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Friday, April 22, 2011

Wisconsin Liberal Loses Election by 7000 Votes, wants Recount

The following example provides the perfect microcosm for what's wrong with liberalism. The recent election for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice shows incumbent Republican David Prosser up by more than 7,000 votes. Liberal challenger Joanne Kloppenburg wants a recount. As a percentage of the overall vote, Kloppenburg lost by .5% but the number is still significant. The day after the April 5th election, Kloppenburg declared victory, which is a key aspect to the video below. Then, several thousand votes were found not to have been counted. Yes, they benefited Prosser but when such things happen to the Democrats, votes aren't found to not have been counted; they're just 'found.'

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is giving Kloppenburg the official eye-roll and reporting that the recount she's demanding is unnecessarily costly at a time when costs are a big concern everywhere:
JoAnne Kloppenburg certainly had the right to ask for a statewide recount on Wednesday.

But we had hoped that she wouldn't - and the state would be better off if she hadn't.

We understand the motivation. The final county-by-county canvassing of the state Supreme Court election revealed that Justice David Prosser won a narrow victory, a reflection of how polarizing the new governor and his policies have become. The heat generated by the controversy over those policies most likely spurred the significant turnout for a spring nonpartisan election and a 7,316-vote win for Prosser - less than 0.5% of the 1.5 million votes cast.

That's slim, but it's not likely that a statewide recount will change the outcome. Were it a margin in the hundreds of votes, perhaps, but Kloppenburg has to recognize that it's not.
Here is video of Kloppenburg announcing her intention to carry forward with the recount. The best part of this video - hands down - occurs at around the 1:40 mark when a reporter asks her if she still thinks she won the election. The ensuing pause was so long, you could have played the entire Jeopardy song - twice!


h/t Hot Air

Video: Col. Allen West Explains why Obama a 'Low Level Socialist Agitator'

This is the guy - not Donald Trump - who should be skyrocketing in the polls. Trump has given any presidential hopeful the roadmap for defeating Obama; going on offense and fighting. So far, the reason there is no real frontrunner for the Republican nomination is because no one has really chosen that path, Rep. Col. Allen West. Among the things he has called Obama is a 'low level socialist agitator' who exhibits 'third world dictator-like arrogance.' West was on Greta to explain or back away from those comments. He dug in while choosing to do the former.

Some may say that Lt. Col. West doesn't have the experience to be president; he just got elected to congress for the first time this past November. That position requires an arrogance that diminishes military experience, of which he has plenty. One of the titles the president carries is Commander in Chief. West is far more experienced in that regard than is Obama.

h/t Weasel Zippers

Videos: Andrew Breitbart Smacks Down MSNBC Interviewer

Andrew Breitbart appeared on MSNBC for an interview with Martin Bashir to promote his new book, Righteous Indignation: Excuse me while I save the world. If anyone on the right needs a case study on how to deal with Alinsky smear tactics, just watch this video because Bashir lays it on thick. At one point he holds up a picture of Obama's face on a chimpanzee and asks Breitbart what he thinks of it. It was truly the visual equivalent of the notorious question, 'When did you stop beating your wife?' It was truly pathetic on the part of Bashir but Breitbart turns the tables on him and wins hands down.

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After that interview, Breitbart appeared on Steve Malzberg's radio show and challenged Bashir to prove that he actually read Breitbart's book - like he said he did during the interview. Breitbart threw down $10,000 to sweeten the pot.

Via Breitbart TV

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