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Saturday, September 19, 2009


In 1999, Orrin Hatch spent ten minutes grilling Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder over Bill Clinton giving clemency to FALN terrorists. Video of that exchange was available not so long ago. It no longer is. I'm not saying I know why but I AM saying it exposes Holder in a big way. He was either wrong then or Obama is wrong now.

Several months back, I recorded the audio of the exchange in question and was listening to it today while doing show prep. What I heard slapped me in the face as a direct contradiction to what Barack Obama's stance has been relative to the prosecution of CIA agents. Specifically, Obama has deferred to Holder, saying it's the Attorney General's call and that he will not interfere.

On August 28th, a column by Newt Gingrich appeared in the WASHINGTON EXAMINER in which he called B.S. on such a notion:
...the president is silent on Martha's Vineyard, and his surrogates are blaming the political prosecutions of CIA officials on the Attorney General.

Even if you believe this convenient division of political culpability, the Attorney General has failed to honor the law. He has given into - or faithfully carried out - the revenge fantasies of the anti-American left.

If Obama won't uphold his fundamental duty as Commander-in-Chief to defend those who have been defending America, the least he can do is insist that his Attorney General uphold his fundamental duty to defend the rule of law.
When I went to do a blog post to include the video of Holder and Hatch, I discovered it had been pulled.

I'm not sure why the video was pulled specifically but the corner Holder was backed into in 1999 while seated in front of Hatch provides a stark contradiction between the ground he claimed while in that corner and ground the Obama administration has avoided claiming relative to CIA prosecutions.

I have the entire 10 minute audio clip but I transcribed a little over a minute of the exchange between Hatch and Holder. I will be playing the audio on my September 20th program.

Holder: The power of the president is absolute in these areas and can take into consideration a variety of things. The president has indicated that on the basis of what he termed 'equity and fairness' he thought the extension of the commutation here was appropriate, understanding that there were people who would disagree with his decision.

Hatch: Well this FALN member, Jerena, is on the FBI's ten most wanted fugitive list. The ten most wanted list, let alone fugitive. Doesn't it seem logical to you that before you give clemency to people like this, who've been convicted of seditious conspiracy and of all these other matters involving terrorism, the least law enforcement people should do is ask them to cooperate in finding one of the ten most wanted people on the FBI's list?

Holder: Well again, it is for the president to decide....

Hatch: No it isn't. It's for the Justice Department to make this determination whether they ask these people these things.

Holder: Well no, that's not, I respectfully disagree. It is for the president to decide exactly what he is or is not going to consider in making that determination.

So if Clinton had absolute authority to release the FALN terrorists in 1999, why doesn't Barack Obama have the same authority to release the CIA in 2009, Mr. Holder?

Here is a LINK TO THE LETTER 7 former CIA Directors sent to Barack Obama.


Look no further for evidence that MSNBC is somewhat masochistic. David Shuster had Orly Taitz on once and I literally thought he was going to turn into Beetlejuice. Surely she wouldn't be allowed back.

I was wrong. Here she is with Dylan Ratigan. Obviously, MSNBC is giving Taitz face time because they think she helps their cause. In fairness, they may have a point there. Nonetheless, it's fun to watch them put her on. It's like watching a sick kid drinking castor oil. It's supposed to help but it's painful to swallow.

I think that tuft of hair Ratigan is sporting got a little bigger during this interview.



At 10:45pm on February 16th, 1970 inside the Park Police station in San Francisco, CA an officer by the name of Brian McDonnell was standing at the Teletype machine. A co-worker named Frank Rath was seated nearby. As Rath leaned back in his chair to relax, a bomb loaded with inch-long fence staples on a nearby ledge outside exploded right in front of McDonnell.

Rath escaped death by leaning backward moments before the blast but McDonnell wasn't so lucky. Staples severed his jugular and lodged in his brain. He died days later. Officer James Pera was one of the first on the scene. He was 24 years old at the time and revered McDonnell as a mentor.

No one has been arrested for the murder of McDonnell. Over the years, two groups have been suspected - the Weather Underground and the Black Liberation Army, an offshoot of the Black Panthers.

On September 16th, AN ARTICLE by Peter Jamison was published in San Francisco Weekly that has some astonishingly new revelations from this nearly 40 year-old case.
speaking publicly for the first time about the investigation, former FBI agents have told SF Weekly the basis for their belief that the Weather Underground was behind McDonnell's murder. The agents have revealed that two credible eyewitnesses — both former left-wing radicals tied to the Weathermen — gave detailed statements to investigators in the 1970s alleging that Dohrn and Howard Machtinger, another member of the group, were personally involved in organizing the deadly attack. Both witnesses claimed to have participated in meetings where the bombing was planned, and one confessed to having cased the police station for the Weathermen prior to the explosion.
Larry Grathwohl successfully infiltrated the Weather Underground for the FBI and testified under oath in the 1970's that Bill Ayers told him that Bernadine Dohrn was responsible for the Park Police station bombing. Grathwohl's account was that Ayers was attempting to demonstrate how a woman was doing more than the rest of the male members of the group.

Grathwohl vindicated?
Based on information uncovered by Willie Reagan, a retired FBI agent who has been working on a task force that is investigating the bombing, it appears that the credibility of Grathwohl's story has been significantly bolstered. Two witnesses, whose stories Reagan came across while going through documents provide that additional credibility. Matthew Landy Steen, who was a writer for an underground newspaper and Karen Latimer, a former Weather Underground member who was willing to testify in return for immunity.
Steen told agents he had attended a Bay Area meeting in January 1970 at which half a dozen Weather Underground activists discussed their plans to plant a bomb at Park Police Station. Among those Steen placed at the meeting were Dohrn, the Weather Underground's charismatic leader; and Machtinger, who investigators believed to be one of the group's principal bomb technicians.

Also in the case file were multiple forms from interviews with a former Weather Underground member named Karen Latimer. In the mid-1970s, years after Steen spoke to the FBI, Latimer came forward to say that she had attended a separate planning session for the Park Station attack with Dohrn and Machtinger in the winter of 1970.
Jamison reports that prosecutors were very close to filing charges based solely on Latimer's testimony.
Latimer claimed to have personally cased the station, and could describe the package that had held the explosive device before it had gone off. "It was just too detailed," the investigator familiar with the case said. "It was A to Z without leaving out L and M. I was convinced."
I will be delving into this story much further on my September 20th program. In particular, I'll be taking a look at the role of current Attorney General Eric Holder. When you consider all of the things he's done / not done in light of these findings, perhaps some hard questions need to be asked relative to his motivations.

Be sure to read the ENTIRE ARTICLE by Jamison. Calling it eye-opening is an understatement.

On Friday, September 18th, I had the opportunity to interview both Larry Grathwohl and James Pera on these new findings. You can listen to the interview by CLICKING HERE (starts at approximately the 18:15 mark).

Lastly, if Grathwohl's testimony is vindicated, so is his credibility. If his credibility is vindicated, shouldn't more people view this clip of him from 1982 in which he discusses the intentions of the Weather Underground based on his first hand accounts from their meetings?


A moment when Chris apparently wasn't feeling a thrill run up his leg occurred on Friday night's Hardball. Matthews was interviewing a leftwing author whose book had actually cracked the New York Times Bestseller list.

However, as NEWSBUSTERS points out, at #21 it is still 20 slots behind Michelle Malkin's 'Culture of Corruption' and 14 slots behind Mark Levin's 'Liberty and Tyranny'. This was apparently a source of consternation for Matthews who referred to such books as "right wing crap".

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