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Sunday, March 7, 2010


Perhaps one of the reasons George Will so completely and utterly punks Robert Reich is because Reich's true beliefs were revealed back in October, 2009. Yes, the liberal media has been caught lying when it comes to labeling Democrat nut jobs as "right wing extremists" but Robert Reich was caught lying about why he supports government-run health care quite some time ago.

Here's the transcript from the portion of the exchange in which Will punks Reich, likely made easier by the fact that the latter is lying about his intentions, which makes it more difficult to defend his position:
ROBERT REICH, AMERICAN PROSPECT: The health insurers are not, George, you said they're popular and everybody likes their health insurer. They like their doctor. They hate their health insurer. And health insurance is going up in terms of rates 20, 30, 40, 50 percent in many states. In fact, Goldman Sachs just this past week has said to its many of its investors, "Invest in some insurance companies because they don't have competition, and they have, are exhibiting huge profits." That is money directly out of the pockets of Americans.

GEORGE WILL, ABC: A, you say they have huge profits. As you know, confiscate all the profits of all the health insurance companies, with those profits you could finance our healthcare for 48 hours. What you do for the next 363 days I don't know. Second, you say there's not enough competition? Fine, let them compete in a national market across state lines.

REICH: Yes, let them compete across state lines, fine. But not a race to the bottom. Set minimum federal standards because we've seen over and over again that the recipients of health insurance don't know what they are buying very often. Until there are common standards, minimal standards, then people are going to be taken. And that is what's happened over and over again.

WILL: There you have the premise of this legislation and the core of today's liberalism: the American people are such dopes they can't be counted upon to buy their own insurance.
I still haven't seem him have to answer for this despicable speech to Berkeley students on Sept. 26th, 2007. This proves beyond all doubt that Reich is advocating Obamacare through deception.

Reich in 2007, telling an audience of young liberal Berkely students what a candidate running for president WOULD say if he could be honest about his / her intentions when it comes to government-run health care. Take note of what the young, intellectually "superior" Berkeley college students cheer for. They cheer for the death of their parents, paying more for health care, and actually dying earlier themselves as a result of government-run health care.

Robert Reich is a LIAR.

h/t to NewsBusters


Identifying what the mainstream - liberal - media is doing with respect to John Patrick Bedell, the now deceased whack job who shot two police officers at one of the entrances to the Pentagon, is beyond despicable. In fact, it's so despicable there may not even be a word for it. In any case, tying the actions of a nutcase like Bedell to the Tea Party movement or conservatives is bad enough but doing so despite the fact that Bedell was a registered Democrat is just plain evil.

Yes, the liberal media seems to be chomping at the bit to deem Bedell a "Tea-bagger" to the point that some outlets - Christian Science Monitor and ABC's GMA - are apparently now willing to lie in order to create that reality. Michelle Malkin has more on Bedell, the Democrat Right Wing Extremist.

The Christian Science Monitor reported:
John Patrick Bedell, whom authorities identified as the gunman in the Pentagon shooting on Thursday, appears to have been a right-wing extremist with virulent antigovernment feelings.

If so, that would make the Pentagon shooting the second violent extremist attack on a federal building within the past month. On Feb. 18, Joseph Stack flew a small aircraft into an IRS building in Austin, Texas. Mr. Stack left behind a disjointed screed in which, among other things, he expressed his hatred of the government.
Not only does CSM do all it can to tie Bedell, a Bush-hating, 9/11 Truther Democrat to the Tea Party movement but just for good measure, they throw Joseph Stack into the mix as well. Stack was also a Bush-hater whose writings indicated he rejected capitalism and embraced communism.

Yet, the MSM wants to create an entirely different reality by registering both Stack and Bedell as dead registered Tea Party members.

It doesn't end there. Good Morning America had a segment this week in which interviewer Bill Weir used Janet Napolitano's DHS Right Wing Extremism Report as a prop, holding it up for viewers while asking former FBI agent Brad Garrett about the Pentagon shooting and the dangers of Right Wing Extremists like Bedell, a registered Democrat.

h/t to NewsBusters for the video
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