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Monday, November 2, 2009


You can watch the entire Rush interview on Fox news Sunday at the bottom of this post but before doing so, I thought this exchange between Geraldo and Ann Coulter does a good job of providing insight into what's at the heart of the controversy that is almost certain to be front and center for a few days.

Geraldo takes issue with two specific statements from the extremely compelling Rush Limbaugh interview with Chris Wallace. First, he unbelievably implies that Limbaugh's statement that Barack Obama is a "man-child" was racist. Secondly, he feigns indignation over Limbaugh's take that Obama's trip to Dover Airforce base to salute a fallen soldier was nothing more than a photo op.

However, Coulter totally blindsides him with something I'm sure he wasn't expecting. His response was so very indicative of the left's mentality. Coulter actually responds by saying that the White House told New York Times reporter Jeff Zeleny - you know, the guy who asked Obama at a press conference what he found most "enchanting" about being president - that it was an attempt by the administration to "buy time".

The OCTOBER 29TH ARTICLE by Zeleny didn't have the phrase Coulter pointed to but it did have a few interesting excerpts that seem to point in that direction:
The trip was a symbolic one for Mr. Obama, given the gravity of his coming announcement of a new strategy for Afghanistan.
A symbolic trip? How about a trip without symbolism (or photographers)?
The overnight trip was not announced in advance. The president, wearing a dark suit and a long overcoat, left the White House just before midnight. A small contingent of reporters and photographers was quietly called to follow him to Dover, where he met for two hours with members of 14 families. He returned to the White House at 4:45 a.m.
It would seem that Zeleny's article points to exactly what Limbaugh forcefully said; specifically, that Obama's trip to Dover was a "photo-op".

One more thing about Geraldo before you watch the video. Note that after Coulter points to the Zeleny article, Geraldo says, "that's gross". In light of the direction Coulter took the debate, the focus was on Zeleny's article. Was Geraldo calling the article gross or the White House's take on the trip? Decide for yourself.

Face the Nation's Bob Schieffer then lets David Axelrod respond to Rush's assertion that the Obama trip to Dover was a photo-op. Axelrod's refutation of it was beyond pathetic. However, look out for a couple of other things.

1.) Axelrod goes down the road of the Republican party being extremists yet fails to mention that it's the White House that has surrounded itself with radical communists and people who revere the greatest mass murderer of the 20th century, Mao Tse Tung. Not only that but Axelrod himself was mentored by SDS member Don Rose (SDS gave birth to Bill Ayers' Weather Underground) and is a longtime friend of another SDS member Marilyn Katz who, like Ayers, REGRETS NOTHING.

2.) Axelrod contradicts himself in this interview starting at about the 3:15 mark when Schieffer asks him about the White House "war" on Fox. Axelrod says, "We're not at war with anyone. We're at war only with people who represent mis-truths as truths." Uh, so now they're singling out individuals at Fox? The bigger problem here is that Axelrod actually said the White House is at war with people who disagree with them. Troubling indeed.


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