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Friday, October 2, 2009


Nothing quite like witnessing sheer disbelief in real time. This is absolutely priceless. The 2016 Chicago Olympics was supposed to be a foregone conclusion. The one-two punch of Michelle and Oprah in Copenhagen to seal the deal.

It was a NO LOSE situation!

Uh, not so much. The reaction of this anchor to the news reminded me of Shooter McGavin's reaction when Happy Gilmore won the gold jacket.

h/t to HOT AIR


In light of everything that's happened since Honduran president Manuel Zelaya was removed from office on June 28th, it's really not surprising that John Kerry (D-MA) is trying to prevent Jim DeMint (R-SC) from traveling to Honduras.

The WASHINGTON POST reports that:
A simmering feud over U.S. policy toward Latin America burst into the open Thursday when Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) tried to prevent a fact-finding trip to Honduras by a Republican senator who is blocking two important diplomatic appointments.

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) denounced Kerry's move on the Senate floor and sought the intervention of the minority leader, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). The Republican leader appealed to the Defense Department to provide an aircraft for DeMint's trip and the Pentagon agreed to do so, according to the South Carolina senator's office.

"These bullying tactics by the Obama administration and Senator Kerry must stop, and we must be allowed to get to the truth in Honduras," DeMint said in a statement. His spokesman, Wesley Denton, called Kerry's action "unprecedented."
The Obama administration's stance that Zelaya was illegally removed is becoming an increasingly embarassing one.

I find it interesting that the oh, so idealistic and holier-than-thou liberal John Kerry, who invoked the name Genghis Kahn upon his return from Vietnam is on the side of a policy that is calling for the reinstatement of a would-be tyrannical dictator. A man who appears to be an anti-semite in addition to being best buds with Hugo Chavez, who is more than a little cozy with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.


Yesterday, I blogged about an article in Portuguese that made some disturbing claims about where the ousted president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya stands on what Hitler did in the Holocaust. Information was somewhat vague because I had to rely on translations.

Here is some additional context from the CANADA FREE PRESS. Turns out the guy who needs to be looked at is someone identified as one of Zelaya's chief propagandists who leads Honduras' Radio Globo. His name is David Romero Ellner and by all accounts, he is a bad guy. His daughter allegedly accused him of molesting her for many years, starting when she was 10.

Radio Globo is also one of the media entities the Mainstream Media has attempted to portray as being singled out and bullied by the interim Honduran government, led by Roberto Micheletti, who continues to be vindicated on a nearly daily basis, simply by holding his ground and sticking to his guns. CFP reports:
David Romero Ellner and Radio Globo are significant because the media aims to make them into the newest martyrs of the Honduran government’s “crackdown” on civil rights. Reuters and other media outlets are already carrying touching narratives of the police raid on Radio Globo and David Romero Ellner continuing to carry on broadcasting over the web.
Your leftwing media at work.

It appears though that Ellner took some liberties with Zelaya's claims that Jewish mercenaries were poisoning him with radiation while he is holed up in the Brazliain embassy in Honduras. Here is what Ellner is quoted as saying on Radio Globo after Zelaya's comments.
“There are times when I ask myself if Hitler was or not correct in finishing with that race with the famous Holocaust. If there are people that do damage in this country, they are Jewish, the Israelis. I want to name, this afternoon here in Radio Globo, by name and last name, who are the two officers of the Jewish army who are working with the Armed Forces of our country and who are in charge of carrying out all these conspiracy activities and undercover actions and everything else that is happening to the President of the Republic.

“After what I have learned, I ask myself why, why didn’t we let Hitler carry out his historic mission. Forgive me for the grotesque expression. But I ask myself after I have realized this and many other things. I believe it should have been fair and valid to let Hitler finish his historic vision…
There is definitely a Marxist resurgence taking place in Latin America and thanks to Micheletti, we are seeing what is behind its mask. Zelaya is obviously an anti-semitic marxist who has the support of Hugo Chavez and Chavez has been getting quite cozy with another anti-semitic Islamist named Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The Obama administration continues to support reinstating Zelaya, even after the latter continues to be exposed for a would-be tyrannical and now an anti-semitic dictator whose lead propagandist champions the cause of Hitler.

Two very disturbing realities about Barack Obama. He is showing either a weakness or unwillingness to confront Iran. He is supporting anti-semitic Marxists in our southern hemisphere.

And, oh yeah, starting at the age of 9, he was mentored by a radical member of the Communist Party USA, FRANK MARSHALL DAVIS.

Relationships do indeed matter.

Here is my EARLIER POST on this.
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