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Thursday, June 21, 2012

David Duke Endorses Black Democrat

Ok, so how does a former KKK Grand Wizard endorse a black candidate, who is also a Democrat, for Congress? Perhaps this is the strongest indicator yet that ideology trumps race.

Via Daily Caller:
The Democratic Party is facing an awkward problem Thursday because white supremacist David Duke has endorsed the leading candidate in the Democratic Party’s primary race for a New York House seat.

Duke says he’s endorsing Charles Barron, the leading candidate for the 10th district primary on June 26, because of their shared emnity toward “zionists.”

Barron is an African-American city politician who has been slammed as an anti-white racist and as a Jew-hater. However, he’s already got the endorsement of the retiring Democratic congressman, Rep. Edolphus Towns.
Edolphus Towns is also black.

Video: George Zimmerman reenacts shooting

On the day after the Trayvon Martin shooting, police took George Zimmerman to the scene to reenact what happened. That video is now posted.

Via ABC:

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Here is ABC's Chris Cuomo giving analysis of what the tape of Zimmerman's reenactment means for both the defense and the prosecution.

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Video: NBC's Brian Williams covers Fast and Furious Contempt Hearing

Though NBC's Brian Williams covered the Fast and Furious contempt hearing held yesterday, he seemed more interested in chalking up the contentious arguments to 'caustic' partisanship than to legitimate concerns that Eric Holder may be at the center of a scandal that makes Watergate look like jaywalking.

The biggest takeaway from this is that Williams seems more interested in focusing on partisan fisticuffs than on getting to the truth about what's behind it.

Surprise, right?

h/t Hot Air

Obama position on Honduras in 2009 and on Egypt 2012 quite similar

Barack Obama wants the virulently anti-Semitic and very dangerous Muslim Brotherhood in charge of Egypt. In 2009, he wanted Manuel Zelaya, a Hugo Chavez stooge, to be reinstated as president of Honduras after Zelaya was constitutionally removed from office and replaced by a man named Roberto Micheletti. At one point, it was reported that Israel and the Mubarak- led Egypt were two of only four countries that supported Micheletti.

Today, Mubarak is gone, and two entities are fighting for power in Egypt - holdover forces from the Mubarak regime and the Muslim Brotherhood; Obama is openly siding with the Brotherhood.

Via Los Angeles Times:
U.S. officials said Monday that they were "deeply concerned" by an Egyptian military decree giving its ruling generals sweeping powers to pass laws and decide whether to go to war, issued just as Egyptians finished casting their votes for its new president.

“We have, and will continue, to urge the [Supreme Council of the Armed Forces] to relinquish power to civilian-elected authorities and to respect the universal rights of the Egyptian people and the rule of law,” Pentagon Press Secretary George Little told reporters.
And of course, let's not forget the quotes from the woman who refused to acknowledge that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel, State Department spokesman, Victoria Nuland:
"This is a critical moment in Egypt, and the world is watching closely," State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland was quoted as saying by the Associated Press on Monday. "We are particularly concerned by decisions that appear to prolong the military's hold on power."
Chavez is anti-Semitic; so was Manuel Zelaya. It was reported that Zelaya's Chief Propagandist endorsed Hitler and the Holocaust. At one point, while holed up in the Brazilian embassy, Zelaya had delusions of persecution about Jews poisoning him with radiation beams. That's the guy the Obama administration supported in 2009.

Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is frothing at the mouth to attack Israel. the Military, though not in love with Israel, is certainly more rational. It wants the Brotherhood on a leash. Clearly, Obama does not.

It was this same Los Angeles Times that refused to release a tape of Obama at a Party for another virulent anti-Semite - Rashid Khalidi - in 2008, before the election.

Khalidi worked for the media arm of Yasser Arafat's PLO and even dedicated his book to Arafat in 1982.

h/t FPM
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