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Sunday, October 4, 2009


Where does one begin? Seriously. Whack job liberal Ed Schultz actually blames the Republicans for undermining Obama's effort to land the Olympic Games for Chicago and compares their doing so to what Jane Fonda did in Vietnam. I wonder how that comparison makes Vietnam veterans feel. Doesn't Schultz diminish their sacrifice by comparing the two?

And I wonder how Hanoi Jane feels about being thrown under the leftwing bus and turned into red meat for leftwing buzzards.

All that aside, this is a quintessential example of how badly the left hates losing, no matter what sport they're playing. They are utterly incapable of looking within and taking stock of themselves or their agenda. Hey Ed, maybe it was the fact that Chicago is the 2nd most corrupt city in America.

One thing I didn't hear Ed bring up was a report by a Danish newspaper, BERLINGSKE, which puts the blame squarely where it belongs - on Obama himself.
The explanations are many. The former Danish IOC member Kai Holm says to Berlingske that he believes that it is due to disrespect. Professor of sport history at the University of Copenhagen Hans Bonde suggests presidential arrival at the last minute and neglected personal lubricant of IOCs members.

At Chicago kicked out so early shows to me that Barack Obama does not understand the psychology of the IOC, said Hans Bonde.
There you have it. Straight from the mouth of a former IOC member. I don't know what on earth makes him think he's qualified to say such things. Doesn't he know that it's the Republicans' fault?

Expressing this view even further is none other than Congressman from Chicago, Jan Schakowsky (at the end of the clip), who actually points to Rush Limbaugh as the reason for Obama's failure.

Utterly shameless. CLICK HERE for the video.


h/t to GP for the Danish newspaper link.
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