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Saturday, November 14, 2009


So exactly why is Barack Obama asking Congress to refrain from doing its job of investigating breakdowns in investigations? That one has me a little puzzled, especially in light of the unquestionable attempt by the executive branch to push the envelope of executive branch power.

The APreported:
President Barack Obama on Saturday urged Congress to hold off on any investigation of the Fort Hood rampage until federal law enforcement and military authorities have completed their probes into the shootings at the Texas Army post, which left 13 people dead.
Probes into the shootings? Hasn't it pretty well been established that Nidal Malik Hasan was a domestic enemy fighting for the cause of Allah? When exactly should congress be brought into Obama's world?

Ed Morrissey over at HOT AIR makes a tremendous point:
we have to make sure that we don’t have other Hasans waiting in the wings, and we have to fix the failures in our counterterrorism efforts that allowed this to happen. That can’t wait until after Hasan’s trial, which could take months. Furthermore, that oversight authority belongs to Congress, not the FBI or the CIA or even the executive branch. Congress has to investigate the series of decisions made that shrugged off Hasan as no threat even though he made a number of contacts to a figure considered a suspect in the 9/11 plot and who openly recruits for al-Qaeda, behaved so oddly that his colleagues considered him “delusional” and complained up the chain of command about his apparent disloyalty, and who may have sent a lot of his money to Pakistan, according to reports from the House Intelligence Committee.
So the question becomes, why is Obama so worried about Congress' involvement in the details of the Fort Hood massacre and the deeper investigation into the shooting when all he should be worried about is how the actual shooting was handled by agencies under his purview?

Representative Pete Hoekstra has already EXPRESSED CONCERN over the White House's refusal to relinquish information relative to a congressional investigation into Hasan and any groups or people he may be tied to.

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