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Friday, January 14, 2011

Surprise! Congressional Black Caucus Involved in Pigford Scandal

Lee Stranahan has a new post regarding Pigford over at Breitbart's Big Government. To refresh your memories, the Pigford settlement stemmed from a lawsuit in which black farmers claimed they were discriminated against. The good news is that there were black farmers that rightfully deserved - and received - $50,000 each as compensation. The bad news is that the lawsuit morphed into a huge fraudulent scandal.

Here are two black farmers who rightfully received their settlement. The first is Willie Head, who makes an excellent point when asked how non-farmers who received $50,000 affects his receipt of $50,000.

Here's another black farmer who deserved his settlement. His name is Eddie Slaughter and he implicates the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) in the commission of this fraud in order to pay reparations.

Shocking stuff.

Via Big Government

Maine Governor to NAACP: 'Kiss My Butt'

How would you like some red meat with that Tea? Coming right up. His name is Gov. Paul LePage and after being asked by a reporter for his response to the NAACP's claims that his being unavailable to attend ceremonies honoring Martin Luther King Jr., is problematic responded with, 'Tell them to kiss my butt.' Immediately after that, he began laughing and pointed to his handler as being uncomfortable? My question to that handler is why? I'm sure the vast majority of calls into the Governor's office in response to his comments will be positive.

Ask yourselves. How many Americans would love to tell the NAACP to kiss their butt? Can you tell my hand is raised? Better question might involve how long it will take before we start hearing LePage for President.

h/t Gateway Pundit

AUDIO: Frances Fox Piven Targeting Seniors

She's baaaack, the female half of Cloward-Piven. Another audio recording of a woman who in 1966 advocated overwhelming the system by flooding the welfare rolls. Now she's calling Tea Party voters 'backward-looking' and is attributing the rise of the movement to older voters who are uncomfortable with change and are protesting because they can't adjust. She also makes the racist claim that the Tea Party is all white.

Among the other nonsensical things she said were that older voters are simply mad that there is a black man in the White House. Lost on Piven is that many of those seniors actually voted for Obama. Then again, why quibble over facts?

If the left was truly interested in finding people who are calling for insurrection, they'd take a look at Piven.

Via The Blaze:

Barrack Guest Hosting for Matthew Hill at IRN / USA Today at Noon EST

At Noon EST today, I'll be guest hosting for IRN's Matthew Hill. On the proverbial docket will be the continued leftwing derangement manifested in ascribing blame for the actions of an insane gunman to those not involved. I'll even be analyzing the twisted logic - that's actually an insult to logic - of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is blaming the right wing for his uncle's assassination in 1963. Apparently lost on RFK Jr. is the fact that Oswald was an avowed Marxist.

CLICK HERE for Live Stream and click CHANNEL 1.

Also on the table is the decision to have Native American Indian Carlos Gonzales give the opening prayer when it appears that at least three of those killed were Christians and NONE of them shared his heritage.

CLICK HERE if you want to stream the the show.

VIDEO: Tucson's Joe Medicine Crow Moment

After the 2009 Fort Hood shootings, the first public words out of Barack Obama's mouth included a 'shout out' to Joe Medicine Crow, an American Indian and heaped praise on the conference he was attending. He went on for more than two minutes before acknowledging the fallen at Fort Hood. At the Tucson memorial for the fallen in the Safeway massacre, the opening prayer was given by Native American Carlos Gonzales, whom I know nothing about but whose role in the memorial was grossly inappropriate.

Fast forward to the 4:55 mark to hear this guy talk about "Father Sky" and "Mother Earth." Then he proceeded to pray for all of the creatures of the earth, including the ones that "slither." On a side note, Obama quoted from the Book of Job. Perhaps he should have quoted Genesis 1:26:
26God said, Let Us [Father, Son, and Holy Spirit] make mankind in Our image, after Our likeness, and let them have complete authority over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, the [tame] beasts, and over all of the earth, and over everything that creeps upon the earth.
Now how about the faith of the six who were killed? As far as I can tell, not ONE of them shared this guy's faith. In fact, Federal Judge John Roll was a devout Catholic, Phyllis Schenck volunteered at her "church," and Dorwin Stoddard did construction work for his Church, the 'Church of Christ.' The other three people killed were nine year-old Christina Taylor Green, Gabe Zimmerman, and Dorothy Morris.

None of those sound like they're of American Indian descent.

h/t Freedom's Lighthouse

UAW Tones Down Rhetoric, Issues Threat

In an obvious attempt to apply the lessons of the incendiary rhetoric the left says lay the groundwork for the recent shootings in Tucson, the United Auto Workers (UAW) has decided to issue veiled threats and levy unsubstantiated allegations against transplant automakers that produce vehicles in the United States and who are not unionized. However, in fairness to UAW president Bob King, he is assuring Toyota and Honda that the UAW has cleaned up its act and the foreign automakers have nothing to fear.

Unless, of course, they don't unionize - then, they're violating human rights.

Via AutoBlog:
After King informed the transplants that the dark side has no power over the UAW, he then went on to tell automaker management at Toyota and Honda that efforts to block the right to fair bargaining will be branded "human rights violators." King reportedly went on to accuse some transplants of spending millions to keep unions out of plants, adding "I would not want to be a company that was branded as a human rights violator." And what happens if the UAW feels the automakers are continuing to block workers' rights to vote for or against the right to organize? King says the next step is to stage global protests that could cost automakers "hundreds of millions of dollars" to combat.
Nothing like ripping a page out of ACORN's playbook, right?

h/t Weasel Zippers
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