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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The process of Reconciliation, otherwise known as the Byrd rule - named after Democrat Senator Robert Byrd - was designed to circumvent the filibuster-proof 60-vote super majority by ending debate on budgetary matters in a bill. As we all know, the election of Scott Brown took away that super majority for the Democrats, who have declared they will use Reconciliation to pass the health care bill.

In order for the Senate to logistically be able to use Reconciliation, the House must sign off on the Senate Bill without making changes - an increasingly higher hurdle the longer the process drags on.

But what about the spirit of the Byrd Rule? That depends on who you ask but how about this video of none other than Robert Byrd himself in April of 2001, in which he recounts a conversation he had with Bill Clinton over the phone regarding the latter's attempt to use Reconciliation to pass HillaryCare in 1993.

Wouldn't you love to see Robert Byrd get this worked up about Harry Reid using his Rule to ram ObamaCare through?

Classic! Via Breitbart

h/t to Hot Air Pundit


The story began to unfold in August of 2007 when a Swedish cartoonist named Lars Vilks portrayed Islam's prophet Mohammed as a dog. It inspired Islamic rage that reached all the way to Pennsylvania and affected a woman now known as "Jihad Jane". The woman's real name is Colleen R. LaRose and she has been charged with recruiting Jihadists to help murder Vilks.

Via the Fox website:
The woman, Colleen R. LaRose, was charged with conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists, conspiracy to kill in a foreign country, making false statements to a government official and attempted identity theft, according to the indictment, unsealed Monday.
Sounds like another international conspiracy, doesn't it? There's more on that, too. In addition to a Pennsylvanian woman - JihadJane - allegedly using the internet to plot the murder of a Swedish citizen, the Times of London reports that there are now seven arrests in Ireland that are tied to the case. All are Muslims and countries of origin vary.
Anti-terrorist units used information from the CIA, FBI and European intelligence agencies to identify the suspected terrorist cell of three women and four men. They are believed to include Algerian, Libyan, Croatian, US and Palestinian citizens and at least one naturalised Irish citizen.
More on Jihad Jane from the Fox website:
The indictment accuses the American-born LaRose and her unindicted co-conspirators of using the Internet to establish relationships with one another and to communicate their plans, which included martyring themselves, soliciting funds for terrorists, soliciting passports and avoiding travel restrictions, through the collection of passports and through marriage, according to a government release.

LaRose, who lives in Montgomery County, Pa., received a direct order to kill someone in Sweden, and to do so in a way that would frighten "the whole Kufar [non-believer] world," according to the indictment.
Last year, the DHS released a Right Wing Extremism report that was the source of quite a bit of controversy. Hillary Clinton was quoted as coining the term, "Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy" 1998. However, the conspiracies appear to becoming not only from the left and the Islamic enemies of America the right has been warning about but both Climategate and this alleged Islamic conspiracy to murder someone over a matter of free speech are International conspiracies by simple definition.

Glenn Beck, for all the good he does - more than most using the Television medium - is on record as saying that Geert Wilders is serving as a prime example of a resurgence of fascism in Europe as Wilders is sounding the alarm posed by the dangers of Islam. It remains to be seen how much attention Beck will devote to the case of Jihad Jane but based on his claims about Wilders, perhaps he should at least give it equal time.

Considering how eager the Mainstream Media appears to be when it comes to targeting conservatives, it wouldn't surprise me if they point to this conspiracy as one rooted in right wing extremism - if they don't ignore the story entirely.

Here is more.


Retired Democrat Representative Eric Massa said on both Glenn Beck and then Larry King that after those two interviews, he would "go away". After watching both, it became more and more apparent that he should - for his own sake. The more this guy Massa talked, the more it became apparent that he's anything but clean. He came across as nothing more than a slimy politician in both interviews. Inconsistencies piled up every time he re-told his story.

See for yourself. Also, take note of how defensive he got when Larry King asked him if he was gay.

via Breitbart

Here is the Massa interview with Glenn Beck via Newsmax:

More on the Massa saga here.


On March 4th, the U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs voted 23-22 on a resolution that would declare what the Ottoman Turks perpetrated against the Armenians as "genocide" in 1915. Despite the very close vote, as well as it being extremely unlikely the resolution will make it to the Floor for an actual House vote, Turkey's ambassador to the United States was recalled back to his country in a statement of anger.

Now CNS News is reporting that as Turkey withdraws diplomatically from the United States, it seems to be gravitating toward Iran.
As the Obama administration scrambles to contain the diplomatic fallout with Turkey over the “Armenian genocide” resolution in the U.S. Congress, Turkey’s tilt towards Iran continues largely unnoticed.

Turkey’s “formerly Islamist” president, Abdullah Gul, in a weekend telephone conversation with his Iranian counterpart called for a deepening of bilateral relations and voiced support for Iran in international forums. Turkey is non-permanent member of the U.N. Security Council, the most important international body to have Iran on its current agenda.
As CNS News points out with quotation marks, the term "former Islamist" is a bit enigmatic. It should be fairly obvious that the word "former" is being used deceptively by Gul. Aside from its military - which is already having severe pressure applied to it in the form of the recent arrests of many of its leaders - Turkey's government is Islamist already. If the military falls under the command of Islamist forces, Turkey is likely lost entirely to Islamic political leadership and will cease being an ally of the west altogether. Yes, the implication is huge but the reality must be faced sooner rather than later.

More from CNS:
Iran’s Fars news agency said Gul told President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad “that the two countries would defend each other’s positions at international forums, and emphasized the importance of tightening the relations between them and of consulting on regional and security matters.”
So we're to believe that Turkey had no pre-disposition to align with Iran before a House committee vote that was as narrow as it could possibly be? This indignation is manufactured, in my view. It is either an excuse to more overtly align with Iran or they are calling the bluff of the United States. Recent indicators are that it may be a little of both:
....under Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party (AKP) ally, Gul, Turkey’s policies regarding Iran are increasingly at odds with those of Washington. Turkish and Iranian leaders have paid reciprocal visits and Erdogan has referred to Ahmadinejad as his “friend.”
Another Islamist leader in Turkey is its Prime Minister, Tayyip Erdogan. He, like President Gul, have strong Islamist pasts and should not be trusted by the west. Calling Ahmadinejad a "friend" should actually be one's first clue.

Here is the entire CNS story.

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