. The fact that he reported it to Joe Paterno the next day instead of going to the police may have been the greater sin. If McQueary would have gone to the police immediately, he could have actually floated the argument that he didn't want to see the child get hurt further during any altercation between McQueary and Sandusky. Yes, it's a stretch but not going immediately to police only makes walking away from the heinous crime more egregious.

McQueary can't even use the defense that he was too freaked out or scared to do anything. Years earlier, he'd broken up a knife fight according to Penn Live:
McQueary is a guy who once stepped in and broke up a player-related knife fight in a campus dining hall — a fight police admit could have been very ugly. But this week, he is getting blasted by the public for doing too little.

That same public sentiment led to an abrupt exit for legendary coach Paterno and Spanier.
This is a case where the program was more important than honor, ethics, or morals.

Joe Paterno took McQueary's report, which came a day later and waited ten days before having a meeting with his Athletic Director and PSU Vice President:
Even though Paterno himself had told the grand jury that McQueary saw “something of a sexual nature,” Paterno said this week that he had stopped the conversation before it got too graphic. Instead, he told McQueary he would need to speak with his superior, Athletic Director Tim Curley, and with Schultz.

That meeting did not happen for 10 days.
Did any rapes take place within those 10 days? If so, Paterno's complicity is open for debate. He has been the most powerful single person at Penn State for years. Had he gone to the police after McQueary went to him, both men would probably have been revered to varying degrees and not the object of public disgust they're experiencing right now.

Couple this with Occupy Wall Street. The media pushes the movement's narrative that the protests are largely peaceful. Meanwhile, two protesters have been killed by suffering gunshot wounds - one in Oakland, CA and the other in Burlington, VT. Rapes, assaults, vandalism, theft, violence, destruction of property, and a slew of other criminal acts are not just taking place in multiple cities across the country; police are being forced to direct their resources to the protests as a result. Who knows how much crime has taken place as a result of police officers not working their normal beats?

The crimes taking place at OWS, in many cases, are as bad or worse than the crimes perpetrated by Jerry Sandusky. Yet, the protests continue to be supported by Barack Obama himself. Van Jones - an Obama guy - is responsible for coordinating much of the movement via his 'Rebuild the Dream' operation.

The problems going on at Penn State right now are the direct result of people in the organization looking the other way. The problems going on with the OWS protests are a direct result of people in various political administrations looking the other way. In Oakland, it's the mayor; ditto Atlanta, where there has been a tuberculosis outbreak. In New York City, Michael Bloomberg failed to do the right thing and crime at OWS in Zuccoti Park is rampant.

Also in Oakland, the San Francisco Chronicle first reported that the man shot dead there was part of the OWS movement. A day later, it scrubbed that report and re-worded to convey the opposite.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration continues to support the OWS protests all across the country.

At Penn State, men looked the other way and children were raped as a result. At the #Occupy protests, there have been rapes and murders while leaders look the other way.

What's the difference here?

h/t Hot Air

Video: European Parliament Member Wants Everyone Fired

There are two very well spoken - and outspoken - members of the European Parliament that occasionally deliver righteous rants that simply should not be ignored. The first - and perhaps most recognizable - is Daniel Hannan from Great Britain. Another is Nigel Farage. In this clip, after asking fellow members what planet they're living on, makes the case that they should all be fired. Note the guy who responds to Farage with nothing but ridicule. After arrogantly telling Farage he does nothing but complain, he asks Farage to offer solutions.

In a case of 'be careful what you wish for,' Farage's solution is firing everyone from the dysfunctional body.

Here is Farage from last year as well.

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