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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Video: Statement from Invisible Children CEO about Kony 2012 Producer's Naked Meltown

Ok, I'm still trying to figure out how an "exhausted" and "dehydrated" man remedies those problems by running through the streets of San Diego, naked with the midday sun beating down on him, but I digress. Kony 2012 producer Jason Russell did all of that and was shockingly not even arrested for the behavior.

The video message at the bottom of this post, from Invisible Children CEO Ben Keesey, attempts to shed additional light on the reasons for Russell's outburst while assuring viewers that the Kony 2012 campaign has not ended.

Keesey starts out by saying that "these last two weeks have been.. really tough." That's a bit ironic considering what the victims shown in the Kony 2012 video have gone through; he probably should have left that part out. Nonetheless, the position from Keesey is that Invisible Children was hoping to get a half a million sets of eyeballs to watch their video and that they weren't prepared for what they got - 100 Million. He then points to all of that attention bearing down on Russell, who didn't know how to handle it. His way of doing so was apparently to call even more attention to himself by running naked through the streets of San Diego. I'm sorry, I'm having a tough time buying this.

These guys are well-intentioned but they have no clue what they're dealing with. Joseph Kony - the guy they're after - is a Muslim Brotherhood pawn. Until they're able to see the bigger picture, they could do far more harm than good. They've already set out to make Joseph Kony famous by selling merchandise that bears his likeness. This too is dangerous because it very well could lead to the Che Guevara effect, where people like Carlos Santana wear t-shirts that make a mass murderer iconic.

Mr. Keesey, instead of blindly pressing forward, perhaps you should take Russell's behavior as a sign that you're in over your heads, however well-intentioned you may be.

Via the LA Times:

To the Invisible Children Family from INVISIBLE CHILDREN on Vimeo.

Video: David Axelrod accuses Republicans of Alinsky tactics (he must absolutely hate himself)

Wait a minute. Did the senior political adviser to the top ideological protege of Saul Alinsky just accuse the Republicans of using Saul Alinsky's tactics? If so, then Axelrod knows the true intent of Alinsky is so despicable that he wants to smear others with it while embracing it himself. How on earth does one such as Axelrod live inside his own skin?

First, Alinsky believed that in order to agitate, you had to focus on what the masses were already predisposed to be angry about and intentionally make it worse. In short, it doesn't get much more evil (go figure, Alinsky dedicated his work to Lucifer).

Anyway, during an interview, Alinsky said the following:
"Now it's up to us to go in and rub raw the sores of discontent, galvanize them for radical social change."
Fast forward to today. During an interview with the sycophantic Chuck Todd of MSNBC, Axelrod said something eerily similar, except he wasn't applying it to himself or Obama. He was applying it to his opponents:
"Well, let me say that the Republicans are very good at fanning the flames of discontent. Their whole campaign is predicated on fanning flames of discontent, so it's not surprising that they do that here."
Not much difference between "rubbing raw" and "fanning flames."

CLICK HERE to see the video.

Hopefully, I will never know what it's like to have so much self-loathing to find what I believe to my core to be so despicable that I accuse my enemies of embracing it instead.

h/t Weasel Zippers

Video: The Primary Suspect in Fast and Furious who the ATF let go

In this segment on Fox News, William La Jeunesse reports on the newly discovered details about the ATF releasing Manuel Celis-Acosta back in May of 2010. The circumstances surrounding is release are jaw dropping. All along, the reason given by the ATF for Fast and Furious was to allow straw purchasers to buy guns so that they would help the agency catch bigger fish.

In May 2010, Acosta was caught red-handed and was released despite being a big fish himself.

Check it out:

Holder's "Brainwash" comment quickly makes Congressmen Furious

Well, that didn't take long. Less than 48 hours after video of Eric Holder in 1995 surfaced in which he said he wanted to "brainwash" people to be against guns, multiple congressmen have chimed in to express their outrage. In particular, Rep. Louie Gohmert - a former judge - made some extremely salient observations.

Via the Daily Caller:
Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert — one of the 123 House members demanding Holder’s resignation or firing over Fast and Furious — told TheDC the new video is more evidence that Holder is motivated by anti-gun politics.

“From my days on the bench, this is what you would call ‘state of mind evidence,’” Gohmert, a judge before running for U.S. Congress, said of the newly surfaced video. “[This shows] what this guy is thinking and what makes him tick. So, what it does, actually, is buttress his thinking and gives us a bit of an explanation as to why he would obfuscate and why he would not want to get to the bottom of Fast and Furious because he sees that, as well, as a tool that would help ‘brainwash’ Americans into thinking selling or possessing guns are not a good thing.”

The White House has not responded to numerous requests for comment on whether President Barack Obama agrees with Holder’s push to “brainwash” people into not supporting firearm ownership. Gohmert said there’s no way Obama doesn’t know Holder said it, though. “Since it was on CSPAN, you know good and well the administration would have asked about this and would have had knowledge about this speech,” he said in a phone interview. “They would have known this.”

Gohmert said he thinks Obama’s friends may have helped hide or downplay this video — just like the recently revealed Derrick Bell videos — in order to protect Holder from public scrutiny. “Just as we’re finding out that friends of the president actually helped hide video of a younger Barack Obama — or, Barry Obama — apparently they’ve been doing similar efforts on behalf of people he appointed so that they don’t see them in the roles that they played and the mindsets that they had in earlier years that they obviously still display,” Gohmert said. “This isn’t a situation where you look back and say, 1995, gee, look how much he’s changed in the interim because with Attorney General Holder, it doesn’t appear he’s changed much at all.”

Gohmert added that “absolutely,” he and other members on Capitol Hill are talking about Holder’s anti-gun “brainwash” comments. “For a year now, we’ve been met with nothing but stonewalling from the attorney general,” he said. “You would think that somebody in charge of the Justice Department would not turn it into an ‘Injustice Department.’ But, this is, unfortunately, by his repeated responses, this is something that you’ve come to expect from Attorney General Holder.”
As this 1995 video gets more attention (are there more?), look for the number of congressmen who are calling for Holder's resignation to go up as well. Once that number gets to 218 (already at 123), it's a majority that Speaker John Boehner will no longer be able to avoid.

In case you haven't seen the 1995 video in question, it is quite shocking, especially toward the end. It's just over three minutes but well worth the time.

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