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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More Trump videos over Birther Certificate

Gotta love this kinda theater (Trump does).

First, Trump vs. Blitzer via Right Newz:

Second, Trump vs. George Will on Greta via GWP:

"Civil Rights" Coalition lobbying Boehner not to hold Eric Holder in Contempt

A coalition of civil rights communist organizations have banded together to put pressure on House Speaker John Boehner not to issue the contempt citation to Eric Holder over the Attorney General's refusal to turn over documents subpoenaed in the Fast and Furious scandal.

Via CNN, h/t Sipsey Street:
With the threat of a contempt charge hanging over Attorney General Eric Holder, 14 civil rights, labor, and liberal activist groups Tuesday urged Speaker of the House John Boehner not to proceed to a contempt vote.

The organizations which are closely allied with the Obama administration charged that to hold the attorney general in contempt for failing to turn over demanded documents on the "fast and furious" investigation "seems to be a rush to judgment intended to create a stain on the office of the attorney general."

The two-page letter, written by the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights repeats the claims made by the Justice Department in refusing to provide sensitive internal law enforcement documents. The organizations said Holder has already turned over the disputed documents to the inspector general for his ongoing investigation into the flawed gun-smuggling operation. "They reportedly include law enforcement information, grand jury transcripts, and other information that would compromise ongoing investigations and prosecutions," the letter said.
Of course, the letter to Boehner was only signed by fourteen of the many groups that make up the Leadership Conference. Conspicuously absent from the list of signatories on this particular letter were Hispanic groups that are part of the Conference. Why? Because hundreds of Hispanics have been murdered as a direct result of Fast and Furious.

Here is an excerpt from the letter to Boehner:
To put it simply, the attempt to cite General Holder for contempt seems to be a rush to judgment intended to create a stain on the office of the Attorney General. It is contributing to an environment of accusatory vitriol and malignant suspicion that is both unwarranted and a significant distraction at a time when the Attorney General needs to focus on the nation’s core problems. The harshness of the attacks themselves is misplaced, and to the extent these attacks are intended to divert the Attorney General from the vigorous enforcement of the nation's laws—including those protecting civil rights, voting rights, disability rights, and other core concerns—we are deeply troubled. We are concerned that the contempt threat is intended to create a hostile environment aimed at pressuring the Attorney General to resign.
In case you'd like to get a taste for what fine, upstanding civil rights communist groups make up the Leadership Conference, here is but a sampling via the coalition's website. Groups in bold are supposed to be fighting for the rights of Hispanics.
  1. American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
  2. American Association for Affirmative Action
  3. American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee
  4. AFL-CIO
  5. Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN)
  6. Hip Hop caucus (yes, the Hip Hop caucus)
  7. American Islamic Congress
  8. Amnesty International
  9. Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF)
  10. National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEAO)
  11. La Raza
  12. SEIU
  13. Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)
MALDEF, NALEAO, and La Raza may not have signed the letter but neither have they repudiated it or left the Leadership Conference for its clearly ideological stance at the expense of the Hispanic cause.

What will Boehner do?

Audio: Trump jumps back into the Birth Certificate debate

Few would argue that Donald Trump played a key role in Obama releasing his long form Birth Certificate last year. Once it was released, Trump faded from public view on that issue a bit. Now, a couple of weeks after Breitbart released evidence that Obama's literary agent published a bio that said the then future president was born in Kenya, Trump is now using it to bring his profile to the fore again.

Via the Right Newz / CNBC:

Of course, George Will's performance on ABC's This Week during which he referred to Trump as a "bloviating ignoramus" will do little more than one thing - keep Trump in the news.

Trump then proceeded to go directly after Will via twitter.

Via New York Post:
Trump hit back later Sunday, tweeting, "George Will may be the dumbest (and most overrated) political commentator of all time. If the Republicans listen to him, they will lose."

Just days before he is set to headline a Las Vegas fundraiser with Romney, Trump made headlines by saying in an interview published Friday that he still does not believe Obama was born in the US -- even after the White House released a long-form birth certificate last year showing the president was, in fact, born in Hawaii.

Later Friday, Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom sought to distance the candidate from Trump's comments, telling CNN that Romney "accepts that President Obama was born in the United States."

Will may also have a more personal reason for disliking Trump, as the polarizing mogul called him a "totally overrated fool" and a "hack" during a March interview on "FOX & Friends."
Considering how vehemently Andrew Breitbart avoided the issue of Obama's birth certificate, it's mildly ironic that a Breitbart story is giving Trump a second wind on the issue. The Breitbart story may be breathing new life into the Birther movement.

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