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Sunday, August 28, 2011

FBI Agent Insists Muslim Brotherhood has Infiltrated White House

I have long maintained that the worst thing George W. Bush did after 9/11 was embrace CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood linked groups. In so doing, he validated groups like the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the Muslim Students Association (MSA), North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), and many others instead of identifying any and all groups linked to the Brotherhood as enemies of the United States.

Via WND:
Former FBI special agent John Guandolo says Obama's ties to agents for the Muslim Brotherhood are even more extensive.

"The level of penetration in the last three administrations is deep," he said. "For this president, it even goes back to his campaign with Muslim Brotherhood folks working with him then."

Equally alarming, the Brotherhood also has placed several operatives and sympathizers within key positions in Homeland Security and the U.S. military, notes Guandolo, a former Marine Corps officer.

The veteran federal agent says such infiltration threatens national security, because the U.S. leadership of the international Brotherhood has outlined a secret plan to "destroy" the U.S. and other Western governments "from within."

After the 9/11 attacks, he says the FBI discovered the plan written in Arabic among documents seized from the basement of a prominent Brotherhood leader living in a Washington suburb.

Guandolo says the stated Muslim Brotherhood strategy for change "from within" includes the installation of loyal Brothers into political office.

President Obama's top Muslim ambassador, Rashad Hussain, has raised suspicions. He is U.S. special envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference, a powerful international group headquartered in Saudi Arabia and closely aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Before first joining the White House as a lawyer, Hussain regularly spoke to Brotherhood front groups and defended Brotherhood leaders like Sami al-Arian. Hussain at first denied defending the convicted terrorist, claiming he was misquoted, but then recanted after produced a tape-recording of his remarks.

Recently, he has been overseas encouraging devotion to Islam, including in terror hotspots like Afghanistan.

In fact, Hussain has told Afghans the antidote to Islamic violence "is Islam itself."
This article mentions several names of people inside this administration with Brotherhood connections but leaves out Hillary Clinton's closest adviser, Huma Abedin, who has been proven to have familial ties to the group.

Read it all.

Video: Al Gore Equates Climate Change Skeptics to Racists

Whenever a liar accuses others of lying, you can lay money that those accused of lying are usually telling the truth. In this case, Al Gore is calling man-made climate change deniers liars and racists. All you need to do is take note of who Al Gore points to as being the example he uses to describe racist behavior and attitudes. Somehow, he equates Bull Connor opening fire hoses on blacks in the south in 1960's with those who question man-made global warming. So anyone who was against the civil rights legislation in 1964 was a racist on par with those who don't by Al's climate change garbage.

Not only is the fact that Bull Connor was a Democrat lost on Gore, so apparently, is the fact that his father - Al Gore, Sr. - voted against the civil rights act as a Senator. Yes, Al Sr. was a Democrat too.

Via Breitbart:

Video: TV Reporter Gets into Sewage Washed up on Beach by Hurricane

Ah, the curiosity and common sense of a child. WTTG reporter Tucker Barnes decided to get into an unidentifiable heavy foam that was washing up on the boardwalk in Ocean City, MD for a live news report. As he and two news anchors marveled at what the foam could possibly be, Barnes made reference to it smelling terrible and not tasting very good. Uh, apparently that's because the foam is a mix of raw sewage and toxic bacteria. Video of the news report below.

As a postscript, if you ever find yourself in a situation where a reporter, armed with nothing more than a microphone tells you it's not safe for you to be where he is, just mention the name Tucker Barnes and tell him to leave you alone.

Via New York's Fox affiliate:
MYFOXNY.COM - A local news reporter from Washington, D.C. ended up getting covered in what is probably the remnants of raw sewage as he delivered live hurricane reports from Ocean City, Md.

WTTG-TV reporter Tucker Barnes was providing live updates for stations around the country as a wall of what he described as sea foam poured over him.

Barnes was on the boardwalk as Hurricane Irene hit the coast of Maryland. He noted that he had immersed himself in organic material. That "organic material" was most likely the effects of raw sewage pouring into the water during the storm.

"It doesn't taste great," he said.

He said it had a sandy consistency and added, "I can tell you first-hand, it doesn't smell great." The foam is often a toxic mix of pollution and cyanobacteria.
Don't you just love it when reporters call members of the general public stupid for doing far less than this?

Reporter Gives Update Covered In Sea Foam:

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