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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


This one comes straight from the Unmitigated Gall department. Yes, after the Baltimore ACORN office fired both Tonja Thompson and Shera Williams for offering their help to James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles, who posed as a pimp and prostitute, they have filed a lawsuit against.......James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles.

Acorn CEO, Bertha Lewis even expressed what in hindsight was fake gratitute toward O'Keefe and Giles. Adding another perplexing dimension is that the lawsuit even cites the distress caused to both Thompson and Williams:
The two employees seen in the video were fired after it was posted online. The lawsuit says the employees, Tonja Thompson and Shera Williams, suffered "extreme emotional distress."
I have a question for Bertha Lewis. Bertha, if you're so concerned about the emotional well-being of Thompson and Williams, then why did you FIRE THEM when they were most emotionally distressed?! Did you think that would make them feel better?

Here is the AP ARTICLE

Of course, Maryland's State Attorney is a lady named PATRICIA JESSAMY, who is a huge Obama supporter. Here is a video of her at a DNC party before last year's election.

We got a hint that O'Keefe might be prosecuted earlier this month when the WASHINGTON EXAMINER reported on Jessamy's past, which included going after Linda Tripp when she exposed Lewinsky-gate.
If any of this sounds vaguely familiar, it should because back in the Clinton days, the Maryland State's Prosecutor prosecuted Linda Tripp for recording Monica Lewinsky's description of her sexual encounter with President Bill Clinton.
Let's also keep in mind (for additional irony) that Jessamy is also a supposed advocate for child abuse victims.
Among the items listed on Jessamy's extensive resume of accomplishments is that she is president of the Baltimore Child Abuse Center. She also lists her prior membership on the Governor's Council on Child Abuse and Neglect from 1995 to 1998!
If Jessamy is so concerned about abused children, why isn't she outraged over the willingness of Thompson and Williams to help a pimp and a prostitute smuggle girls from El Salvador between the ages of 13-15 into this country so they could work out of a brothel?

More at the BIG GOVERNMENT website.


New York Governor David Paterson was asked by Barack Obama not to run for re-election. Here is Paterson's wife hinting that her husband's visual impairment may have played a role in Obama not wanting him to continue to be New York's Governor.

Before you dismiss her (prepare for satire), didn't Obama mock the Special Olympics when he appeared on Jay Leno several months ago?

View more news videos at:

Here's Obama's slap at the Special Olympics. Paterson's wife forgot to mention this one.

h/t to HOT AIR


Czech President Vaclav Klaus has the kind of guts shown by a certain leader of another small country (Roberto Micheletti of Honduras). Not to fall victim to the Group Think perpetrated against clear thinking people, Klaus called out the climate change rhetoric that was in abundance at the U.N.

REUTERS reported Klaus as saying:
"It was sad and it was frustrating," said Klaus, one of the world's most vocal skeptics on the topic of global warming.

"It's a propagandistic exercise where 13-year-old girls from some far-away country perform a pre-rehearsed poem," he said. "It's simply not dignified."
What a shame that other leaders who know he's telling the truth didn't stand with him.

Recently, Glenn Beck started calling for senators and congressmen to come forward as the 56 new "RE-Founding Fathers". So far, I believe he has two. Micheletti and Klaus have the guts and mindset that Beck seems to be looking for. The last two paragraphs of the Reuters article illustrate plainly that Klaus "gets it".
Klaus published a book in 2007 on the worldwide campaign to stop climate change entitled "Blue Planet in Green Chains: What Is Under Threat -- Climate or Freedom?"

In the book, Klaus said global warming has turned into a new religion, an ideology that threatens to undermine freedom and the world's economic and social order.
How many national leaders with more pull and bigger countries know the truth too and are too cowardly to join Klaus.

I think we have the perfect ticket for the 2012 U.S. presidential race.

Micheletti / Klaus 2012!

h/t to DRUDGE


I don't think I've ever in my life seen or heard a chainsaw used as a musical instrument in a Blues song (or any song for that matter) but in this video, it's masterfully done. In fact, it steals the show and even surpasses Will Ferrell's cow bell when he was with Blue Oyster Cult.

For contrast, CLICK HERE for the Cowbell video.

Here is Hannah Giles, the woman who busted ACORN by playing the role of a prostitute.



FCC Diversity Czar Mark Lloyd not only championed the cause of Hugo Chavez in 2007 but in 2005 advocated removing people from their current positions and replacing them with minorities in the name of racial justice.

This audio is from the Conference on Media Reform in 2005. Keep in mind that both Van Jones and Lloyd worked for the Center for American Progress (John Podesta's group) as Senior Fellows (Jones has been re-hired since retiring as Green jobs Czar). One of Van Jones' many audio recordings that surfaced featured him advocating incrementalism because drastic change would not be accepted by the masses.

Lloyd seems to be advocating the same type of incrementalism with Affirmative Action. Instead of viewing Affirmative Action as something no longer needed or causing unintended consequences, Lloyd seeks to put more teeth in it. I mean, what could be more racist?

The most egregious quote from Lloyd may be this one:
"Who is going to step down so someone else can have power?"
Tell you what, Mr. Lloyd. How about YOU step down and we replace you with someone who isn't so concerned about race and ideology?

It's also disgraceful, stereotypical, and racist that Lloyd pretends to know what all white people think when he says,
"There are few things more frightening in the American mind than dark-skinned black men."
In a display of more incrementalism, Lloyd says that the
"Fairness Doctrine is not enough."
Only a "progressive" could say that a retrograde and abolished policy didn't go far enough. Then he says that a policy without teeth cannot be fair.




On September 11th, 2009 the U.S. Census Bureau severed ties with Acorn, who was going to be very involved in the 2010 Census. The jettisoning of Acorn was a direct result of the videos of ACORN employees facilitating the efforts of James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles, who were posing as pimp and prostitute respectively.

So what companies / organizations are going to fill the void? One of the companies currently scheduled to do 2010 census work is Vangent, Inc., based in Arlington, VA. Should we expect them to see an increased workload as a result of the Acorn vacuum? REUTERS reported back in July that Vangent was opening up a call center in Ogden, UT and that they will be hiring approximately 1200 employees in January 2010. They even have a "Click Here to Apply" banner on their home page for anyone interested. According to Vangent Vice President of Communications & Investor Relations Eileen Rivera, there are several requirements a prospective employee must meet.
To be eligible for employment, potential candidates must:

-- Pass a security check that includes fingerprinting

-- Have at least a high school diploma

-- Be legally able to work in the United States (Two-year residency)

-- Be able to read and speak English fluently

-- Sign a sworn statement to protect Census data

-- Pass a skill assessment test for the desired position
Sounds good, right? Maybe, until you look at the experiences of Kathleen Willey, who was hired by Vangent to process Rebate voucher applications in the Cash For Clunkers program, the administration of which was overseen by the Department of Transportation.

What Willey reportedly found in working for Vangent (through a minority owned staffing company named Astyra Corp.) didn't square with the requirements Vangent has listed for anyone hired to help with the census. Working with WORLD NET DAILY, Willey took notes of all that she encountered while at Vangent working on the Cash for Clunkers rebate vouchers. Shocking to be sure but the story within the story may be Vangent working with the Census Bureau in light of what Willey discovered.
"We were not asked for any prior work history," Willey said. "The job description was listed as data entry and called for the ability to type 30 words per minute. There were no job requirements actually listed on the application."

The form requested direct deposit information, signature on a confidentiality agreement and background check, tax information and two forms of identification.

Willey said, "Some people did not have two forms, and I heard one recruiter say, 'We will work with you on that.'"
Having worked in corporate America myself, I'm not unsympathetic to the challenges of hiring a massive amount of temporary employees through an outside agency. It's not at all easy to have a large number of people who don't know your business all show up at once and put them to work without some ramp up time. Effective planning ahead of time is critical and prevents a lot of inefficiency. I cannot speak to the level of planning that took place here but there are some disturbing claims made by Willey.

She asked a woman who interviewed her what she would need to do before beginning her new position.

"When I asked if I needed to take any kind of test, the answer was, 'No,'" Willey said. "She told me to report for work the next day at 4:30 p.m. When I asked if I had to pass a background check before I started, she said, 'No.'"
Eileen Rivera is quoted as disputing Willey's claim.
"That's absolutely not true. Every single temporary employee who was hired went through a background check. If the background check did not clear, then they were released. They were not allowed to work on this program."
Two mutually exclusive and diametrically opposed claims. Calling Joe Wilson. Calling Joe Wilson.

Assuming Willey's account is accurate, this was an ineffeciently run operation at best but even giving all involved the benefit of the doubt, it is another in a long line of glaring examples of why government should not interfere with the private sector and why Cash For Clunkers was such a bad idea. In either case, based on Willey's experiences, it would seem that Vangent should be closely watched in the run-up to the 2010 census to make sure procedures are followed.

As a taxpayer-funded program, all of the people who took paychecks from Vangent / Astyra were paid with my money. As a stakeholder in that operation, I have a right to demand more transparency and accountability with future operations subsidized in similar ways.

Just an idea but perhaps the Department of Transportation and the Census Bureau may want to communicate with each other about their experiences.

Do we need to hire an outside company to coordinate that meeting?



Has the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa become Hotel California for Manuel Zelaya? Perhaps a better comparison might be the roach motel. In any case, he may be second-guessing his decision. It was obviously much easier for him to enter that embasssy than it will be for him to leave.

Yes, he caught Micheletti flat-footed by showing up in Tegucigalpa but now Micheletti knows exactly where Zelaya is and will probably descend on him rather quickly the second he steps off of sovereign Brazilian land.

The AP reported on the events surrounding Zelaya's arrival at the embassy.
Zelaya, forced out of his country at gunpoint June 28, triumphantly popped up in the capital Monday, telling captivated supporters that after three months of international exile and a secretive 15-hour cross-country journey, he was ready to lead again.
Now that it's been more than 24 hours since his arrival, I wonder if Zelaya is having an "uh-oh" moment. It's becoming clear that at best, Zelaya is a narcissist, making everything about him while showing no regard for the consequences of his actions. At worst, he's the would-be tyrant he's suspected of being. Even Hillary Clinton called his actions "reckless" when he crossed into Honduras briefly back in July. Now, as then, Micheletti appears to be the one showing restraint. Zelaya's latest stunt has enflamed tensions as well, shutting down businesses in the city and causing government resources to be focused in one tiny area (the Brazilian embassy).
The entire country was largely shut down, with almost no cars or pedestrians in the streets and few businesses open under a nearly round-the-clock curfew decreed by the interim government that ousted Zelaya in June. It accused Zelaya of sneaking back into the country Monday to create disturbances and disrupt the Nov. 29 election scheduled to pick his successor.
Now we have even further evidence that would indicate that Micheletti's government has shown respect for the rule of law while excercising controlled restraint in dealing with these situations. Despite the brazeness of Zelaya, Micheletti is honoring (for now) the sovereignty of Brazil, even after its government obviously helped exacerbate Micheletti's problems with Zelaya.
Foreign Minister Carlos Lopez said the government would not try to enter the embassy to arrest Zelaya, but he also said Honduras' interim leaders had no intention of yielding on the central point demanded by the international community: the reinstatement of Zelaya to serve out the remaining four months of his term.
Micheletti has continued his hard stance on Zelaya's fate if he returns to Honduras. He will be arrested, charged, and likely sent to prison.
Later in the day, Lopez, the foreign minister, quoted Micheletti as saying that "I will talk to anybody, anywhere, any time, including ex-president Manuel Zelaya." But Lopez said the offer did not include allowing Zelaya to serve out his presidential term or avoid arrest on a Supreme Court warrant charging the ex-leader with treason and abuse of authority.
It will be interesting to see how this all plays out but unless international bodies are willing to forcibly install Manuel Zelaya, thereby showing complete disregard for the Honduran constitution, Zelaya could end up second-guessing his decision to take that piece of cheese perched on the rat trap.

Here is Hillary on July 24th, calling Zelaya "reckless" for crossing the Nicaraguan border into Honduras.

So Hillary, if venturing across the border is "reckless", what do you call sneaking in to the nation's capital under cover of darkness and finding refuge in a foreign country's embassy?

Micheletti continues to hold his ground and show true courage. Keep it up, Roberto!

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