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Sunday, September 13, 2009


I guess when we see pro-Obamacare politicians act like this when they have a Super Majority in the Senate, it should tell us they're afraid of something. They're coming un-glued. Here's Representative Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) on August 24th of this year talking about tackling the immigration issue after all of our health care woes are solved....

Oh, also note the implication of her words about big mean America treating illegals unfairly. Hey Jan, how about the Mexican government start feeling a little heat from the American congress? Then again, such a scenario would require something you don't have - GUTS.

This woman is WHACKED OUT.

"Unhinged Jan" gave us the now infamous video that showed her salivating over the prospect of destroying private insurance companies. She summed it up quite nicely when she said, "This is not a principled fight. This is a fight about strategy for getting there (gov't-run health care) and I BELIEVE WE WILL!"



Frank Rich at the New York Times provides the latest look into the psyche of the unhinged left when you talk about Barack "Far Left" Obama. These people are really outing themselves as a strain of humanity that would be fascinating to study if not in power.

Rich starts out by pointing a finger squarely at Obama for using a tactic that allowed the latter to escape quite a bit (like ties to Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Tony Rezko, Jeremiah Wright, Rashid Khaleedi, Van Jones, Frank Marshall Davis, etc.). That tactic is of the "hands off / don't get too close to the scruff". Rich seems dissatisfied with "dancing with the one who brung you." He sets the stage for where he's going quite early in his acrimonious op-ed:
Obama’s deliberative brand of wait-and-then-pounce leadership let him squeak — barely — through the summer. The real crises already gathering won’t wait for him to stand back and calculate the precise moment to spring the next Do-or-Die Speech.

When trouble lurks, No Drama Obama stays calm as everyone around him goes ballistic. Then he waits — and waits — for that superdramatic moment when he can ride to his own rescue with what the press reliably hypes as The Do-or-Die Speech of His Career.
Someone needs to tell Rich that Obama didn't break from that script when he was distancing himself from all of his nefarious friends so he could become president. So why would he start now?

Rich apparently doesn't want to get too mad at Obama and needs to find another target for his ire. How about that "extreme right-wing"?
The right-wing fringe has become so deranged that it will yank its kids out of school to protest the president and risk yanking more Americans off assembly lines by boycotting General Motors to protest the administration’s Detroit bailout.
Actually, I was fully prepared to send my kid to school as a mole and report back to the family. That said, our district didn't show the speech. Truth be told, Mr. Rich, my problem with Obama speaking to our schoolchildren is tied more to my not trusting him than anything else. Did I mention all of his associates?

Here is where Rich exposes himself as a short-sighted liberal ideologue who simply doesn't get it:
Indeed Obama instantly gained a foot or two in height Wednesday night once that South Carolina clown hollered “You lie!” (One wonders what this congressman calls the Republican governor of his own state, Mark Sanford.)
Uh, Mr. Rich, you write for the New York Times. Why on earth would you have to "wonder" what Wilson thinks of Sanford? Why not go to the source and find out? Or is that too archaic for the NYT?

If you'd like to read the entire piece of partisan dreck from Frank Rich, CLICK HERE.


After Barack Obama drew national attention to the incident involving his friend Henry Louis Gates (attention that ended up embarassing both he and Gates) by saying police "acted stupidly", Gates demanded an apology from the officer who arrested him.

Officer James Crowley's response? "There will be no apology."

How did Gates react to that? Did he get indignant? Did he point to Crowley's refusal to apologize as further evidence of his racism?

No. He caved by being the first to take President Obama up on the "beer at the White House" request. He realized that the longer things were drawn out, the worse he (Gates) looked.

The same will likely be the case for Representative Joe Wilson (R-SC) who shouted, "You Lie" when president Obama, while addressing a joint session of Congress, said that his health care plan would not cover illegal aliens.

On Sunday, Wilson told Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace that he WOULD NOT cave to Congressional pressure to apologize on the House Floor. His courage is likely due, in part, to over $1 Million in contributions since the incident on July 9th.

CLICK HERE to see the video.

Oh, and here's the video that started it all....

People who want Crowley and Wilson to apologize are simply taking a page out of the Jesse Jackson / Al Sharpton playbook.

Here's a tip for such folks....... People are on to you and have begun calling your bluff.

thanks to RCP for the video.


A CNN reporter at the September 12th protest in Washington, D.C. was having a difficult time being heard over shouts of protesters. Chants like, "TELL THE TRUTH!" and, "GO HOME" were trumped in a big way when the chants of, "GLENN BECK! GLENN BECK! GLENN BECK!" started. An obvious consequence was the hottest show in cable news getting some free advertising on a competing cable channel (being kind) that has been quite derelict when it comes to the journalistic profession.

Providing even more poetic justice for Beck is that he used to have a show on CNN's Headline News and left presumably, because he couldn't do the show he wanted to do amidst a sea of Obamautomatons.

I'd say that like the Steelers cutting Johnny Unitas or the Falcons cutting Brett Favre, CNN is regretting the loss of Beck except something tells me pride / ideology is preventing that admission from taking place (despite Beck torching CNN with TD after TD after TD). Glenn Beck is a recovering alcoholic who didn't get better until he hit rock bottom and told the truth. In that regard, he's already ahead of CNN.

By the way, see if you can spot the sign that says, "JOE WILSON FOR TUTH CZAR".

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