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Monday, May 14, 2012

Video: Hollywood Whacko Will Smith tips his hand on tax threshold

Will Smith, the guy who said in 2009 that "Barack Obama as an idea marks an evolutionary flashpoint for humanity," has apparently revealed a percentage of his wealth that is too high to part with. That figure is either at or below 75%. This is interesting because whenever conservatives engage liberals on tax policy, the left never gives a percentage that's fair. They always default to some "fair share" narrative and their brains seem impervious to the fact that 47% of Americans pay NO taxes and the richest 1% pays over 35% of the federal tax bill.

Here, Smith is confronted with the plan of newly elected French President Francois Hollande - an ideological clone of Smith's hero, Barack Obama - and backtracks. If Smith is willing to pay 30% and is unwilling to pay 75%, what is his limit? Inquiring minds.....

Via Daily Caller:

Will Smith on "Barack Obama as an idea..."

House Republicans tiring of Boehner's lack of leadership

On April 26th, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) told Greta van Susteren in no uncertain terms that if Eric Holder didn't comply with the congressional subpoena, the Attorney General would be found in contempt by a certain date:
Before Memorial Day, Eric Holder will either comply or he will suffer consequences, and when I say consequences, I mean contempt of Congress.
Today, Gowdy is one of a group of House Republicans that doesn't seem to be too happy with Speaker John Boehner's apparent position that there will be no such contempt citation issued by that date. Gowdy is one of a group of both named and unnamed Congressional Republicans that appear to be growing weary of the lack of leadership coming from Republican leaders and met for dinner to discuss it.

In short, these conservatives want more from Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.)

“There’s no use to having the majority if you are going to be hamstrung by your perception of political vicissitudes,” said Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina , who was at the dinner.

“We do not want to play a game where we adopt a playing-not-to-lose mentality,” added Rep. Steve Southerland of Florida.“We want to play to win. You have to know when and where to take your shots. What our dinner was about was [deciding] where do we feel that we can continue to push … [and] where it would be wrought with danger.”

Of the lawmakers at the confab — several spoke anonymously, others for attribution — the common thread was that it’s time to push leadership further.

“What I’m saying is, where there is no vision, the people perish,” Southerland said. “That’s biblical. So what I’m saying is we need to cast our vision. I think our vision, when compared to the president’s vision, is a stark contrast.”

One example of such pressure on leadership is coming soon. Conservatives — primarily those on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee — are circulating a letter to Boehner pressing him on his handling of the “Fast and Furious” scandal.

During a private meeting with Cantor and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), Boehner decided to slow the pace of Committee Chairman Darrell Issa. But the speaker also said he supports holding the administration accountable and said he’s open to all options in the investigation of the botched Fast and Furious program, in which guns were sold to Mexican cartels, resulting in deaths of federal agents. Issa and his committee expected to vote on the contempt citation this week, according to lawyers who were preparing for a hearing.
The article ended with a focus on Gowdy and Fast and Furious:
At the Capitol Hill Club dinner, feelings were particularly raw about how leadership is handling the Fast and Furious controversy. Mulvaney turned to Gowdy in front of the group and asked whether contempt is appropriate at this point.

Yes, said Gowdy, a former federal prosecutor.

“I don’t know the speaker well. I know Kevin and Eric very well. I don’t feel at all drummed out by them,” Gowdy said, speaking broadly of his relationship with leadership. But “there’s a sense to not ruffle the waters. My response is, ‘You’re asking people to trust you with the gears of government and leadership. If your sole objective is to just hang on, and not do anything with leadership, that’s not a compelling case.’

“So, if we are being drummed out, it’s our fault. Because the majority of the people in our conference describe themselves as conservative. What you’ll see in the next couple weeks, is push back from the conservatives.”
Ladies and gentlemen, the Speaker of the House!

h/t Sipsey Street

Video: Obama is losing black pastors of Gay Marriage issue

It's looking increasingly like the Joe Biden gay marriage gaffe was truly a gaffe and not a calculated distraction on the part of the administration. Obama continues to drop in the polls and now it appears there is a certain segment of black pastors who are withdrawing their support for Obama.

Via CBS Baltimore, h/t Hapblog:
Just days after President Barack Obama announced his support for same-sex marriage, pastors and priests around Maryland took to their own pulpits with their reaction– and in some cases– condemnation of the president.

Derek Valcourt explains the president’s comments have folks on both sides of the issue fired up.

Both sides hope the president’s position helps sway votes in their favor when the issue hits Maryland’s ballot this November.

“I think same-sex couples should be able to get married,” Obama said.

When Obama announced that his position on same-sex marriage had evolved, it outraged some African-American pastors like Pastor and Del. Emmett Burns.

“He has said to his base, African-Americans, ‘I am going against your beliefs and your thoughts,’” Burns said.

He’s so opposed to same-sex marriage, he told church members he will no longer support the president and now predicts Obama will lose the election because of it.
Perhaps an unintended consequence of Obama's new public stance is that white homosexuals will begin referring to black heterosexuals who reject gay marriage, as 'racists.'

Newsweek: Obama a Homosexual

For you atheists out there... Haven't you ever stopped to ask yourselves why a country's decline always seems to coincide with moral depravity? Perhaps not so coincidentally, as that moral depravity rises, so does our debt. Have you ever stopped to think... never mind, you haven't.

Over the span of less than one week, two of America's once most prominent magazines - TIME and Newsweek - featured a toddler breastfeeding and America's 'First Gay President' on their covers, respectively. That's right, Newsweek has prominently displayed Barack Obama as a homosexual.

Via Breitbart:
Today, Newsweek magazine released this week’s cover via Twitter: a hopey, changey Barack Obama staring into the future, his head swirled with a rainbow halo. The bold font title: “THE FIRST GAY PRESIDENT.” And the cover story is written by none other than Andrew Sullivan, famed Trig Palin truther (he believes the bizarre conspiracy theory that Trig Palin is actually Bristol Palin’s son rather than Sarah Palin’s). The last time we saw Sullivan writing a cover story for Newsweek, he was asking “Why Are Obama’s Critics So Dumb?”…

...The Newsweek cover is obviously a take-off on the old line about Bill Clinton being the “first black president,” but it’s also an unintended backhanded in-kind contribution to the Romney campaign. In the liberal press’ desperate gushing over Obama’s same-sex marriage stance, they’ve alienated more than half the country – every state that has ever held a referendum on same-sex marriage has voted it down. The most polarizing president in history by every measurable statistic has polarized the country yet again – yet Newsweek insists on portraying Obama as a holy figure for embracing an anti-Biblical position, thereby also alienating every religious person in the country.
Anyone still believe Obama is a Christian?

That leads to another question. Why do leftists who reject Christianity, get mad when you say they're not Christians? Shouldn't they agree with you?

Ben Barrack is a talk show host and author of the upcoming book, Unsung Davids

Is Germany now falling off the Wagon too?

When France elected far left socialist Francois Hollande as president last week, a prevailing theme was that the French are tired of austerity and want growth. That's like a fat person going to McDonald's because he/she is tired of being on a diet or a bankrupt person attempting to sign up for another credit card  because he/she is tired of paying down the debt; or the alcoholic who buys another bottle of Jack Daniels after growing tired of being sober.

It now looks like Germany, to some degree, is choosing to go down the same road.

Via Reuters:
Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives suffered a crushing defeat on Sunday in an election in Germany's most populous state, a result which could embolden the left opposition to step up its criticism of her European austerity policies.

The election in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), a western German state with a bigger population than the Netherlands and an economy the size of Turkey, was held 18 months before a national election in which Merkel is expected to fight for a third term.

She remains popular in Germany for her steady handling of the euro zone debt crisis, but the sheer scale of her party's defeat leaves her vulnerable at a time when a backlash against her insistence on fiscal discipline is building across Europe.

According to first projections, the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) won 38.8 percent of the vote and will have enough to form a stable majority with the Greens, who scored 12.2 percent.
Laws of economics are as unyielding as the laws of physics. Yet, Europe is moving toward a frame of mind that says the way to defeat gravity is to jump off a cliff.

You just can't fix stupid.

Ben Barrack is a talk show host and author of the upcoming book, Unsung Davids

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