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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Videos: Romney Communications Director and the 'Etch-a-Sketch' Gaffe

Uh, this can't be good for several reasons. One, there's nothing quite like the optics of an etch-a-sketch analogy. Two, Romney is already fighting a pretty imposing narrative that he's really a liberal. Three, the matter-of-fact nature in which Romney Communications Director Eric Ferhnstrom delivered his answer to a question about how Romney's conservative posture in the primaries could force him to run on a more conservative platform in the general than he otherwise would have to do.

In essence, Ferhnstrom said Romney can go back to being as liberal as is necessary after he secures the nomination.... with an "etch-a-sketch" metaphor.

Via GWP:

Of course, if this gaffe has legs, look for an etch-a-sketch to accompany every campaign speech. In this case, Newt only waited a few hours to use one.

Via Hot Air:

Video: Occupy's Hibernating Months about to end?

As the Occupy Wall Street movement was kicking off last September, Van Jones referred to it as an "American Autumn," in an attempt to liken the movement to the "Arab Spring." The movement essentially went dormant as its stench, rampant crime, bad public perception, and winter months all bore down on it. Well, it's coming back this spring and the tactics are going to be changed to reflect a more local focus.

Via The Blaze:
It’s Springtime for Occupy!  That means the brilliant cast of characters that brought you the noxious, multimillion dollar expense to the taxpayer are back for a second round.  Two of The Blaze’s favorite leaders of civic unrest, arch-liberal sociologist Frances Fox Piven and SEIU labor organizer Stephen Lerner discussed  how Occupy Wall Street will pivot to a far more local, intimate occupation this spring after being evicted from their public squatting grounds with rubber bullets and crews in post apocalyptic hazmat suits.  In an in-depth interview with, Piven and Learner lay out five integral steps that Occupy will be taking this spring to keep a pulse going.
Here is a look at the Occupy movement's playbook:

Video: Issa on Fox News about ATF letting Fast and Furious suspect go

This exchange between Megyn Kelly and Rep. Darrell Issa sheds some light on why the Oversight Committee chairman may be holding back on issuing a contempt citation to Holder. The entity responsible for compelling Holder to release the information Issa is looking for is the U.S. Attorney in Washington D.C. Any ideas who that person reports to? Yup, Eric Holder.

That said, Issa appears to be preparing to make a move. This issue is not going away.

Video: Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up?

If this is the best the Republicans can do, God help us because he gives Obama the best chance at reelection (other than Ron Paul, of course).

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