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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Chalk another one up for the ladies having 'more manhood than the men' department. I have absolutely zero doubt that Gretchen Carlson had a few choice words about White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs after this exchange was over and she was off-camera. Can you just see Doocy and Kilmeade wincing prior to each Carlson comeback to Gibbs's blatant condescension and arrogance. Gibbs comes off as a cross between Nathan Thurm and an emotionally agitated spoiled child caught in a lie - which he was.

Carlson comes across as the mature adult unwilling to back down to that child. She is visibly disgusted by Gibbs and it's rather obvious.

This is awesome.

h/t to Free Republic


The Islamic enemies of the United States are unmasking themselves but for some reason, Americans are still awakening slower than what is required. The upcoming NFL season will no doubt serve as the usual distraction but this is getting very serious very quickly. As the truth about the forces behind the mosque come out, desperation will begin to set in with those forces. Now we have another interesting tidbit of historical evidence on Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf that should alarm every American.

Via POLITICO, here is an excerpt from a letter Rauf wrote in reference to Anwar Sadat's trip to Israel:
"In a true peace it is impossible that a purely Jewish state of Palestine can endure," Rauf wrote. "In a true peace, Israel will, in our lifetimes, become one more Arab country, with a Jewish minority."
Uh, what pre-tell did / does Rauf want to see happen to those Israelis? Extermination? Exile? Unchecked Arab immigration that would make Israelis an insignificant minority in their own country?

Keep in mind that Rauf's letter contradicts his public stance that peace should be given "a chance". Interestingly, when you view the excerpt from Rauf's letter with comments he made to an arabic newspaper earlier this year, it all starts to become quite obvious:
“people need to use peaceful means to advise the governors and government institutions…we also suggest to the governors and political institutions to CONSULT [MUSLIM] RELIGIOUS INSTITUTIONS AND [MUSLIM] PERSONALITIES IN THE FIELD SO AS TO ASSURE THEIR DECISION MAKING TO REFLECT THE SPIRIT OF SHARIAH.”
To Rauf, "peace" is not a goal; it is a means to his desired ends. It is deceptive, manipulative, and right in line with the Islamic terms known as Hudna or tactical truce until enough strength is achieved to defeat your opponent, Kitman or the withholding of true intent, Taqiyya which is lying in order to guard the faith or further the cause of Islam, and Muruna which is translated to mean both flexibility and stealth when operating within power structures in order to gain more of it.

Be sure to read the entire POLITICO piece as there is another interesting letter from Rauf in 1979 about the Iranian revolution.

h/t to Weasel Zippers


I guess the Ground Zero mosque has revealed more racism in America. It was worse than we thought, apparently. The Obamacare debate taught us that 60% of Americans were racist for opposing it. Now, recent polling shows that 71% of Americans oppose the Cordoba mosque at Ground Zero. By my calculations, that means that 11% of Americans are both in support of Obamacare and RACIST. Well, in true leftwing fashion, when facts aren't on your side, just make 'em up.

The Daily Caller reports:
Members of the Congressional Muslim Staff Association (CMSA) hosted a panel discussion on Capitol Hill Tuesday to discuss the perception of Islam among Americans in the wake of the current debate over the proposed Park51 Islamic center and mosque project to be located just two blocks from Ground Zero in lower Manhattan.

The primary point of agreement among all three panel participants was that those who oppose Muslim initiatives — such as the so-called “Ground Zero” mosque — are Islamaphobic and ignorant. A recent CBS poll revealed that 71% of Americans believe it is inappropriate to build a mosque so close to the site of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Salam Al-Maryati, president of Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), Dr. Azizah Al-Hibri, chairwoman of KARAMAH: Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights, and Dr. James Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute (AAI), were the participants on the panel entitled,“Muslims in America: Myths and Realities — A discussion on faith in the wake of the Park 51 Controversy.”
We have truly reached a pathetic level of discourse when anti-semites are successfully portraying 71% of Americans as Islamophobic. Notice that MPAC's president and co-founder Salam Al-Maryati has a problem with the 3/4's of Americans who oppose the Mosque.

That's a problem of hypocritical proportions so blatant, it should knock anyone onto the floor once they process it. MPAC has close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, a virulently anti-semitic organization under which multiple nefarious groups reside, including al Qaeda, Hamas, and CAIR. One of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in 1946 was a close ally of Adolph Hitler during the war. Al-Maryati, when given the chance, has refused to condemn Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. Did I mention anti-semites are calling people Islamophobic (racist)?

Another group identified in the Caller's piece is the Arab American Institute (AAI), which has suspicious positions and ties as well. It's been increasingly screaming about racism ever since 9/11 and insisted that Saddam Hussein never supported terrorism. Even the majority of those who opposed invading Iraq should find that comment to be over-the-top egregious.

Read it all.


A minute and a half of pure awesomeness. You don't need to know the plot; it doesn't matter that it's not in english. You will most assuredly get the gist and you will want to watch it again. In an effort to encourage you to watch all the way to the end, just know that the jeep doing an Evel Knievel into the helicopter isn't even the best part - not by a long shot. Speaking of long shots, there is your hint. Just watch.

h/t to Hot Air

Speaking of Evel Knievel, how about some....

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