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Saturday, February 12, 2011

George W. Bush 'Heartened' by Mubarak Stepping Down

George W. Bush's legacy seems to be becoming more enigmatic in the light of history. He supported the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza and the subsequent elections there that ushered Hamas into power. Later, Hamas would seize complete power through force. In the case of Iraq, we deposed a secular nationalist tyrant in Saddam Hussein and proceeded to write Sharia law into the new Iraqi Constitution. Ditto in Afghanistan. Now, after Mubarak has been deposed, Bush is apparently happy about the power vacuum likely to be filled by the Muslim Brotherhood at some point.

DALLAS -- George W. Bush’s spokesman said the former president reacted positively to news of the departure of Hosni Mubarak after three decades of rule in Egypt.

David Sherzer said in an e-mail to The Associated Press that Bush "is heartened by tonight’s events and congratulates the people of Egypt for taking an important and impressive first step toward freedom."
And of course, here is Bush standing with CAIR (Muslim Brotherhood) at a Sunni mosque just days after September 11th.

Iranian Warships Visit Saudi Port

What a coincidence! As the Mubarak regime falls, an Iranian flotilla pays a visit to the Saudi Arabian port of Jeddah. I'm sure the two events have nothing to do with each other. Warships visit a Saudi Arabian port at the same time Saudi ally Mubarak cedes power to the Muslim Brotherhood. Ahmadinejad is all too willing to ally with the Muslim Brotherhood in light of his hatred for Saudi Arabia. With Mubarak gone, Iran can flex a bit more muscle in the Red Sea.

The Iranian Student News Agency Reported:
TEHRAN (ISNA)-Iranian peace and friendship flotilla have reached Jeddah port to continues navigation activities.

"Islamic Republic of Iran's navy flotilla arrived in Jeddah port on Sunday to continue mighty presence in high seas with the aim of fostering amicable relations and sending message of peace and friendship to regional countries," said Iranian naval force commander Habibollah Sayyari.

The flotilla involve Islamic Republic of Iran's Khark warship and Alvand destroyer.
This would also explain Saudi King Abdullah's phone call to Barack Obama, ordering him not to 'humiliate' Mubarak. Via Gateway Pundit, which posted from UK Times:
Saudi Arabia has threatened to prop up President Mubarak if the White House tries to force a swift change of regime in Egypt. In a testy personal telephone call on January 29, King Abdullah told President Obama not to humiliate Mr Mubarak and warned that he would step in to bankroll Egypt if the US withdrew its aid programme, worth $1.5 billion annually. America’s closest ally in the Gulf made clear that the Egyptian President must be allowed to stay on to oversee the transition towards peaceful democracy and then leave with dignity. “Mubarak and King Abdullah are not just allies, they are close friends, and the King is not about to see his friend cast aside and humiliated,” a senior source in the Saudi capital told The Times.
Let's not also forget that Wikileaks revealed that Saudi Arabia is tremendously fearful of Iran and has pleaded with the United States to take out their nuclear capabilities.

h/t Hot Air

Video: Next Senator from Texas - Bald, Bow Ties, and Cowboy Boots

Love this guy. Michael Williams has served as Texas Railroad Commissioner and he's a Tea Party favorite. If you live in Texas, though, be careful when voting for him. You'll put the far left wackos in another paradoxical position. Michael Williams is black and wouldn't fit their 'Republicans are racist' narrative. Williams is running for the seat currently held by Kay Bailey Hutchison, who is not seeking reelection. Hot Air's Ed Morrissey interviewed Williams at CPAC.

Much is being made about how the Democrats have far more seats open in 2012 than do Republicans but this would be an added bonus as Williams is far more conservative than RINO Kay Bailey.

Via Hot Air

Eric Holder on the Wrong Side Again

Humberto Fontova's latest over at Big Peace highlights yet another in a long line of examples of why Eric Holder is very much the wrong man for the job of Attorney General. It involves Cuba and the torturing of American POW's in Vietnam. According to Fontova, the North Vietnamese enlisted the help of Castro's men to tutor them on how best to torture American soldiers. One of the top officials at that time was Lt. Col. Roberto-Caballero.

Via Big Peace:
This week the U.S. Dept. of Justice, at U.S. taxpayer expense, transported a Lt. Col. of Fidel Castro’s KGB-trained secret police named Roberto Hernandez-Caballero to a U.S. courtroom.
A little later in the article....
Hernandez-Caballero…. was not transported to a U.S. courtroom this week to defend himself against charges of being an official of a regime that murdered more political prisoners in its first three years in power than Hitler murdered in his first six, jailed political prisoners at a higher rate than Stalin, has sponsored terrorism for half a century, came closest to nuking the United States, and gratuitously tortured American POW’s.

Instead Mr. Hernandez-Caballero is here to to testify against Luis Posada Carriles, and thus try to help the U.S. convict a one-time military colleague of the Americans tortured to death by his colleague’s in North Vietnam. Fidel Castro considers Luis Posada Carriles his number one enemy in the world. Posada volunteered for the Bay of Pigs invasion, and later joined the U.S. army emerging as a 2nd Lieutenant. After retiring from the U.S. Army he worked for the CIA putting out Soviet-started fires throughout Latin America. Among other projects, Posada helped the Reagan team squash Communism in Nicaragua by helping arms and train the Nicaraguan Contras. A few years later in Guatemala a Castro appointed death-squad ambushed Posada, riddled him with bullets and left him crippled.
Fontova lays it all out and even gives the name of one U.S. POW who suffered tremendous torture at the hands of Castro's thugs during 'the Cuba Project' in Vietnam. Yet, Holder is enlisting the help of one of these thugs to help take down an ally of the United States during the Cold War, notwithstanding the fact that Posada is definitely not pure as the wind-driven snow.

Read it all.
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