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Friday, May 7, 2010


Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer (NY) reached out to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer in an attempt to convince her to hold off implementation of that state's tough new immigration law, SB 1070 until the Senate is given yet another chance to act. Brewer responded with one word. That word was "no".

Via the AP:
The request by Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York was a long shot for getting a stalled Senate immigration initiative moving again. Even the White House thinks the Senate proposal is nearly dead. "There's not enough support to move forward," White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Thursday.

Still, among Democrats, there's plenty of support for trying — at least in public — to advance immigration reform during this year of midterm elections. The party's control of Congress depends in part on Hispanics, a key constituency, voting Democratic.
Obviously, Schumer has a problem with Arizona enforcing its law because he's part of the Democratic caucus that wants immigration reform. Translation? Amnesty.

Funny how Schumer has a problem with citizens in his own country securing its border and preserving their sovereignty but when it comes to Israel shutting down its border with Gaza as well as Gaza's border with Egypt, he's all for it.

In an April 22nd radio interview with Nachum Segal, Schumer said the following:
Hamas in Gaza is being squeezed and people there are doing very badly. Not only because Israel has blocked off the border and not let anything into Gaza, and I support Israel in doing that, and it may be tough on the Palestinian people, but when they vote for Hamas they are going to have to suffer the consequences.
The only possible reason Schumer could have for this glaring inconsistency is votes - votes he won't get from Palestinians that would be allowed entry into Israel vs. votes his party WOULD get from Mexicans allowed entry into the Untied States.

Click here to listen to Schumer's interview with Segal.

More on Schumer's interview with Nachum Segal here.


On March 20th, Congressional Black Caucus member, Representative Andre Carson (D-IN) claimed members of the Tea Party hurled racial epithets at him and his fellow CBC members as they walked to and from the Capitol building during the vote on health care. He also said the group felt threatened as Tea Partiers were like angry mobs.

Several videos show nothing of the sort. The burden of proof should necessarily fall on those making the claims but this is Obama's America.

In light of the video evidence, the words of Carson to reporters on March 20th take on added significance. They would seem to indicate that not only did Carson lie about being the victim of racist threats and physical intimidation but then knowingly giving those attributes to the Tea Party Movement.

Via Big Government, here is audio of Carson talking about the Tea Party after the fabricated incidents were reported.

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