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Friday, January 15, 2010


The political climate that has caught fire across America is not lost on Texas. In particular, the gubernatorial race, where a candidate once thought to have no shot is gaining serious momentum. The Republican party debate in Denton, TX was between incumbent Rick Perry, U.S. senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, and the little known Debra Medina.

Medina won. Neither Perry nor Hutchison appeared to be able to answer questions directly and were both unfamiliar with a law that Medina had no trouble referring to.

Hutchison was laughed at by the audience when she couldn't answer the question about whether she supports Roe v. Wade.

Click HERE to watch the debate.

Here is more on the DEBATE.


Awesome video for rallying support for Scott Brown next Tuesday. Music is very good too. Provides an excellent American history lesson while stoking the same passions that caused our founders to stand up to tyranny.

This one is a must-see.

h/t to HAP


Chuck Schumer was present at the ACORN birthday party a few months back, he called a flight attendant a "bi***" when she asked him to turn off his taxpayer-funded blackberry, and now he is calling the Republican senatorial candidate in the Massachusetts senate race a "Tea-bagger".

FOX News reports:
New York Sen. Charles Schumer, who famously hammered then-Sen. Alfonse D'Amato for calling him a "putz-head" in their hot 1998 campaign, was accused Thursday of stepping into the gutter himself after he sent out a fundraising e-mail in which he called Massachusetts Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown a "far-right tea-bagger."

The two-term Democrat, in accusing Brown of being aligned with the conservative "tea party" movement, used a term that every tea party critic knows refers to a sexual act.

"Chuck has a way of saying things that I don't think he really understands or means, and it's unfortunate," Brown told Fox News Thursday when asked about the e-mail. "I'm not into name-calling. ... so shame on Chuck."
Here is the money quote from Schumer's email:
"Martha Coakley is running to fill the rest of Ted Kennedy's term, and her opponent is a far-right tea-bagger Republican."
Wouldn't you like to know why the homosexual community isn't offended by Schumer's comments?


Democrat Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska was the last vote needed for Obamacare to pass in the Senate before Christmas. He caved not to his constituents but to Obama and Reid (one of the reasons I reject the notion that politicians' first priority is getting elected - obviously not the case with Nelson).

POLITICO is reporting that Nelson is being heckled at home while eating in public.
Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson and his wife were leaving dinner at a new pizza joint near their home in Omaha one night last week when a patron began complaining about Nelson’s decisive vote in favor of the Senate’s health care bill.

Other customers started booing. A woman yelled, “Get him the hell out of here!” And the Nelsons and their dining companions beat a hasty retreat.

“It was definitely a scene in there,” said Tom Lewis, a 41-year-old dentist and registered Republican who witnessed the incident. A second witness confirmed the incident to POLITICO.
Sounds mean, huh? At least they didn't shove Nelson to the ground.

Nelson obviously feared Obama and Reid more than he did those constituents. Maybe he thought the deal he got for Nebraska would appease both sides. If so, he has miscalculated, apparently.

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