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Saturday, January 30, 2010


**ALERT** OBJECTIVITY SIGHTING AT CBS NEWS. Considering the source - CBS' Katie Couric with reporter Jan Crawford - this one is a bit of a shock. CBS appears to be dipping its toe in the water of Lake 'It's OK to criticize Obama', coming down on the side of facts that are unkind to him in this case. Katie plays the role of the passive, unemotional, and objective anchor while Crawford actually states that Obama "overstated" his claim.

I also must make a slight correction. When I originally posted about Alito's reaction to what Obama said about the SCOTUS ruling, I read Alito's lips wrong, saying that he said, "Definitely not true" but after watching this report - another h/t to CBS for enhancing the video of Alito - it's clear he said, "Simply not true".

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It should be pretty obvious that Lindsey Graham isn't running for re-election until 2014. Even he wouldn't be this dumb if his seat came open this year. There's no way he'd win the primary. Having said that, this RINO is willfully pushing an agenda he KNOWS his constituents don't want.

Even after Climategate - the climate change fraud is being exposed for what it is almost daily and at breakneck speed - and the Osama bin Laden tape, which shows that Lindsey's stance on Cap & Trade mirrors that of America's public enemy #1. Lindsey's reason for wanting to push America closer to brink?

Well, congress needs a win. Courtesy of the National Journal:
Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said today that skeptical Republicans and Democrats should throw their support behind climate change legislation not only because it's good for the economy and the environment, but because Congress desperately needs a win under its belt.

"We tried immigration. It's hard. And we failed. We tried Social Security. It's hard. And we failed. We tried health care. It's really hard. And it looks like we're going to have to start over again," Graham somberly told a luncheon audience of energy and climate advocates on the Hill. "On the energy, climate change front, I don't want to add that to the list. There is no reason in my mind that the Republican Party and the Democratic Party can't come together."
Let's illustrate that logic using a football metaphor (it is Super Bowl time). That would be like Team A getting shut out by Team B and because it so desperately wants to put points on the board, Team A intentionally fumbles in its own end zone and stands back to allow Team B to fall on the ball.

Oh, and not only is Lindsey on the same page with Osama in this area, he's also aligning with John Kerry and Climate czar, Carol Browner. Not only that but Graham and John McCain are practically two peas in a pod when it comes to what legislation they're for. If Graham believes this, odds are good that McCain does too, but he won't say it. Why?

Because McCain IS up for re-election this year and he's going to wait until at least after the primary. In fact, if it weren't for the formidable challenger, J.D. Hayworth in the Arizona primary, McCain might even be willing to outwardly express support for Graham right now. My guess is he won't come close to this issue until / if Hayworth is in his rearview mirror. If Hayworth is smart, he will use Cap & Trade - including this recent news about Graham - against McCain between now and the primary vote. Have I mentioned that Sarah Palin is stumping for McCain against conservative Republican J.D. Hayworth?

Shame on Sarah - BIG TIME.

It's pretty safe to say if you want to know what either McCain or Graham is thinking, look at what the other one is DOING. It's quite possible that the political winds will have shifted so significantly by 2014 that Graham may not have to worry. McCain, on the other hand, should be VERY worried this year.

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