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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rep. Paul Ryan on his Budget: It will save $6.2 Trillion over Ten Years

Some people are simply in the right job at the right time. Paul Ryan (R-WI) is one of them. As head of the House Budget Committee, he has put forth a budget - released today - that claims to trip $6.2 Trillion in cuts from Obama's budget and $4.4 Trillion in deficits. If you do the math, it means the Obama budget does indeed increase the deficit despite his claims that it will to the opposite over the next ten years. Ryan has a piece in today's Wall Street Journal in which he makes his case just prior to the budget release.

Via WSJ:
Congress is currently embroiled in a funding fight over how much to spend on less than one-fifth of the federal budget for the next six months. Whether we cut $33 billion or $61 billion—that is, whether we shave 2% or 4% off of this year's deficit—is important. It's a sign that the election did in fact change the debate in Washington from how much we should spend to how much spending we should cut.

But this morning the new House Republican majority will introduce a budget that moves the debate from billions in spending cuts to trillions. America is facing a defining moment. The threat posed by our monumental debt will damage our country in profound ways, unless we act.

No one person or party is responsible for the looming crisis. Yet the facts are clear: Since President Obama took office, our problems have gotten worse. Major spending increases have failed to deliver promised jobs. The safety net for the poor is coming apart at the seams. Government health and retirement programs are growing at unsustainable rates. The new health-care law is a fiscal train wreck. And a complex, inefficient tax code is holding back American families and businesses.

The president's recent budget proposal would accelerate America's descent into a debt crisis. It doubles debt held by the public by the end of his first term and triples it by 2021. It imposes $1.5 trillion in new taxes, with spending that never falls below 23% of the economy. His budget permanently enlarges the size of government. It offers no reforms to save government health and retirement programs, and no leadership.

Our budget, which we call The Path to Prosperity, is very different. For starters, it cuts $6.2 trillion in spending from the president's budget over the next 10 years, reduces the debt as a percentage of the economy, and puts the nation on a path to actually pay off our national debt. Our proposal brings federal spending to below 20% of gross domestic product (GDP), consistent with the postwar average, and reduces deficits by $4.4 trillion.

A study just released by the Heritage Center for Data Analysis projects that The Path to Prosperity will help create nearly one million new private-sector jobs next year, bring the unemployment rate down to 4% by 2015, and result in 2.5 million additional private-sector jobs in the last year of the decade. It spurs economic growth, with $1.5 trillion in additional real GDP over the decade. According to Heritage's analysis, it would result in $1.1 trillion in higher wages and an average of $1,000 in additional family income each year.
Expect to see calls for Ryan to throw his hat in the ring for president in 2012 after this budget comes out. Steven Hayward at Powerline even makes the case that he should. In light of this exchange between Obama and Ryan during the Health Care Summit in 2010, the debates between the two men leading up to the presidential election would be awesome and Ryan would wipe the floor with Obama.

After watching that, check this out. Kathleen Sebelius even admits Ryan is correct.

Read it all.

h/t Verum Serum

Shocker: Many More Jihadists Leading Libyan Rebels than Reported

Of course, the narrative out of the White House has been that the Libyan rebels may have some scant evidence of al-Qaeda presence but then again, we haven't had (actual) boots on the ground there. France has been more engaged in supporting the rebels on the ground than we have. As a result, one of the French reporters on the ground has discovered a much more pervasive al-Qaeda presence. Not only that, but they appear to be leading the effort.

Via Pajamas Media:
“The Jihadists Go to the Front.” This is the title of French journalist Julien Fouchet’s report from eastern Libya that appears in the latest edition of the French Sunday paper Le Journal du Dimanche (JDD). Whereas American officials have been straining to make out “flickers” of intelligence suggesting a jihadist influence in the eastern Libyan rebellion against the rule of Muammar al-Gaddafi, Fouchet encountered a flagrant jihadist presence and met with participants who talked openly about their dedication to jihad and/or their desire to establish an Islamic state.

On the front near the oil-producing town of Brega, for instance, Fouchet spotted a bearded commander on a sand dune giving orders by satellite phone. The man wore the traditional robe favored by the Salafist current of Islamic fundamentalism and had a Kalashnikov slung over his shoulder. “You can’t speak to him,” rebel fighters told Fouchet. “He is not fighting for Libya. If he is fighting today, it’s for Allah.” Fouchet describes seeing imams driving among the ranks of the rebel fighters in a pick-up truck and reciting prayers over a loudspeaker.

Further to the east in Darnah, one of the strongholds of the rebellion, Fouchet met a certain Sheikh Choukri Al-Hasy, the director of the town’s principal mosque: the al-Sahaba mosque. As previously reported on PJM, according to captured al-Qaeda personnel records, Darnah furnished more foreign fighters to al-Qaeda in Iraq than any other foreign city or town — this despite the fact that the town’s total population is only 80,000. According to Fouchet’s account, the mosque contains a mausoleum where some 70 companions of the prophet Mohammed are reputedly buried. Seventeen rebel fighters are now buried nearby. “Those who followed the prophet Mohammed were the first jihadists,” Al-Hasy explained. “So, it’s normal that we are burying our martyrs next to them….”
Yes, we are supporting groups who provided support to al-Qaeda in Iraq, Islamists who killed Americans. How long is the leftwing media going to continue to push a provably false narrative. Just look at Egypt. It is descending rapidly into an Islamist state despite the liberal media's insistence that a wonderful transition to Democracy was taking place. They can't even learn from that VERY RECENT history.

Read it all.

Rep. Peter King (R) Receives Bloody Pig's Foot in the Mail

Let's see. Rep. Peter King (R-NY) held hearings recently to determine the causes and pervasiveness of American Jihadists. He was ridiculed and painted as a McCarthyite Islamophobe. Then he receives a bloody pig's foot in the mail replete with a note containing a slew of anti-semitic rants. Was this the act of a Tea Party extremist, an angry leftist, or an angry Muslim? Not only does the Tea Party categorically reject such tactics but King is considered a favorite among the group.

Via CBS News:
Last month, King held hearings on radicalization in the Muslim-American community that critics suggested unfairly targeted Muslims, though it's not known whether this incident is related to those hearings. Muslims are forbidden from eating pork products.

Ibrahim Hooper, National Communications Director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations - a target of King's hearings - said he found the situation confusing. He said his organization regularly receives pig-themed hate messages, including letters smeared with bacon.

"My guess is it was an anti-Muslim bigot, and bigots not being brain surgeons they probably got their signals crossed," he said.
Makes total sense, doesn't it? After being painted as an anti-Muslim bigot for holding the hearings, King is sent a threatening, anti-semitic message with a bloody pig's foot from an anti-Muslim bigot. Apparently lost on Hooper is the fact that such a scenario would point to King NOT being an anti-Muslim bigot.

If I'm an investigator on this case, I'd want to know more about the 'pig-themed hate messages' Hooper receives regularly and if there are any consistencies between what they allegedly receive and what King received. If so, CAIR would be placed under greater suspicion because it wouldn't make sense for an 'anti-Muslim bigot' to send such things to both CAIR and King.

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