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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Video: Chris Christie Adamantly Defends Appointment of Muslim Judge

With the same vigor he displays when going after teachers unions, Chris Christie went after anyone who suggested that his appointment of Sohail Mohammed to a Superior Court judgeship in New Jersey was ill-advised, in much the same way. At a press conference, Christie referred to such opposition as 'ignorance' and concerns about creeping sharia law as 'crap.' This is what happens when the righteous indignation of Governor Christie is directed toward conservatives. At one point, he called people with such concerns 'crazies.'

I'm partial to checking out what Islamic terrorism expert Steve Emerson has to say about Sohail Mohammed before trusting what Christie has to say. First, here is Christie at the press conference, going after anyone who disagrees with his appointment. After the video, Steve Emerson's take on Mohammed.

Via MediaIte:

Now that it's quite obvious where Christie stands, check out this excerpt on Sohail Mohammed from IPT:
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's nomination of Sohail Mohammed to be a state judge shows the governor's tin ear for radical Islam. Not only did he appoint a longtime mouthpiece for radical Islamists to be a judge, but Christie has also turned a blind eye to the activities of one of Mohammed's clients – radical imam Mohammed Qatanani, head of one of New Jersey's largest mosques.

Qatanani has a history of Hamas support and was related by marriage to a leading Hamas operative in the West Bank. This fall, Qatanani will return to a New Jersey immigration court, where the Department of Homeland Security is fighting to have him deported. In his initial application for a green card filed in 1999, government lawyers say Qatanani failed to disclose a conviction in an Israeli military court for being a Hamas member and providing support to the terrorist group.

Oddly, Christie – a Republican who was then the U.S. Attorney for New Jersey – sided with Qatanani against DHS, allowing a top lieutenant, Assistant U.S. Attorney Charles McKenna, to testify as a character witness at Qatanani's first immigration trial, and publicly embracing the imam at a Ramadan breakfast at his mosque. Christie later appointed McKenna as New Jersey's head of homeland security..
IPT goes on to say that Mohammed also defended convicted terrorist fundraiser Sami al-Arian. Emerson's IPT closes with this:
Christie's support for Islamists such as Qatanani and Mohammed betrays either naivete or calculation. Either is troubling.
Based on the press conference, I'm leaning toward naivete. Christie seemed to have a 'thou doth protest too much moment' that included a bit of projection when he described those who didn't agree with him as being ignorant.

Christie may be a good choice for Secretary of Education but he has no business being the Republican nominee.

Read entire IPT article.

Video: Best Way to Solve Debt Problem?

The federal government increases its spending each year by between 6% - 7% and when you hear politicians talk about spending cuts, they're talking about reducing the amount of future growth in spending that grows government by a slightly less amount. It's Washington logic. Only there could increases in spending be called spending cuts. True spending cuts would involve freezing the amount of government spending so that the 6% - 7% figure actually becomes 0%. Reductions in spending should be done from that because well, that would be an actual spending cut.

That brings us to the plan of Rep. Connie Mack (R-FL). Basically, if you cut spending by 1% each year, the budget will be balanced in eight years. Instead of growing government spending by 5% instead of 7%, and calling that a cut, we'd actually be at -1% growth in spending. In many ways, this plan would be like applying the Wisconsin model - which is already working - to our federal government.

If the results of the 2012 election is able to usher in a plan like this, there could be some good to come out of a Barack Obama presidency.

h/t Hapblog

Video: Al Gore calls for 'Arab Spring' in America

While appearing on the newer version of Keith Olbermann's Countdown, Al Gore bemoaned the fact that the left in America hasn't yet risen up like the left in Arab countries. In this exchange, Gore calls for an 'American Spring,' a 'Tahrir Square' in America and then qualifies it by saying 'the non-violent parts.' As if that wasn't absurd enough, he then says we need a 'grass roots' effort that mirrors what's happening in the Middle East but NOT of the 'Tea Party kind.' In typical leftwing fashion, Gore insists that the Tea Party is not grass roots and it's funded with seed money from the Koch brothers. It's classic projection.

At one point, Gore talks about how America is coming on hard times and that it has been building for a while. Yeah, I think you being Vice President for eight years has something to do with it, Al.

Via Daily Caller:

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