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Friday, December 16, 2011

Audio: Walid Shoebat discusses Imam on All American Muslim on Rusty Humphries Show

Walid Shoebat appeared on the Rusty Humphries show to discuss the controversy involving Lowe's and the latter pulling its advertising from TLC's "All American Muslim" program.

CLICK HERE to listen to the interview.

HERE is more information on the story.

Video: Ron Paul vs. Michele Bachmann on Iran

The only cogent aspect to Ron Paul's argument here is that America is broke. Other than that, he's clueless. For example, one of the arguments he uses to make his case that Islamists hate us because of what we do, not because of who we are, is that Islamists come to the United States, not Switzerland or Sweden. Uh, Ron, in case you haven't noticed, those countries are dealing with an enormous influx of Muslims.

Bachmann comes back by citing an IAEA report that says Iran is within months of obtaining a nuclear weapon. Paul responds by saying there is no such report and then contradicts himself by saying, 'they produced the information that led you to believe that.'

This man is causing me to diminish the impact of the word 'insane.'

Here's more from Bachmann in response to Paul's lunacy. She's absolutely right about Islam's desire to reestablish a caliphate:

Via Stage Right

Debate Video: Rick Perry compares himself to Tim Tebow

This was a big eye-roller, from both the standpoint of the comparison as well as the delivery. Rick Perry was asked to allay concerns that he wouldn't do well in debates with Obama because of his debate performances as a nominee candidate. He started out ok but then took a leap he shouldn't have. He invoked the name Tim Tebow and stumbled through his analogy before delivering what he obviously thought was a strong punchline; the audience reacted like a crowd at a football game would, to an incomplete pass.

h/t Stage Right Show

Debate Video: Santorum Filets Ron Paul on Iran

Don't play this inside the Ron Paul echo chamber; they don't want to hear it. That doesn't make it any less true. Paul's view on Iran begins with an egregiously false premise that includes Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD), which proved useful during the cold war with the Soviet Union. That premise necessarily involves a belief that Iran's leaders aren't guided by a Jihadist mentality that actually yearns for nuclear destruction. Paul increasingly appears incapable of grasping that reality; the look on his face at the :56 seems to demonstrate it.

Rick Santorum enunciates quite well, why Paul is intellectually vacant on the issue.

h/t H4A

Ron Paul proves he's Insane... Again

As you watch this, ask yourself if it would have been good to have this guy living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in 1941. Again, he clearly demonstrates he has no clue about the intentions of Islamists. Zero. He then says we have no evidence that Iran is building a nuclear weapon but that we can't blame them if they are because we're provoking them. He then oversimplifies the Libyan situation by saying that we pressured Gadhafi into abandoning his weapons programs, 'and then we killed him.'

Fox's Bret Baier does a good job of making it clear that when it comes to Iran, Ron Paul is to the left of Barack Obama. Amazingly, Paul admits this. For any Republican nominee to admit being to the left of Obama on anything at this point is a risky proposition but to do so on one of the most important issues we're facing is political suicide among conservatives.

The scary thing is that every single Ron Paulien agrees with the sentiment, not because it's justified but because Ron Paul said it.

Ron Paul was climbing in the polls but like Donald Sutherland's character in Backdraft, he just can't help himself when he needs to shut up the most.

h/t Hapblog

Video: Iowa Radio Host Punks Chris Matthews on Television

If your name is Chris Matthews, this went downhill very fast. After introducing WHO talk show host Simon Conway, who was in the middle of doing his own show, the MSNBC host immediately got  defensive after being greeted as a 'Democrat.' Matthews didn't like the label and attempted to get Conway to identify himself as a Republican.

As Matthews gets increasingly agitated, Conway gets a bigger smile. The best part comes at the end of this clip when Conway accuses Matthews of 'working for the reelection of Barack Obama.' It's the truth and Matthews couldn't deny it but he also doesn't admit it. The charge, though, prompted Matthews to then ask who Conway is working toward getting elected. Conway responded that he's trying to get a conservative elected.

Watch this exchange between a liberal who likes to be perceived as something he's not and a conservative, proud to declare what he is.

Via NewsBusters:

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