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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Not sure of the date posted at the front of this Audio clip but the New York Post wrote about the meeting between Ahmadinejad, Louis Farrakhan, and Malik Zulu Shabazz back in September when the Iranian dictator was in New York. This audio, recorded in December is an account given by Shabazz about the discussions that took place in that meeting, which included overthrowing the United States government. Isn't it reassuring to know that Shabazz was one of the ones let off the hook in the voting rights lawsuit out of Philadelphia and that he was actually plotting America's demise with the 'A man from Iran' just this month?

Via The Blaze:

HERE is a link to the New York Post article on the meeting between Ahmadinejad, Farrakhan, and Shabazz back in September.

More HERE.


On September 9, 2009 during a joint session of Congress, Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) shouted 'You Lie' after Barack Obama claimed that his new health care plan would not apply to illegal aliens. Wilson suffered the wrath of his fellow congressmen and was censured. In the many months that have passed, he continues to be vindicated. In fact, it turns out that the only critique of his shout at this point would be relative to its timing. Before Obama uttered the words that garnered the now infamous response, he chided 'prominent politicians' (Sarah Palin and John Boehner) for asserting that the new bill would include 'death panels' and then proceeded to say the charge was 'a lie, pure and simple.'

Thanks to a New York Times article on Christmas Day, it is Obama who is once again proven to be the liar and Joe Wilson the courageous American patriot, who as a freshman, shouldn't have been the one to shout those two words. They should have come from a seasoned Senator like John McCain, who chastised Wilson.

As usual, Jeffrey Lord over at American Spectator provides spot-on analysis.

Here's the video of Obama calling Death Panels a 'Lie.'

Here is John 'wrong again' McCain after Obama's speech, chastising Wilson.


Be on the lookout for people of the politically correct persuasion who deny they engage in acts of political correctness for politically correct reasons. The Diversity Committee over at the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) is in the process of 'educating' journalists not to use the term 'illegal alien' when reporting on illegal aliens. Why? Well, not because of political correctness. Of course not. It's to 'minimize harm' because illegal aliens find it offensive.

Tell you what, whacko. As an American citizen, I find it offensive not to identify criminals who engage in illegal behavior as criminals. As you read the article below, feel free to play the YouTube of Genesis performing 'Illegal Alien' below.

Via the Daily Caller:

The Diversity Committee of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) is seeking to “inform and sensitize” reporters nationwide about how “offensive” the term “illegal immigrant” is to Latinos.

Diversity Committee member Leo Laurence announced the campaign against “illegal immigrant” and “illegal alien” terminology in the latest issue of the organization’s magazine, Quill, writing that those who have not obtained citizenship but have entered the country without any prior approval should be called “undocumented workers” or “undocumented immigrants.”

In his report, Laurence quotes SPJ Diversity Committee chairman George Daniels as saying, “this is not about being politically correct,” but about aiming to “minimize harm,” when reporting. When Daniels says “minimize harm,” he is referring to one of the major tenets of SPJ’s code of ethics, which many journalists nationwide follow.

Laurence defends SPJ’s new campaign by offering an interpretation of the Constitution that provides for constitutional rights for everyone, including non-citizens, saying that any person should be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. He said that, constitutionally, a judge is the only person who can deem anyone or anything “illegal.”
It seems to me that all of these arguments would be moot if we SECURED THE BORDER!


Ok, slightly misleading headline. Actually, though, depending on your criteria for defining a 'Birther,' you might find MSNBC's Chris Matthews in that category. If you define 'Birther' as someone who believes Obama wasn't born in the United States, Matthews himself vehemently states, 'I am not a birther - I am an enemy of the birthers.' If, on the other hand, your definition of a 'Birther' is someone who wants the president to produce additional information to prove that he was, Matthews is a 'Birther.'

Matthews, David Corn, and Clarence Page are playing the game along with Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie, who made news by saying he's going to attempt to produce further evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii not in the interest of proving it but in the interest of embarrassing the 'Birthers.' If you start out with that premise, you're on solid ground with the liberal media as Corn, Page, and Matthews demonstrate in this exchange.

Despite the derision poured onto the 'Birther' movement by these guys, common ground appears to be found. All three agree that if further evidence can be produced, Obama should do it. The difference between the 'Birthers' and the far left is becoming an increasingly emotional semantic one. In fact, Matthews is nearly apoplectic at the percentage of people cited in the poll he reads in this segment. 20% of Americans believe Obama was born elsewhere. Unbeknownst to him, Matthews makes the case of the 'Birthers.'

Enjoy. Via The Blaze:

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