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Sunday, December 6, 2009


Steven F. Hayword's piece in the Weekly Standard is lengthy but extremely compelling. It not only provides insight into the creation of the "Hockey Stick" chart by Michael Mann, but it also gives us a sneak peak into the relationships between the CRU / man-made climate change proponents. The portrait painted of Michael Mann is not very kind. Hayword's analysis leaves one with the Impression that Mann was blinded by something other than science and that people within his circle expressed doubts about his "hockey stick".

Quoting from Hayword:
It has long been thought that over the last thousand years the earth experienced two significant natural climate cycles: the "medieval warm period" (MWP) centered around the year 1000 and the "little ice age" (LIA) from about 1500 to 1850 or so. The first report of the IPCC in 1992 displayed a stylized thousand-year temperature record showing that the MWP was warmer than current global temperatures, but this was mostly conjecture. Yet it was a huge problem for the climate campaigners: If the medieval warm period was as warm as today, as some scientists believe, it would mean that today's temperatures are arguably within the range of normal climate variability, and that we could not yet confirm greenhouse gas emissions as the sole cause of recent increases or rely on computer climate models for predictions of future climate apocalypse. There had long been rumors that leading figures in the climate community believed they needed to make the medieval warm period go away, but until the CRU leak there was no evidence besides hearsay that scientists might be cooking the books.
So what happened between 1992 and 1998? Mann's "hockey stick" chart in 1998 seemed to disregard both the MWP and the LIA. Based on Hayword's article, Mann dug in his heals over the matter and wouldn't even listen to those in his inner circle.
The CRU emails reveal internal doubts about this entire enterprise both before and after the hockey stick made its debut. In a 1996 email to a large number of scientists in the CRU circle, Tom Wigley, a top climatologist working at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Colorado, cautioned: "I support the continued collection of such data, but I am disturbed by how some people in the paleo community try to oversell their product." Mann and his colleagues made use of some of the CRU data, but some of the CRU scientists weren't comfortable with the way Mann represented it and also seemed to find Mann more than a bit insufferable.
Be sure to read the ENTIRE ARTICLE as it provides an "inside baseball" look into the culture within this group. It also puts the emails in a very logical and hard-to-argue-with context.

One of the best articles on this scandal I've seen.


Remember that other case of Sudden Jihad Syndrome (SJS) that occurred back in Arkansas at an Army recruiting office? One soldier was killed and another wounded. In this case, it is the father of the man accused of the murder who is speaking out against the Feds. The accused is Abdulhakim Muhammad and his father seems to be implying that the FBI has the blood of his son's victims on its hands. Fox 16 reported:
The father of the man charged with shooting two soldiers in Little Rock is speaking out. He says his son, Abdulhakim Muhammad, was manipulated by Islamic extremists overseas and the FBI knew it but didn't step in before it was too late.

Melvin Bledsoe of Memphis looks at what his son is accused of doing at the Army Recruiter Station in Little Rock last June the same way he looks at foiled terror plots in Dallas, and the Fort Hood shootings earlier this month. He sees them all as acts of terrorism that could have been prevented.

"I want to say how sorry I am for the family of the soldier and we know what they're going through," Bledsoe says. "They're grieving and we're very sorry for their grieving."

Nearly six months after police say his son, Abdulhakim Muhammad, 24, gunned down two soldiers, Bledsoe wants answers from the federal government. "I don't understand why the federal government has not taken this case which it is,” Bledsoe says. “This involves a United States soldier."
Read the whole report HERE.

h/t to JW


You are guaranteed to read this with mouth agape. On December 3rd, Andy McCarthy wrote in National Review that a Muslim named Louay Safi was lecturing troops at Fort Hood about Islam. For those of you who like to champion diversity, what would you say if Safi was a prominent figure with the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), which is not only an un-indicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation Trial but is a Muslim Brotherhood group?

I urge and encourage you to read McCarthy's ENTIRE ARTICLE as it provides additional detail about Safi that will make the Nidal Malik Hasan case look like an exercise in extremely well thought out reason and logic.

Notice that McCarthy quotes a source that says the Fort Hood Commander should be fired. That commander's name is Lt. General Robert Cone. As someone who broadcasts to the Fort Hood market, I took personal interest in this story and noticed that the local paper here, the Temple Daily Telegram did a story on the Fort Hood Commander today, albeit a PUFF PIECE. I won't go so far as to say Cone should be fired as he's only been there for three months and my guess is he had no idea that Safi lectured soldiers on his base less than one month after Hasan murdered 14 people.

That doesn't mean Cone shouldn't know about Safi.

Guess what. That is the Telegram's job. Instead of writing a glowing human interest story on Cone, how about if they did a little investigating about Safi and followed up with Cone in subsequent articles?

I railed on this story during my DECEMBER 6TH SHOW.

Due to the fact that the Telegram's website did not carry the entire print story on Cone, I scanned the entire article from the actual paper and posted below.



**WARNING** The following audio clip contains graphic depictions and descriptions but it's important to understand what the agenda of this Obama czar truly is. Safe Schools czar, Kevin Jennings founded the group Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). The following audio was recorded by a man named Scott Whiteman, while he was in attendance at a GLSEN conference in March of 2000. Keep in mind that this recorded presentation was allegedly given to children who were 14 years old.


Whiteman has much more on his SITE.

h/t to GP


Well, not really but funny nonetheless. SNL did an excellent job of making these two look exactly like the real couple. Taking pictures behind Obama's back during the press conference, the pair continues to up the ante, even bringing in Joe Biden for a shot or two. Finally, they tap "The One" on the shoulder and ask him to participate.

For a story that got far too much attention in the media in light of climategate, this skit was nicely done.

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