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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Jesse was obviously irritated at being introduced as Al Sharpton but why? Was it because he assumed Contessa thought, "they all look alike" or did he take it as a personal affront to his ego? My guess is it's a strong dose of both.

Funny nonetheless. Take note of the panic in Contessa's voice as she apologizes to Reverend Sharpton, er I mean Jackson.

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Kind of. This is great. At a recent speech, Obama decided to use a metaphor to explain his consternation with the opposition not willing to go along. Jay Leno was able to parlay that into one of his better skits.

Watch as Jay picks up a mop and then throws it down when he learns it's of the socialist persuasion.


If you've seen any of the Acorn sting videos by James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles, you've probably heard excerpts of this song played at the beginning and the end of the sting videos. It's a song by Anthony Dini called, "Ridiculous" and it's very catchy. Of course, the best part is Obama's dancing with Ellen thrown in at the end.

Check it out.



In order to set this up properly, all you need to know is the last name of the lady in this video is NOT Hoffman. Actually, Hoffman is the name of the guy she's running against. Her name is Dede Scozzafava and whoever is responsible for setting her up for a press conference outside the office of Doug Hoffman is likely going to be fired.

Then again, what if it was DEDE'S IDEA?

Anyway, quite the controversy is brewing in New York's 23rd District as Scozzafava, the Republican nominee is being exposed for the radical leftist she is thanks to a more educated constituency. Unfortunately, the RNC and established Republican leadership is looking more inept than ever. Gingrich is also on record as endorsing Scozzafava.

Hoffman is the truly conservative candidate running as an independent.

The video is a must-see.



This one introduces an entirely new dimension to all of these stings. Let's see, first Washington, D.C. then Baltimore, the Bronx, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and now Philadelphia.

Frankly, what was caught on tape in Philly is no more outlandish than the others that have been released. The new element introduced here is the juxtaposition of what was caught on tape with what ACORN officials, including the woman in this video, said about the visit.

The woman in the video is Katherine Conway Russell and as is clearly apparent, she behaved very similarly to the ACORN reps in the other videos - willing to help a prostitute. The problem is that when the ACORN sting videos made the news, Russell along with ACORN Executive Bertha Lewis and others went on television saying that the reason the Philadelphia sting video isn't being shown is because O'Keefe and Giles weren't successful and were quickly ushered out of the building.

That is NOT what this video shows.

Caveat: You will notice that the audio of Katherine speaking is absent until the video stops due to a dead battery. I'm assuming the reason for this is a legal one. Then again, perhaps to increase the tease factor.

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At some point, Anita Dunn may actually feel comfortable expressing her real views to everyone and not just to groups where she thinks she can get away with it. On the heels of the video of Dunn identifying Mao as one of the two people she turns to most for philosophical and political guidance, Oba-Mao gear has become quite popular in China.....

.....and in Washington, D.C. The left wing nuts have always been projection artists who accuse their opponents of the exact things they themselves do and are. The pictured t-shirt provides a prime example without having to utter a word. Notice that "peace sign" inside the last "O" on the shirt? Mao Tse Tung was the 20th century's greatest mass murderer, responsible for well over 50 million deaths by most accounts and the left is holding him up as a beacon of peace. I realize that evil likes to appeal to base urges while using deception to entrap people but this is so in-your-face, the notion that anyone is embracing these things is truly mind-numbing. For more photos of the Oba-Mao store, CLICK HERE.

Yes, the trappings of following that cult of personality. The Obamautomatons apparently aren't satisfied with just him anymore. There is an obvious market for and a cross section of people who'd like to mix their hero in with a guy that makes Hitler look like an amateur. Mixing Obama and Mao together is like giving Dr. Jekyl the keys to a science lab.

Let's do a quick little inventory of things that have been revealed about the Obama administration.

Of course, we have White House Communications Director Anita Dunn showing reverence for Mao Tse Tung. Less than one week later, we learn of manufacturing czar Ron Bloom's appreciation for Mao. Let's not forget congresswoman Diane Watson singing the praises of Fidel Castro's Cuba while describing her recent trip to China.

And does anyone remember why Henry Louis Gates was so tired when he was arrested by Cambridge police officer, James Crowley? He had just returned from China.

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To properly set this one up, think about the ending of the Happy Gilmore. Happy sinks the impossible put to win and Shooter grabs the gold jacket, running with it because he thinks it's rightfully his. He lost touch with reality and talked himself into believing that the jacket was actually his and winning was just a formality.

Now to Olbermann.

I don't think I've ever seen an encapsulation of the left wing mentality in such a short clip (1 minute). In order to appreciate it, one needs to understand how long Fox News has been consistently and thoroughly pummeling MSNBC in the ratings. As far as news networks go, it hasn't been close for years.

Ah, therein lies the rub for Fox and the way to the top of the hill for Olbermann. According to the White House (via Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod), Fox News is not a news organization which therefore eliminates them from the pool of news networks competing for viewership.

Now the clip. MSNBC actually put together a promo that claims they're #1 because Fox is no longer eligible. What further proof does one need that the liberal mind can talk itself into anything?

As you watch, your take may be that the promo was made as a tongue-in-cheek dig at Fox. However, if that's your take, you don't understand how unhinged these people are. The longer this notion floats around, the more Olbermann will believe it. To illustrate, pay attention to Olbermann after the promo airs. While sporting his "We're #1" grin, he muses that while MSNBC is not going to air the promo on other programs, he doesn't undersand why.

This goes beyond the "Everyone gets a trophy" mindset. This involves starting a new league that doesn't allow the best players to compete so you can feel better about winning.

Just when I think Olbermann has lost all of his marbles, another one pops out of his head.

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