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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Video: Bill O'Reilly Channels John McCain over heckler in Rose Garden

Bill O'Reilly, once again, shows himself to be more interested in a public perception that he is above the fray than in taking a principled stand. First, he refers to Obama's granting amnesty to 2-3 million illegal aliens as "humane," spending no time on the fact that the president has circumvented Congress in an illegal and unconstitutional power grab to secure more votes (and put more illegals on Obamacare rolls - see Joe Wilson).

Then, he channels John McCain who, after Rep. Joe Wilson shouted, 'You Lie' at Obama in a 2009 during a Joint Session of Congress, demanded Wilson apologize. O'Reilly falls back on the same argument when talking about the exchange between Neil Munro and Obama in the rose garden, saying that regardless of what you think of the President, the office of the Presidency must be respected. That's a fair point but it's Obama who is disrespecting the office far more than Wilson or Munro.

At some point, doesn't Obama become responsible for these reactions? Lying to the country in 2008 about being a member of the socialist New Party should absolutely anger people. Perhaps Bill O'Reilly should crack open Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. Use of those tactics by Obama is like breathing for most people. He knows that these overreaching actions will get reactions. Alinsky taught how to get your opponents to react to your advantage.
“The enemy properly goaded and guided in his reaction will be your major strength.” -Saul Alinsky
Obama knows this and O'Reilly, who has taken the bait, does not.

Via MediaIte:

Video: Raciss Bird Disrespects Obama in Rose Garden

The Daily Caller's Neil Munro wasn't the only one who didn't heed Barack Obama's words in the Rose Garden yesterday.

Pay attention to the insubordinate bird at the :12 mark and you can hear the bird call Obama a liar:

h/t Fox Nation

POLITICO Reporter: Daily Caller's Munro is a Raciss for Interrupting Obama

The latest from the left wing bunch that insists on operating from a premise that says if you disagree with Barack Obama, you must be a racist. On a day when Obama announced he was breaking the law to grant amnesty to 2 - 3 million illegal immigrants by going around Congress to do it, the Daily Caller's Neil Munro attempted to get Obama to answer questions about how his Executive Order will impact working Americans.

Later in the day, MSNBC's Michael Eric Dyson, who happens to be black, kicked off his interview with POLITICO reporter Joe Williams, who is also black, by referring to him as "Brother Joe." The two then pushed the narrative that Neil Munro must be racist for interrupting Obama on a day that the president broke the law.

Which is the worse infraction?

Williams and Dyson point to the previous incidents of when Joe Wilson shouted, 'You Lie' to Obama during a Joint Session of Congress and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer waving her finger at Obama on the tarmac. Aside from the ironic reality that Obama's actions today, validate Joe Wilson's words in 2009, Brewer is rightfully frustrated with Obama, not based on skin color but based on the fact that he's meddling in her state's business and suing her. Translation: If you're sued by someone who is black and don't take it lying down, you're a racist.

In the 'Heads I win, tails you lose' world of the liberal media, challenging the first black president is far worse because it necessarily means YOU'RE racist, regardless of HIS actions.

Speaking of Obama's actions, in addition to his illegal run around Congress, he's also a confirmed liar when it comes to his denial in 2008 of never being a member of the Socialist New Party.

Pointing these things out, however, could get you branded a racist. At what point do race-baiters take their rightful place as the true racists?

Via NewsBusters:

Since Williams brought up the Joe Wilson incident, have a look at it. Note, that Obama said Obamacare would not apply to those in the country illegally. Wilson responded with, 'You Lie.' Yesterday, Obama announced amnesty for 2-3 Million illegals. Any guesses as to who will pay for their health care?

Newsflash to Dyson and Williams: When people are lied to constantly, they generally don't like it, regardless of what color the liar happens to be. Again, Obama is a L-I-A-R. The New Party flap proves it.

RINO Senator John McCain, whose past words and stances seem to come back to haunt him every time Obama shows who he really is, demanded Wilson apologize at the time. Perhaps it's time for McCain to call up Wilson and apologize to him.

Here is the Daily Caller's Neil Munro with Nicholas Ballasy, explaining what happened from his perspective. Note how Munro admits that he perhaps asked his question too soon because he thought Obama was done speaking. There hasn't been one scintilla of even a faint admission of wrongdoing from the other side:

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