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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


CORRECTION / UPDATE posted on January 9th. Big Government's website has issued a correction on this story (view when you click the link embedded in this post). While the account of Yon's treatment at SEA-TAC was accurately reported, it was learned that the treatment was received at the hands of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and NOT the TSA.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is not only rapidly becoming an oxymoronic joke but it seems to be tripping over itself to reach a new low of embarrassment. FIrst, we had agents go to the home of a man who maintains a travel blog to bully him into telling them who sent him a widely distributed TSA document on Christmas day. For a truly pathetic excuse for a functioning government agency, click HERE.

Then, they've had to deal with the headache of misleading testimony from Erroll Southers, nominee for the top job at TSA about using his position twenty years ago to get information on his estranged wife's BOYFRIEND.

On top of that - and the MISSING PASSENGER at Newark airport notwithstanding - The TSA has decided to bully a true American patriot and front line war correspondent in the Seattle airport. Michael Yon was returning home from Hong Kong when he was detained by TSA for, get this, not telling them how much money he made.

BIG GOVERNMENT conducted an interview with Yon:
TSA officials escorted Yon to a designated screening area where they examined the contents of his bag. “Then they asked me how much money I make,” Yon said.

Yon suggested to the TSA officials that the question was inappropriate and unrelated to transportation security. The award-winning blogger noted another TSA officer approached Yon: “he asked who do I work for.” ”I did not answer the question which clearly was upsetting to the TSA officers.”

Yon was escorted to a room elsewhere in the airport where he said he remained silent during much of the questioning. According to Yon, “they handcuffed me for failing to cooperate. They said I was impeding their ability to do their job.”

Yon described the TSA officials as noticeably frustrated by his refusal to answer their questions: “I always assume everything is being recorded. I was trying to be professional.”

Yon continued, “They said I wasn’t under arrest, but I’m handcuffed. In any other country, that qualifies as an arrest.”
The Port Authority police provided the cooler heads needed to get the TSA to calm down but c'mon, these guys are pathetic.


Ok, so the underwear bomber getting on FLT 253 was a "screw up" according Barack Obama. So what do we call it when he points the finger at his DHS Secretary Napolitano for saying, "the system worked" and blaming the system for not working? Uh, Mr. President, the "system" is your responsibility.

"This was a screw up that could have been disastrous," the president said during a meeting in the White House situation room, according to the White House media office. "We dodged a bullet but just barely. It was averted by brave individuals not because the system worked and that is not acceptable. While there will be a tendency for finger pointing, I will not tolerate it."
Here's the REUTERS report.


We knew it was coming but there's just something about seeing it. When Brit Hume appeared on FNS on 1/3 to recommend that Tiger Woods accept Christianity, you knew the left would begin to stew. Then, he appeared on O'Reilly on 1/4 and dug in his heels deeper (good for him).

Now, Keith Olbermann is comparing Hume to Jihadists while mocking Christianity along with his guest. Wouldn't you love to see Olbermann mock Islam like this? He won't because he's a coward.

Then, Olby touts the notion that one should never discuss religion in public (I'd like to see him try to apply that standard to the Muslim community). That may be the view of secularists and atheists but it's not the view of Christians and they should not be derided for it either.

I direct Olbermann to the Gospel of MARK 8:38:

38For whoever [a]is ashamed [here and now] of Me and My words in this adulterous (unfaithful) and [preeminently] sinful generation, of him will the Son of Man also be ashamed when He comes in the glory (splendor and majesty) of His Father with the holy angels.
Based on the standard set by the left with respect to what is considered offensive speech, Olbermann should be off the air for discriminating against Christians.

However, based on a Christian's standard, Keith is free to enjoy his freedom of choice.

h/t to GP


The special senatorial election on January 19th continues to get interesting. The race is to fill the seat vacated by Ted Kennedy's passing. Until now, the SEIU-backed liberal Democrat Marth Coakley has been up by double digits in a race many thought was a foregone conclusion.

As of today, the conservative candidate, Scott Brown has closed that gap to single digits and, go figure, the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), with Texas senator John Cornyn as the director, is finally starting to back Brown with some assertiveness.

The opponents are at opposite ends of the spectrum. As mentioned, Coakley is backed by the SEIU and will represent even more of the same in Washington, representing Massachusetts. Brown is not a RINO and while that may not please the likes of Linsdey Graham, David Frum, et. al. it is generating some inertia that may overtake Rinoism.

The NRSC certainly doesn't want to be given a black eye like the one received by Newt, Michael Steele, and the RINO establishment when Dede Scozzafava was thrown up as the Republican congressional candidate in NY 23 late last year. Had the Republican leadership been more in tune with what was going on there, perhaps they could have challenged the local leaders and Hoffman would have likely won big.

The NRSC may suffer a backlash if the Massachusetts race is close with Brown losing because they didn't get behind him sooner but it is now feeling the heat, which will almost certainly escalate between now and January 19th.

RASMUSSEN has more.


The conservative movement is getting increasingly agitated with RINOISM and it's about time! Lindsey Graham of South Carolina is finding it rather difficult to appease Republicans with conservative rhetoric while acting like a liberal.

The perfect example of this was the juxtaposition of how Graham grilled Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor better than anyone else did and yet voted yes on her confirmation.

The South Carolina Republicans are souring on Graham. CNN reported:
The Lexington County Republican Party in South Carolina voted late Monday to censure Sen. Lindsey Graham for his positions on several controversial issues, including his recent support for a compromise on cap-and-trade legislation.

The Lexington GOP is now the second county party organization in a matter of months to censure Graham after Charleston County leaders approved a similar resolution in November. But unlike Charleston County, Lexington is one of the most conservative counties in South Carolina and is considered a bellwether of Republican sentiment in the state.
Among the reasons Graham was censured...

1.) Illegal immigration
2.) Cap & Trade
3.) Supporting the 2008 Financial bailout

Click HERE to view the one page resolution.

Advice to Graham.... Get in line behind that other South Carolina senator, Jim DeMint and start taking lessons from him. DeMint may be the best Senator in Washington.

The bad news? Graham won't be up for re-election for a while. He was re-elected in 2008 but a malleable as he seems to be, perhaps he'll get in line when he fears conservative anger more than he desires liberal acceptance.

h/t to FR


Warning: Queasiness factor is very high. On election night 2006, Nancy Pelosi assured Americans that as the first female Speaker of the House, Democrats would lead America out of the wilderness. Little did the lemmings listening to her know that her posse would take America toward that cliff just outside the wilderness.

Quotes of Note:
"Tonight is a great victory for the American people."
"The American people voted for civility and bi-partisanship in Washington, D.C."
"The American people voted to restore integrity and honesty in Washington, D.C. and the Democrats Intend to Lead the most honest, most open, and (withhold laughter) ethical congress in history."

There's more so watch if your stomach can handle it.

As if watching her spew this garbage wasn't enough, have a look at Schumer nodding in agreement behind her while occasionally conferring with Harry Reid.

Like I said, queasiness factor is very high.

h/t to HAP
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