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Sunday, April 4, 2010


On March 30th, the History Channel aired, "The Real Face of Jesus" which focused on the renowned linen cloth known as the Shroud of Turin. In 1898, it was photographed for the first time and the Italian photographer named Secondo Pia. When he produced a negative of the Shroud, the image became much more clear.

In the 1930's, photography was further advanced and new pictures were taken, making the Shroud look even better. Now we have 3D technology, which was used in the production of this documentary. The researchers did a phenomenal job of pulling the existent three dimensional image from a two dimensional cloth. The experiment not only provided further clarity but allowed the researchers to recreate the face that is seen in the Shroud.

As seen on The History Channel

Via Denny From Space

I also had the opportunity to interview a man named Robert K. Wilcox on March 28th about the Shroud. Wilcox has been researching it for over 30 years and has written a book titled, "The Truth About the Shroud of Turin: Solving the Mystery". He does an excellent job of providing additional insights not seen in the documentary. You can hear that interview by clicking here.


We are truly witnessing the media in America devolving to levels it has never ever come close to reaching in the past. Just when you think they've doubled down for the last time, they do it again. This time, courtesy of the New York Times, Tea Party protesters are being compared with the Weathermen by placing photos of each side by side.

Not only that, but there was obviously a conscious attempt to find a Tea Party protester making the same gestures that Bill Ayers was making in the photo that includes him (2nd from right). This actually has so many convoluted levels to it, those who make these comparisons should be checking into an institution soon unless they wake up.

Think of how Bill Ayers must feel! He's being compared with Tea Partiers. Perish the thought. Ayers is on record as saying that he not only doesn't regret setting bombs and that his group didn't do enough. To think that he's being compared to a group that hasn't even come close to his emotional investment when it came to confronting the government. Ayers used bombs. Tea Partiers are using the Constitution.

In likely the most egregious paragraph in this piece of dreck in the New York Times, by Benedict Carey - what a first name, huh - he also attempts to tie a Muslim terrorist / domestic enemy that infiltrated the U.S. Army as well as the communist sympathizing whack job Joe Stack, who slammed his plane into an Austin, TX IRS building as being motivated by the kind of "rhetoric" heard on talk radio.
Most experts agree that such rhetoric probably raises the remote risk of lone-wolf violence — acts of individual terrorism like the shooting at Fort Hood last November, or the attack last month in Austin, Tex., in which a man flew his plane into the building housing an Internal Revenue Service office, killing himself and an office worker.
If Carey wants to tie talk radio to those two, he might want to point to Islamic talk radio and Liberal talk radio as the culprits.

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