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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Maurice Schwenkler is the name of someone arrested for vandalizing Democratic Headquarters in Denver. It's also the name of someone who has done work for SEIU. Now we find out that someone by that name was arrested for unlawful assembly charges at the RNC Convention last year.

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How many bald-faced lies from the left will it take to wake people up? No, really. Has anyone (even you guys sitting this one out or sitting on the fence) stopped to think about why Obamacare proponents so consistently echo the position that this is not about Universal health care, that it's not a trojan horse, or that it's not medicare for everyone?

VERUM SERUM delivers another knockout with their latest find. New York Times columnist and confirmed scumbag (sorry, this is that egregious) openly admits that he wants Universal health care and that the notion of a public option could lead to it, which is why he's so giddy in this video from October, 2007.

The derisive moniker I gave Paul the Slug was not warranted by that video alone because that was how he legitimately felt. Calling someone names because you disagree with them isn't a good idea but doing so when they're exposed as bald-faced liars makes it a little more warranted.

Check out the Slug on a recent appearance with Stephanapolous (August, 2009) saying that the arguments against the government option (that it will lead to universal health care) are "sheer nonsense".

This guy is a sorry excuse for a human being. Go figure. He writes for the New York Times.


It is completely disingenuous for Barack Obama to feign discomfort while deflecting all responsibility for moving forward with prosecuting members of the CIA to Eric Holder. However, let's take him at his word for a minute and contrast Eric Holder's decision to target the CIA while dropping charges against three members of the Black Panthers who had already lost a default judgment.

Back on July 30th, Jerry Seper at the WASHINGTON TIMES reported that the #3 man at Eric Holder's Justice Department ultimately decided to drop the charges against Black Panther members who were caught on tape outside a polling station in Philadelphia this past election day. The charges were dropped despite the prosecutors winning a default judgment. It made no sense.

Eric Holder is heading a justice department that has decided to prosecute members of an Agency whose job it is to protect this nation against threats from our enemies but has dropped charges against a group caught intimidating voters with two men wearing uniforms and sporting a billy club in front of a polling station on election day.

Adding more siginificance to this disgusting disparity is New York Congressman Peter King who sees the attempt to vilify the CIA as an opportunity to question the allegiance of the Holder-led Justice Department. THE POLITICO reported:
A "furious" Rep. Peter King, the hawkish, maverick Long Island Republican, blasted a "disgraceful" Eric Holder for opening an investigation of CIA interrogators and chided his own party for what he described as a weak response to the move in an interview just now with POLITICO.

"It’s bulls***. It’s disgraceful. You wonder which side they’re on," he said of the attorney general's move, which he described as a "declaration of war against the CIA, and against common sense."
You know it's getting bad out there when a U.S. Congressman questions the allegiance of his country's top prosecutor.


Last week it was learned that the FCC's news "Diversity Czar" Mark Lloyd was going to push the idea of financing public radio by doubling the operating expenses of commercial / private broadcasters, thus bankrupting them.

Now it appears that may just be one prong of the strategy. CNSNEWS is reporting that the FCC will actually implement Alinsky-inspired tactics to aid in the effort.
Mark Lloyd, chief diversity officer of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), called for a “confrontational movement” to combat what he claimed was control of the media by international corporations and to re-establish the regulatory power of government through robust public broadcasting and a more powerful FCC.
A top government agency representative is calling for a confrontational movement to bully and intimidate private broadcasters. Not only that but he is not even hiding his affinity for Saul Alinsky:
With Alinsky as the political guide, Lloyd outlines nine “lessons” that people can draw on when trying to combat international businesses.

1. “Organizing people must be a priority. In order to counter effectively the power of major corporations we understood that we had to be able to demonstrate the support of hundreds of thousands of people. As Alinksy wrote: ‘Change comes from power, and power comes from organization. In order to act, people must get together.’”

2. “Understand where people stand on your issue. Once we were clear that we needed to drum up the support of people, we needed to understand what people knew about our issues. As Alinksy wrote, ‘if people feel they don’t have the power to change a bad situation, then they do not think about it.’”

3. “Connect with groups that have already organized the community. Our means of reaching local communities was through existing national organizations. We reached out to groups that had large constituencies and articulated our message by identifying how our goals fit their core interests.”

4. “The strategy must have an inside and an outside game. For media reform, this means we needed to embrace the necessity of operating both in and outside Washington [D.C.].”

5. “Don’t wait for events to unfold on their own. Pressure, pressure, pressure. If we wanted events to work in a direction that would benefit us, we knew we needed to push. We needed to apply pressure and to direct that pressure not at the government, but through the government at our true opposition – the broadcasters. Alinsky again: ‘The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain constant pressure upon the opposition.’”

6. “Communications is a priority. Again drawing from Alinksy, we understood that ‘one can lack any of the qualities of an organizer – with one exception – and still be effective. That exception is the art of communication.’ It is not just a matter of getting media to cover your campaign. That is, undoubtedly, a part of it, but it is also about getting the sort of attention you want, so the public and your opposition see you and your issues the way you want to be seen.”

7. “Research is key. We took not only message and public opinion research seriously, we took seriously our obligation to research the activity of our opposition. Our research entailed not only public opinion polling, but academic papers presenting economic and social analysis, legal research…and grassroots research involving the inspections of dozens of televisions station’s public files.”

8. “Establish a broad base of funding and never stop raising money. Alinksy is right that people are a source of power, but without adequate funds organizing people effectively cannot be accomplished.”

9. “Find allies in power. If civil rights leaders such as King had the Kennedys and Johnson, and the anti-Bork campaign had Ted Kennedy, our main ally was [FCC Chairman] Bill Kennard.”

The solution

To combat the control of international business and restore government to what he sees as its rightful place in managing public communications, Lloyd calls for a “confrontational movement” to protest the present order and organize a political movement that could force government to rein the businesses in.
Obama continues to attack institution after institution in this nation. Now he has someone in Mark Lloyd at the FCC who is going to try to do to private broadcasters what was done to auto dealerships.

They're not even being secretive about their intentions anymore.

"Appeasers are like those who feed alligators, hoping to be eaten last."
- Winston Churchill (the guy whose bust was sent back to Great Britain by Obama)



Fox reporter Griff Jenkins was on hand at a town hall in Virginia on August 25th where Howard Dean spoke. As Dean was leaving, Jenkins questioned him about something he said on August 24th. Here is what Dean said on August 24th: "This Republican Party is determined to undermine President Obama."

On the 25th, Jenkins confronted Dean on those words and Dean proceeded to vehemently deny ever saying them while hurrying out of the building.


The video is over four minutes but if you want to fast forward to the good stuff, go to the 2:18 mark.

CLICK HERE to watch.

Oh, and don't forget to go to the 2:47 mark as Jenkins asks a protester holding a poster with Howard Dean's picture on it what he'd like to tell Dean.



As Rush Limbaugh pointed out today, he was SKEWERED when he predicted months ago that the left would exploit the death of Ted Kennedy to promote Obamacare. Not only was he right but he may have underestimated how vulturous the left (including Nancy Pelosi) would be.

Within hours (not days) of Kennedy's passing, the left went into full exploitation mode. In fact, they launched into it so fast, one is left to conclude that they've had a ravenous appetite for the moment itself.

BREITBART reported that Nancy Pelosi was one of the more prominent and loudest buzzards to squawk when the opportunity to do so finally arose:
"Ted Kennedy?s dream of quality health care for all Americans will be made real this year because of his leadership and his inspiration," Pelosi said in a statement.

"Sadly, Senator Kennedy left us exactly one year after he inspired the nation with his speech of optimism, vitality, and courage at the Convention in Denver," she said.
Shameless buzzards, led by Nancy Pelosi, have already started picking at the political corpse of Ted Kennedy to strengthen their arguments.



I really wonder if it's possible for Chris Matthews to ever snap out of the trance he's in. This guy is literally a caricature of insanity. I'm not sure what reality this guy is living in but calling it, "alternate" would be kind.

In his latest emotional derailment, Matthews said Obama is the last remaining brother of the Kennedys and Ted was the greatest Senator in history?

Chris! Seriously, you've lost it. As for Ted Kennedy's death, I will not deride him personally at this point but I will spend as little time discussing him as possible.

This shameless and misleading coverage of history gives me renewed skepticism when it comes to how accurate the world accounts of history are. We are watching an attempt by the left to completely re-write the history books of this nation. Another reason to continue this fight as our descendants may never know the truth about our nation if people like Matthews has his way.

To be fair, Fox News is doing the inexplicable as well. I was disgusted with their endless coverage of Michael Jackson's memorial service and watching them spend so much time glorifying Ted Kennedy is equally disgusting. As a senator, Ted Kennedy was a severe detriment to this nation. To watch this glorification of him without putting it in its proper context is rather shameful. Mary Jo Kopechne deserves more attention in my view.

Make no mistake. The left will attempt to exploit the death of Ted Kennedy to distract Americans away from the health care debate as long and as forcefully as it possibly can.

Note how at the end of this interview, the female anchor appears to be so touched by Matthews' passionate insanity.



Yet another example why ACORN would change its name to Community Organizations International (COI - pronounced, "COY" when I personally refer to them). Vadum makes a strong case that they are in retreat as their voter registration trial is set to begin.
The testimony will come as soon as next month from former ACORN Las Vegas field director Christopher Edwards. Charged with election fraud by Nevada's Democratic attorney general, he cut a deal last week with prosecutors and has pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy to commit the crime of compensation for registration of voters.
The importance of this trial is in the implications of what a guilty verdict could mean.
If ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) happens to be convicted, it could have its status as a nonprofit corporation revoked in Nevada, which could make it very difficult for the ACORN network to operate in that key battleground state.

Such a conviction would send shock waves through leftist organizing circles across the nation and might embolden more prosecutors to take on ACORN. Until it was charged by Nevada this year, ACORN had boasted about its ability to duck prosecution for election fraud.
So an organization that has been brought in to aid in the 2010 census may be prohibited from operating in Nevada. How would such a conviction impact their involvement in that critically important undertaking when it comes to voting?



Here we go again. The sheer multitude of examples is starting to become laughable. It appears that the left has decided to continue using tactics that differ only in degree with those used by Hitler to start his war with Poland. He killed people on the German side of the border and dressed them in Polish uniforms, claiming they had been attacked.

Now this. A 24-year old male named Maurice Schwenkler (pictured) was apprehended after vandalizing Colorado Democratic Party headquarters to the tune of $11,000 on Tuesday, August 25th. The DENVER POST reported:
State Democratic Party Chairwoman Pat Waak initially blamed the vandalism on animosity surrounding the health care debate, though Denver police declined to comment on possible motives.

"We ought to be having a serious, conscientious debate about what's best for the country," Waak said. "Clearly there's been an effort on the other side to stir up hate. I think this is the consequence of it."
Pat Waak spoke a bit too soon because Schwenkler appears to be an SEIU operative who gets paid to "communicate".
While Schwenkler does not appear in the state's voter registration database, a person by that name in November 2008 received $500 from a political 527 committee called Colorado Citizens Coalition for "communications," according to campaign finance disclosures.
The Colorado Citizens Coalition? Turns out they're a FRONT GROUP FOR SEIU!

PEOPLE'S PRESS COLLECTIVE has much more on this but here are some specifics (excluding the details of what kind of "communication" Schwenkler was supposed to engage in).
SOS ID: 20085621714
Reporting Period: 10/23/2008 - 11/30/2008 Due: 12/04/2008

Date: 11/06/2008
1065 LIPAN
DENVER, CO 80204

Expenditure Type: Electioneering
Original Amount Reported: $0.00
Actual Amount: $500.00
Utterly despicable. Again, while differing in degree only, these are nazi-styled tactics. Anyone ready to admit which side truly consists of the "mobs"?

In November, a black man named Dyron Hart USED FACEBOOK to impersonate a white supremacist and threatened other blacks because Obama was elected.

At a Town Hall earlier this month for Rep. John Dingell (D), a supporter of Dingell who happened to be black, held up a POSTER OF OBAMA with a Hitler moustache.

Then at a Town Hall in Houston for Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D), an Obama delegate and member of Organizing for America PRETENDED TO BE A DOCTOR. On that same day, a SWASTIKA APPEARED outside the office of Atlanta congressman David Scott (D) (gee, I wonder where it came from).

Welcome to the list, Schwenkler.

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