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Thursday, April 8, 2010


Representative Paul Broun (R-GA) represents his state's 10th District, which is near Augusta, GA. He is one of the more conservative congressmen and needs to get re-elected. That said, I received a copy of an email that Barrackaid #34 sent to Broun that I would LOVE to see Broun's response to.
Dear Congressman Broun,

I have a right to own a firearm under the second amendment. However, I can't afford one. Will you introduce a bill to tax Americans so the government can buy a gun for me?

If health care is a civil right under the constitution and thus, per this legislation have taxes pay for everyone to have it, then the same should apply to fire arms.

(Barrackaid #34)
Point very well taken. I will post any response #34 receives, assuming he forwards to me.

h/t to B34


Bart Stupak, a man who has won the trifecta with comparisons to Benedict Arnold, Woodrow Wilson, and Neville Chamberlain could go down in history as one of the most disgraced congressmen in U.S. history. Time will tell but the degree to which any such designation sticks could be determined, in part, by how the health care monstrosity saga ultimately plays out.

That doesn't even factor in the absurdity of Stupak's putting faith in an Executive Order trumping a legal statute.

Stupak was obviously hoping he and his gaggle of "pro-life" Democrats didn't have to vote yes but when it became apparent it was the only way to pass Obamacare, he caved and brought his fellow plank-walkers with him. Stupak is not only the poster child for the man who put Obamacare over the top but he's the man who led an entire group in order to do it. That reality has only served to exacerbate and multiply any concerns he would have had about voting for the monstrosity.

Now we learn, according to MSNBC that he actually may be pondering retirement, h/t to Hot Air.
Stupak to call it quits? With just a few days to go before the end of this recess, House Democrats are cautiously optimistic that they could get through it without a single retirement announcement. That said, there is still a concern that some important incumbents in districts that they are uniquely suited could call it quits. At the top of the concern list this week: Michigan Democrat Bart Stupak.
When push came to shove in the run-up to this vote, those who switched from "no" votes to "yes" votes during the arm-twisting process likely did so because they feared the administration more than they feared accountability from their constituents. If that is true for Stupak, perhaps he mis-calculated as the Tea Party ad below seems to indicate. If he retires, that reality will likely be cemented.

h/t to Hot Air
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