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Monday, December 7, 2009


A Saudi man named Abdulsalam Al-Zahrani is the alleged killer of his Jewish professor. The New York Daily News reports that Al-Zahrani used a kitchen knife to stab his 77 year-old professor named Richard Antoun. Beyond the murder itself, the most stunning development may be the lengths authorities seem to be willing to go in order to play down the possibility this could be Jihad.

Antoun (pictured) was a professor of middle eastern studies and considered to be a peace activist.

Somehow, authorities have magically concluded that despite Al-Zahrani having written extensively about the middle east in general and Muslim scholars prior to the 11th century in particular, the murder was not religiously motivated. The DAILY NEWS reports:
Officials said the murder did not appear to be a hate crime and that Zahrani may have had an academic beef with Antoun - one of the advisers on his dissertation.

"There is no indication of religious or ethnic motivation," said Broome County District Attorney Gerald Mollen.
Let's see. A Muslim who has made middle eastern studies a primary focus of his attention, kills an elderly Jewish man and authorities have already determined it's not a hate crime.

Add another victim to the list of Sudden Jihad Syndrome's victims.

h/t to WND


Based on what the EPA is saying, how else should we interpret this? If human beings exhale carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide is now being considered a poisonous gas, human beings themselves are destroying the earth not because of anything they're doing but because of what they are - a carbon based life form that is viewed similarly to smokestacks that are polluting the air.

Here's the irony. Fewer humans equals less plant life, which is what the environmental movement claims to champion. The New York Times REPORTS:
The Environmental Protection Agency on Monday will complete its determination that greenhouse gases pose a danger to human health and the environment, paving the way for regulation of carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles, power plants, factories refineries and other major sources.

The agency finding also will allow Mr. Obama to tell delegates at the United Nations climate change conference that began today in Copenhagen that the United States is moving aggressively to address the problem.
Address the problem? Remember all of those "kooks" who have been saying the environmental movement is really an agenda that is about population control?

They don't seem so kooky these days, DO THEY?

Watts Up With That links to a study at the UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN that shows trees are flourishing as a result of all of this excess CO2.


So does this mean that the agenda of the EPA is actually one that involves extinguishing plant life?

h/t to WUWT
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