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Friday, April 29, 2011

Gauntlet! NRA's LaPierre to call for Holder to Resign over Project Gunrunner

This Project Gunrunner truly is a scandal of epic proportions just ready to explode. The ATF Director is blowing off subpoena deadlines; a top official inside the ATF is talking to Senator Chuck Grassley with an attorney present; Congressional investigators are now on the ground in Arizona to dig deep; The ATF has already been caught in a lie courtesy of emails and whistle blowers; a Border Patrol agent's death is tied to weapons the ATF let 'walk' into Mexico; The Department of Justice is stonewalling; now NRA President Wayne LaPierre is calling for Holder to resign.

Via CBS News:
Sources tell CBS News that NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre is expected to call for Holder's resignation in a speech Saturday morning at the Association's annual meeting in Pittsburgh.

NRA reacts to CBS News investigation on ATF "gunwalking"

LaPierre has accused Holder of trying to "destroy the Second Amendment" and has been critical of the Department of Justice handling of "Project Gunrunner," a program intended to stop the flow of weapons to Mexican drug cartels.

But as CBS News investigative correspondent Sharyl Attkisson reported last month, ATF agents charge the program actually helped get thousands of guns into the hands of criminals.

"When does it stop being law enforcement and start being a criminal enterprise? Innocent people are dying. It makes no sense at all." LaPierre told CBS News last month.
Here is LaPierre talking to CBS about the scandal.

Video: Man Arrested for Preaching at DMV

The title of this post doesn't do the video justice. It really is shocking to watch. Leaders of Calvary Chapel in Hemet, CA decided to take advantage of the multitude of people who stand out in front of the DMV every morning waiting for it to open. One man from the church began reading from the Bible and it didn't take long for a police officer to show up and arrest him for preaching to a 'captive audience.' Though the method used by the man reading the Bible may be questioned for its effectiveness, it seems the statute cited by the officer may only relate to impeding a business from functioning.

Here's a thought. Maybe if the DMV made even the slightest effort to become more efficient, people wouldn't feel like they had to get there early just to be the 20th person in line. If this man is guilty of preaching to a captive audience, the DMV is guilty of creating that audience.

Via The Blaze:

Video: Cardinal who Suspended Michael Pfleger has Protesters on his Lawn

Frankly, Father Michael Pfleger should have been defrocked three years ago when he was simply suspended for two weeks by Cardinal Francis George. Upon his return then, Pfleger remained on as Pastor of St. Sabina Catholic Church in Chicago. Nonetheless, there was recently an indication from the Cardinal that Pfleger would be reassigned to a local High School - that may help solve the St. Sabina problem but it helps to cause one somewhere else. Pfleger publicly stated he would not accept that career change and was subsequently suspended by George.

Via WGN:
In a letter sent to Pfleger, Francis Cardinal George wrote, "your ministry as pastor of Saint Sabina Parish and your sacramental faculties as priest of the Archdiocese are suspended…this suspension permits you to retain the office of pastor while temporarily without permission to function."

Cardinal Francis George stated in the letter that Pfleger's recent comments in the media about leaving the Catholic Church if he was assigned to a position at Leo High School was the cause for the suspension.
Here's the news report that goes along with the story. Notice the endorsement Pfleger gets from Mayor Richard Daley. That should be the first indication to the Cardinal that he's making the right decision.


h/t Hapblog

Nine Attorneys General Battle Feds over Boeing Plant

Picture this. You run a company that manufactures airplanes in Washington State. Your plant is unionized, which eats away at your profits. As a consequence, you decide to open an additional plant in South Carolina - a 'right to work' state where employees cannot be compelled to join a union. Now, imagine that your new plant is built and as your making preparations to get it up and running, a federal body - the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) - tells you to cease and desist manufacturing a certain type of airliner in that plant based on complaints the NLRB received from union leaders.

Nine state Attorneys General have taken notice and have sent the NLRB a strong letter regarding this decision.

Via Fox News:
Nine state attorneys general sounded off in a letter to the National Labor Relations Board, calling a complaint it filed against Boeing for opening a production facility in South Carolina an assault on their states' economies.

After receiving a complaint from the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, the NLRB claims Boeing participated in unfair labor practices by threatening to open new, non-union facilities elsewhere when workers went on strike at the company's Washington state production facility in 2008.

Boeing is slated to open its newest 787 airliner assembly line this summer in South Carolina, a "right-to-work" state, in which employee's can't be forced to join a union to work at unionized plants. In Washington state and the 28 states without "right-to-work" laws, once a majority of workers have opted to join a union, everyone can be required to join and pay dues. That gives labor groups an advantage in organizing.

"This complaint represents an assault upon the constitutional right of free speech, and the ability of our states to create jobs and recruit industry. Your ill-conceived retaliatory action seeks to destroy our citizens' right to work," the letter from the attorneys general reads.

The NLRB complaint attempts to keep Boeing from building 787 airliners in the Palmetto State plant, not shut it down. But the company designed the facility to produce three of those type of airplanes each month.
Amazingly, Boeing wasn't even planning to shut down its plant in Washington, which it says grew by 2,000 jobs since the company announced it would be opening a South Carolina plant.

HERE is the letter.

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