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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Keith Davies is the Executive Director of the Shoebat Foundation. Walid Shoebat is a former Islamic terrorist who converted to Christianity after his Catholic wife challenged him to read the Bible in 1993.

Davies has published an open letter to Charles Krauthammer in response to Krauthammer's take on the rise of Geert Wilders during the March 8th installment of Special Report on Fox News.. It should be readily apparent that the Shoebat Foundation adamantly disagrees with the Washington Post columnist.
March 9th, 2010

Dear Mr Krauthammer,

I usually agree with and highly respect your views and opinions on most matters but on the Islam issue you are DEAD WRONG. This is where I am very well informed and as a result, have obtained a certain level of expertise.

I run an organization that deals exclusively with former Muslims, all apostates from Islam. Some have become Christians while others are secular with beliefs now ranging from atheist to agnostic. Geographically they come from Pakistan, The Middle East and the United States.

Every single one of them - there are dozens - holds a view contrary to yours, maintaining that perverted or extreme interpretations of Islam are not the problem. Islamism and moderate Islam are one in the same; there is no difference. While it is true that many Muslims do not commit violence in the USA, the information provided by the former Muslims I work with is that the vast majority of Muslims would sympathize with the terrorists' goals. The simplest analogy is that most Americans support our troops with only a minority of Americans actually serving in the military.

This is the simplest way to compare the situation. Yes, many Muslims condemn terror publicly. However, when speaking in their mother tongue of Arabic they sing a different tune; we can cite numerous examples.

Ask yourself why Fox News and all of the other networks rarely interview apostates from Islam or former Muslims. The reason is that no ex-Muslim will give the view that you gave on the Fox News panel yesterday when commenting on Geert Wilders. It is easy to label Mr. Wilders - who has a Judeo Christian background - a "demagogue", as Bill Kristol did. It's not so easy to do when the source of those claims is a former Muslim using similar debasing terms. Wilders is 100% correct about Islam and any former Muslim would hold a similar view. It would be difficult for a political commentator such as yourself to refute such a person while maintaining greater credibility than that kind of expert.

The politically correct view we got from you and the others on the panel is dangerous for America and more dangerous than any healthcare bill that would ever pass.

If you did not see the interview on Sean Hannity last week with the Son of Hamas, please check it out here. This should also dispel the myth of "moderate Islam" which is a "Western media invention" (actually a direct quote from a Muslim on an interview on Irish TV that included Walid Shoebat, pictured). On our website we have placed evidence from Muslims, former Muslims and experts that proves beyond a
shadow of a doubt that Islam is not a peaceful religion. Please check out especially this PJTV interview. It is with a former analyst from the Pentagon who was commissioned to do a report on "moderate Islam" by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It is shocking and disturbing; I implore you to watch it (14 minutes long).

Islam has only had a secular mode and "non-violent" strain from 1920 (fall of the Ottoman Empire) until 1979(fall of the Shah). If you study Islam's 1400 year history, it has always spread by the sword. You just happen to live in the period just after the Turkish Caliphate defeat, but you are witnessing the new rise of Islam which is also clearly described in the Bible. If you study the ideology of Islam closely, the evidence itself is based both on the writings of all recognized Islamic scholars in their religious jurisprudence; it is based on the testimonies of countless former Muslims who are, for the most part, excluded from the discourse in the media out of political correctness. These things prove that Islam itself is not peaceful and that Muslims who are peaceful are that way despite the religion and not because of it.

When Nazis took over Germany they were initially a small minority but it did not stop them from taking over because good people were silent, did little, or did nothing.

Even if "Islamism" - as you describe it - is the problem, the dangerous minority can still take over the majority and it is irrelevant whether moderate Islam exists or not; if the Islamists take control, the moderates would be subjugated in a way not dissimilar to what happened in Germany before the war.

An American-born former Muslim once said to me, "When I was a Muslim I attended about 20 mosques here in America. I can say that every single one of them preached the hatred of Jews, Americans and Israel. Americans are being deceived by their media, their leaders and political commentators; political correctness is literally going to kill millions of you." - Zak Izzat a former Muslim born Detroit in the USA.

I rest my case. Please stop the political correctness. If you do not wish to speak the truth on Islam, please don't lower yourself to the level of apologizing for it. Help give voice to people who can tell the truth while not being labeled as "bigots" or "demagogues". They speak out at risk to their own lives so that you, Mr. Krauthammer can continue to speak in a free press, because all Islamic organizations in America are front groups for terrorists and their objective is to subjugate us all under Sharia law. If they are successful, they would not only silence you but kill you too because you are a Jew just as I am.

Yours respectfully

Keith Davies
Executive Director Walid Shoebat Foundation

More at Shoebat


Last week, Dutch politician Geert Wilders won big in Municipal elections in both Almere and The Hague. It could be foreshadowing big wins for his party in June. His rise has many speculating that he may become the Netherlands' next Prime Minister. For more information on that story, click here. This happened to be a story that Fox News couldn't ignore, including Glenn Beck.

However, during one of his teaching sessions - which are normally very good - Beck had a chalkboard drawing of railroad tracks he used to illustrate a metaphor about staying on the right track. An additional layer of irony is provided with those tracks in the background as Beck implied that Wilders' rise in the Netherlands is a sign that Europe is moving toward Fascism. Translation: Geert Wilders is a fascist.

Video via Jihad Watch. Be sure to read the comments under that post at JW. Posters are not too happy about Beck. It should be obvious after reading them that it is Beck whom they view as having gotten off track. More at Atlas Shrugs as well.

As if Beck's misguided - and dangerous - analysis wasn't enough, the show that follows his is Special Report whose All-Star Panel on March 8th included Charles Krauthammer, Bill Kristol, and A.B. Stoddard. When the subject of Geert Wilders came up, Krauthammer and Kristol - two supposed champions of the conservative right - utterly whiffed. It was embarrassing. A.B. Stoddard - a regular to the show with moderate, to left views - held a view not all that surprising. Based on her track record, at least she was consistent .

Via David Swindle at NewsReal. Jim Angle questioned Charles Krauthammer, Bill Kristol, and A.B. Stoddard. Krauthammer said that Wilders was wrong about Islam — that the Dutch politician did not see a difference between Islam and Islamism. *Rolls eyes.* So those who follow “Islam” ignore passages of the Koran and those who follow “Islamism” actually do what the book tells them to do? Is that right, Charles? Just want to make sure I’m up to speed on the preferred Orwellianisms on the Politically Correct Right.

Stoddard’s comments — she said that Wilders saw no difference between terrorist Muslims and non-violent Muslims — indicate that it’s likely that her first exposure to Wilders was the segment. And Kristol? He dismissed Wilders as a “demagogue.”
So why are these known conservatives doing a 180 when it comes to matters of Islam? Diana West has done some incredibly thorough work, pointing out in the past that the second largest shareholder of Fox parent company, NewsCorp is none other than Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. Talal has influenced Fox programming in the past by picking up the phone and calling Rupert Murdoch.

Diana West also provides her reaction to Beck, Krauthammer, and Kristol with respect to the Geert Wilders story:
Fact is, this anti-Geert pundit solidarity will only delight Newscorp stakeholder Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. That's because it is Wilders in the Netherlands who stands as the unexpectedly strong spearhead of resistance to the Islamization of Europe and the wider West. As a scion of the most powerful sharia dictatorship in the world, Prince Talal doesn't like that. How fortunate for him that Fox News doesn't like it, either.
It would seem to me that for all the good Beck has done, he should dig deeper on this subject before spouting off about fascism. He's either ignorant or not following his own advice about speaking without fear and holding to the truth.

Email for Special Report is


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