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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Proof that Socialists Lie: Rep. Elijah Cummings Introduces Gun Control Bill

I hate to have to reiterate but the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) is on his way to doubling down all the way to the abyss. In the wake of ALL the revelations that are coming out about ATF's 'felony stupid' Operation Fast and Furious, that ATF leadership is responsible for putting guns in the hands of drug cartels, Cummings wants to give the agency more power. In the wake of ALL the revelations that are coming out that this scandal likely reaches all the way up to the highest levels of the Justice Department, Cummings has introduced gun control legislation.

So how is this proof that socialists lie? For starters, Cummings is one of 70 congressmen registered with the Democratic Socialists of America caucus so it's established that he's a socialist. As for the lying part, on June 15th, at the House Oversight hearing into Fast and Furious, Cummings looked directly into the eyes of the family of murdered Border Patrol agent, Brian Terry, and said this:
"...I promise you, we will not rest... we will not rest until every single person responsible for all of this, no matter where they are, are brought to justice... I promise you, we will not fail you."
That was just a small part of Cummings' pledge coupled with righteous indignation. It appears that now, Cummings might be more interested in running interference for those responsible for Terry's death in the first place. It didn't take long either. On June 15th, he made a commitment to the Terry family and on July 15th, he officially abandoned it for political reasons.

Via LAT via Sipsey Street:
The debate surrounding gun control laws has reignited following the Fast and Furious investigation, and the latest volley was launched Friday.

Two House Democrats introduced a bill that would make the trafficking of firearms to known felons or someone intending to commit a felony a federal offense. The bill, put forth by Reps. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) and Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.), was drafted in response to testimony from law enforcement agents, who have said current law leaves gaps in enforcement against straw purchasers who often supply drug cartels with weapons.

In a letter to congressional colleagues, Cummings cited a July 4 transcript in which embattled Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Chief Kenneth Melson asserts that a dedicated firearms trafficking law would be "most helpful" in imprisoning known traffickers.
Isn't that nice? Cummings cites the acting ATF Director, who is one of those implicated in this scandal as a credible source in his argument for giving more power to the ATF. Later in the article, Cummings proves the part about socialists lying:
Cummings denied that the legislation was an attempt to detract from the ongoing investigation.

"I want to make it clear we are very troubled by Fast and Furious. It is our belief that we are going to have to look at this case very carefully and we must go where the evidence leads," said Cummings, who is the ranking member on the committee investigating the matter. "But conducting oversight is pointless unless we translate what we learn into action."
Uh, if Cummings wants to go where the evidence leads, why is he running away from it?

In this Monty Python metaphor, Cummings represents King Arthur and the bunny represents the evidence.

Shoebat Responds to CNN Hit Piece

CNN reporter Drew Griffin went to a DHS conference in South Dakota a couple of months ago to track down Walid Shoebat and subsequently did a hit piece on the former PLO member. It appeared on Anderson Cooper 360. Shoebat has already responded at length to CNN on his own website but I found this article penned by him in my inbox this morning. There is obviously some reverse psychology and satire at work here from Shoebat and I think the point is made in spades:
Walid Shoebat to CNN

I was laughing my head off while I watched myself on CNN Anderson Cooper 360. Before the show came on, they aired Hugh Hefner, who swims in a pool of money and women; yet we were made out like bandits because our charity reported 1/2 million dollars last year; it was very funny.

CNN wanted me to tell them how our money is spent. Alright CNN, I Confess everything:

I Confess: We are sending money to criminals. It’s true. They are Pakistani criminals who are hiding from the law. They are purported to have committed the worst crime in Pakistani law: Blasphemy of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam.

I Confess: CNN is right to come after me. I committed the same crime.

I Confess: I did tell Drew Griffin “it's none of your business.” It was all caught on camera. But only an idiot will talk to reporters and give details of sending money to wanted criminals.

I Confess: Keith's senior moment on CNN shows how unprofessional we really are. We set up an advisory board several years ago whom we rarely contact and Keith on TV could not remember their names; his performance debunks the myth that Jews are exceptionally smart.

I Confess: I do not qualify as an expert on terrorism since I am not an atheist-socialist-liberal and my books have the word “God” on them; had I had “Allah” CNN and CAIR would not mind.

I Confess: I wasn’t a “professional” terrorist either. All I do is translate what sneaky Muslims say in Arabic and compare it to their English. They rarely ever match and CNN never reports on them.

I Confess: I sell books for a living that have lots of flaws. English is my second language and my editor is a nice lady named Cheryl Taylor who is about to retire and accidently slips some spelling errors which people complain about. But what can I do? Cheryl also has to make a living.

I Confess: I am not the smartest guy when it comes to terrorism. Drew Griffin was right; it was 19 hijackers on 9/11 not 17. But is that why Anderson Cooper 360 degrees, Huffington Post, CAIR and Chris Hedges are after my hide?

I Confess: Chris Hedges is a lot smarter than me; they gave him an award—he was a Pulitzer Prize winner. Perhaps if I do my own 360 degrees and reconvert back to being a terrorist I might win the Nobel Peace Prize. Arafat did by simply speaking a few words—in English.

I Confess: I am not exactly connected to the Mossad but I pay money to an I.D.F soldier named Moshe Avraham to maintain our website and he keeps track of news worthy stories.

I Confess: Moshe kills terrorists—literally.

I Confess: We pay another lady to bombard and harass pastors to get us in the door. At times we joke that some pastors are like a blood clot that only a lady can move out of the way so we can spread what CAIR calls Islamophobia.

I Confess: We also pay for flights, hotels, articles, booking interviews and daily press releases. Special Guests are the cheapest and worth every cent.

I Confess: Last year we spent over $80,000 in Texas for the Fort Hood Massacre where a Muslim shot up all these people but CNN does not want me to call Nidal Malik Hasan a Muslim. Mentioning religious affiliation of terrorists is an insult, unless of course, the terrorist is a Christian.

I Confess: I am nosey and I do want to know about CAIR’s funding. Will CNN help me?

I Confess: I looked like a slob on CNN.

I Confess: I need new attire, but I am such a cheapskate and hate wasting money.

I Confess: I critique Islam. Hindus got rid of burning widows—thanks to critics of Hinduism.

I Confess: I became racist when I quit hating Israel.

I Confess: When liberals say that I should be thrown in jail since I am a confessed terrorist, they are right. But why only imprison repentant terrorists, while CNN wants to release the other unrepentant terrorists from Gitmo?

When I get old, fatter and saggy, I will still laugh at Drew Griffin, he could not debunk the facts and he is plainly stupid.
Here is a link to the more extensive rebuttal Shoebat issued to CNN's report. The hit piece by CNN - in two parts - is below. At the end of part 2, Griffin relays to Cooper that Shoebat thinks CAIR was involved in directing CNN to do the story. Something tells me this one ain't over.

Here is Part 1 of the CNN Piece:

Here is Part 2 of the CNN Piece:

Hillary Clinton seeks 'Tolerance' Agreement while in Turkey

Any time I see the words 'interfaith dialogue,' I get physically ill. This was the reason for the Ground Zero mosque. It's also a phrase Fethullah Gulen, one of the most dangerous stealth jihadists in the world, likes to attach to his cause. Bill Clinton actually touted Gulen's efforts at 'interfaith dialogue' back in 2008. Gulen is also from Turkey, which is where Hillary Clinton was this week. Her purpose? To tout 'interfaith dialogue' and tolerance in order to prevent blasphemy laws.

Via the AP:
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Friday she's hopeful that a religious tolerance agreement between the West and Islamic countries will end efforts to criminalize blasphemy that threaten freedom of expression.

At an interfaith conference in Turkey, Clinton said an initiative by the U.S., the European Union and the Organization of the Islamic Conference will promote religious freedom without compromising free speech.

"Together we have begun to overcome the false divide that pits religious sensitivities against freedom of expression and we are pursuing a new approach," Clinton said. "These are fundamental freedoms that belong to all people in all places and they are certainly essential to democracy."
So instead of strong words of condemnation for any country that persecutes non-Muslims, Hillary Clinton is seeking a 'tolerance agreement.'

I wonder if she has even the slightest clue about how hard the Muslim world is laughing at her.

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