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Friday, August 5, 2011

Video: Judge Judy Exposes Parasite, Vows to send Tape to Congress

Just to set this up. Judge Judy is presiding over a dispute between a man (in age only) named Duane Brooks, Jr. and his apparent older girlfriend. Somehow, Brooks managed to get $450 / month from the government in rent allowance. However, he wasn't putting it toward rent. In his words, he was using it on himself. Though he signed a lease with his girlfriend, he expected her to cover the full amount of the rent. Even after Judge Judy breaks it all down in the simplest of terms for Mr. Brooks, he still doesn't comprehend where the $450 comes from, how it should be spent, or why.

Freakin' amazing. Kudos to Judge Judy for pledging to send the exchange to Congress.

h/t Sharp Elbows

Video: Chris Matthews says 'FDR saved Capitalism'

The 'thrill' is obviously not gone. Just when you thought Chris Matthews couldn't get any loopier, he puts forth the premise that one of America's most socialist presidents - FDR - saved capitalism. If you extrapolate that logic, you can apparently say that socialism must be implemented to save capitalism. The truth is just the opposite. Socialism DESTROYS capitalism. Didn't FDR preside over the ushering in of Social Security? Isn't it a bankrupt entitlement? Uh, yes.

It might be time to check the vents over at MSNBC. Someone might be pumping glue fumes through them. In fairness to Matthews, this isn't a far cry from what George W. Bush said about having to abandon free market principles to save the free market as justification for all those bailouts.

Via NewsBusters:

Video: ABC's Jake Tapper Grills Jay Carney

At yesterday's White House press briefing, ABC's Jake Tapper wanted specific answers from press secretary, Jay Carney about what Barack Obama is doing to help fix the economy. Though Tapper never got a sufficient answer, the answers he DID get from Carney were very revealing. Carney used a lot of words to essentially say that the president is doing nothing to help fix the economy. Toward the end of this clip, Carney comes up with nothing more than saying Obama is working with is economic advisors but offers absolutely ZERO specifics.


h/t Hapblog
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