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Thursday, July 1, 2010


This one is a must-see. Megyn Kelly at Fox News interviewed former Department of Justice Attorney J. Christian Adams about why he resigned. He says he did so because he was disgusted with the level of corruption surrounding the decision to drop the case against the Black Panthers for voter intimidation at a Philadelphia polling station on election day, 2008. Among the shocking claims by Adams, he says there are other attorneys within the department who know this is a gross miscarriage of Justice.

He also lets viewers know about the circumstances surrounding the moment he decided that he had to resign. It had to do with what he communicated to a fellow attorney - Tom Perez - before that attorney testified in front of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. Reading between the lines, Adams is implying that his former colleague lied under oath.

If you'd like to watch part 1 before viewing, CLICK HERE.


The Verum Serum blog is raising a very interesting question about this photo. In essence, when was it taken? In light of the Blagojevich corruption trial and all of the phone conversations that have been recorded, Obama's involvement in and knowledge of what was going on with the attempt to sell his Senate seat is becoming clearer; it's more than he led the public to believe.

Verum Serum brings up the origin of this photo and raises some good questions using some very sound premises.

The photo first appeared in a newsletter dated November 12, 2008 - a full eight days after the election. Based on the recorded phone conversations, we do know that SEIU official Tom Balanoff was sent by Obama to see Blagojevich the day after the election. We also know that Blago floated the HHS gig in return for appointing Jarrett. That wasn't going to happen according to Balanoff.

Blagojevich, as VS points out, was not part of the election campaign so it's unlikely this photo was taken on the campaign trail.
It’s possible of course that the photo was taken prior to the election. But given that Blagojevich had no role in the Obama campaign, and that victory in Illinois was a given, I’m hard pressed to think of anything (else) important enough to warrant such a serious face to face meeting between the two.
Is it possible that after Balanoff returned to Obama with Blago's demands that Obama thought he might attempt some face-to-face persuasion? Obama returned to Chicago after the election to celebrate so the two men were in the same city in the days after Obama sent Balanoff to meet with Blagojevich.

Interestingly, the newsletter in which this photo appeared was pulled from the internet shortly after VS posted it on December 15th, 2008 but you can view an archived version of it by CLICKING HERE.

h/t to VS


The Black Panther case on election day of 2008, in which two Black Panthers intimidated voters outside of a Philadelphia polling station simply will not go away. That, in and of itself, should provide a big red flag. Christian Adams is an attorney who retired from the DOJ as a direct result of what he viewed as an egregious decision to drop the case.

It was Eric Holder's Justice Department that dropped the case so the Attorney General himself is ultimately responsible. He's also responsible for explaining the decision but just like everything else in this administration that appears untoward, silence is the preferred response.

Adams interviewed with Fox News Channel's Megyn Kelly and his claims are, in a word, explosive.

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