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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Video: Mitt Romney's Achilles Heal Exposed in Debate

The candidate who landed the hardest blow on Mitt Romney was named Rick but his last name wasn't Perry; it was Santorum. By far, the achilles heal of Mitt Romney is ObamneyCare. For some reason, Rick Perry decided to go to the mat with Romney over the latter's hiring of a landscaping company that used illegal aliens, despite the fact that Rick Perry's most powerful ad was a recent one that masterfully highlighted the similarities between Obama and Romney while pointing to the fact that the former Massachusetts governor edited one sentence out of his book that called for government run health care across the United States. This is bad for Romney because his defense of Romneycare has been that he DOESN'T think it's right for the country. That position doesn't square with the sentence in his book that he had taken out and that is his biggest weakness.

In essence, Santorum used the content of Perry's ad and while Perry can be heard in the background of this clip echoing the charge brought up by Santorum, the Texas governor not only blew a big opportunity but he came out looking petulant by going after Romney on the illegal immigration issue.

Here is the exchange where Santorum successfully exposed Romney's biggest weakness. Via The Blaze:

Here is the excellent ad recently released by the Perry campaign that Santorum actually benefited from:

Doug Schoen: The Democrat Canary

Doug Schoen is considered to be a moderate Democrat, although his support for Hillary Clinton might draw the moderate label into question. Nonetheless, he has a stark warning for the Democratic Party and that warning is that it should distance itself from the Occupy Wall Street protests. Additionally, Schoen's people actually did some polling research on the protesters and found that one third of them support violence (are you listening Chris Christie?). If Schoen is right, which I believe he is, Obama's decision to double-down on his Alinsky-inspired ideology is only going to further alienate the wide swath of voters who disagree with OWS. In this regard, Obama is like a child with matches sitting next to the living room curtains.

Via WSJ:
Thus Occupy Wall Street is a group of engaged progressives who are disillusioned with the capitalist system and have a distinct activist orientation. Among the general public, by contrast, 41% of Americans self-identify as conservative, 36% as moderate, and only 21% as liberal. That's why the Obama-Pelosi embrace of the movement could prove catastrophic for their party.

In 1970, aligning too closely with the antiwar movement hurt Democrats in the midterm election, when many middle-class and working-class Americans ended up supporting hawkish candidates who condemned student disruptions. While that 1970 election should have been a sweep against the first-term Nixon administration, it was instead one of only four midterm elections since 1938 when the president's party didn't lose seats.

With the Democratic Party on the defensive throughout the 1970 campaign, liberal Democrats were only able to win on Election Day by distancing themselves from the student protest movement. So Adlai Stevenson III pinned an American flag to his lapel, appointed Chicago Seven prosecutor Thomas Foran chairman of his Citizen's Committee, and emphasized "law and order"—a tactic then employed by Ted Kennedy, who denounced the student protesters as "campus commandos" who must be repudiated, "especially by those who may share their goals."
After his column appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Schoen appeared on Fox Business with Stuart Varney:

h/t Hapblog

Video: Want Proof Chris Christie is Clueless?

I hope Ann Coulter caught this one. Oh, how the mighty New Jersey governor has fallen. It seemed like just yesterday that Glenn Beck was referring to his rants against unions as 'porn.' Since then, Christie has devolved into a moral equivalency pit; his moderate side is on display for everyone to see. The latest example is his equating the Tea Party with the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) crowd. While he's at it, he tries to rise above the fray by saying both parties are at fault in Congress for not working together. The truth is that the Democratic Party is being run by full-fledged Marxists that the Republican Party can only defeat if the Tea Party holds its feet to the fire.

Christie's premise appears to be that both sides are legitimately angry because government is broken but that both sides are demanding different solutions. That's a line of thinking that says it takes two to tango whenever there is conflict. The problem is that it's flat-out wrong and Christie should be ashamed of himself. The Tea Party is sick of freeloaders and wants the government to stop subsidizing that lifestyle while piling on unsustainable amounts of debt; it wants more personal accountability and less government. OWS is made up of freeloaders who want even less personal accountability; they want the government to steal from the private sector and re-distribute the wealth. What Christie says here is the equivalent of saying Capitalists and Communists both have legitimate beefs. It's despicable and I could do an entire post listing adjectives to describe Christie's insane position.

I wonder if politicians like Christie have to convince themselves to believe this garbage to actually sleep at night. This is shameless, via Washington Examiner:

The Tea Party is orderly, non-violent, cleans up after itself, and has demonstrated time and time again to be law-abiding. The poster child for the OWS protesters is a middle-aged man defecating on a police car; the group stinks and has the backing of the Communist Party USA and the American Nazi Party. Here are two anecdotal examples of the difference between the Tea Party and OWS.

At the Occupy Wall Street protest in Seattle, a man was arrested for exposing himself to children at least five times. At the OWS protest in Cleveland, a 19-year-old female claimed she was raped when another protester entered her tent.

I guess in Chris Christie's world, it takes two to tango when there is a rape. In reality, there is a rapist and a rape victim.

h/t Weasel Zippers
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