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Monday, January 31, 2011

Video: Chicago Mayoral Candidate calls Opponent 'Crack' Addict inside Jeremiah Wright's old Church

If we accept the premise that Rahm Emanuel is the front-runner in the race for Chicago's next mayor, the candidate right behind him is Carol Mosely Braun. Behind Braun is a woman named Patricia Van Pelt-Watkins. At a candidate's forum that took place inside the now infamous church made so by the fiery sermons of Jeremiah Wright, Braun indignantly accused Pelt-Watkins of being 'strung out on crack' for the last twenty years. It was truly surreal to watch all of this transpire inside a church - Barack Obama's church for 20 years.

Why on earth, would a heated political debate take place inside a house of worship?

Another blemish on the Trinity United Church.

Carol Moseley Braun Calls Patricia Van-Pelt Watkins Crack Addict at Candidate Forum:

h/t via HapBlog

Registered Socialist Congressman not Intimidating Darrell Issa

New House Oversight Committee chairman, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) was perpetually stonewalled when he was the ranking member, by the previous chairman, Edolphus Towns, whenever he attempted to launch investigations into the Obama administration. Towns is out and registered member of the Democratic Socialist caucus, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) is in. Last week, Cummings tried that old Alinsky tactic known as ridicule to intimidate Issa into not following through with his pledge to use that subpoena power.

Indications are that it's not working.

Via Daily Caller:
The latest dust up between top GOP oversight official California Rep. Darrell Issa and his combative new foil on the oversight panel, Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings, has Cummings attacking Issa for the breadth of a new inquiry into how the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is working across a slew of federal agencies.

“I cannot even begin to imagine how much paper, how much work, and how much overtime this is going to cost the Federal Government,” said Cummings spokesman Paul Kincaid last week in an e-mail.

But Issa’s communications director, Frederick Hill, was nonplussed. Asked how Issa is assessing his relationship with Cummings, the newly appointed top Democrat on the Oversight Committee, Hill said “I think the short and long is, we’re really not.”

In the last Congress what top committee Democrat Rep. Edolphus Towns of New York, then-committee chairman, did “really mattered,” Hill said, “sometimes you would get to the point where the only way you could advance that is with a subpoena or if you got the chairman to join you on a letter.”
Issa is apparently wanting the White House to cough up any and all documents relating to multiple Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests. If he continues to move forward without regard for the smear tactics, Issa is likely to uncover some extremely troubling things about this administration.

Oh, and yes, Cummings is indeed registered with the Socialist Caucus.

Former Muslim Terrorist on Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

In 2008, Walid Shoebat wrote a book about what we're witnessing right now - the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, whose stated goal is to resurrect the Turkish Ottoman empire. Egypt is a key piece to that puzzle's re-assembling. If the Brotherhood is indeed successful at overthrowing the Mubarak government, look for Turkey to make a move very soon thereafter. If Shoebat is indeed correct, Iran will target Saudi Arabia before going after Israel.

Shoebat is in demand for media interviews this week and has released the following statement:

By Walid Shoebat

With socialist revolutions, the rule is: “take out a Czar and you will get a Stalin!”

Keep in mind the fire of revolution that engulfs Egypt was ignited by socialists and later embraced by Islamists. It is true that the Muslim Brotherhood was banned as an organization in 1954 but it's been tolerated and has forged alliances with legal and political groups in the last two decades; the liberal socialists, the Wafd, and other socialist labor parties have been allies.

Of course, the U.S policy led by closet socialist president Obama has been to publicly support the Egyptian people. Obama wants "rights of assembly" and "elections" in Egypt. Americans need to realize that democratic elections in the Middle East have never resulted in western style freedom! The rule in any Muslim majority nation, is that democracy is used DURING the elections ONLY… Period!

What did democratic elections in Muslim majority nations do? Iran is now a theocracy, Lebanon is in a state of chaos, Palestine is still a state of psychosis, Sudan is on the verge of splitting, and Turkey's democratic elections are slowly emerging as an axis that will eventually lead to an Islamist alliance against Israel and the West. Soon, we'll also see North Africa – in the name of democracy – remove all their dictators so they can elect you know who!

The most plausible outcome for Egypt's chaos is a future election as demanded by world opinion, the outcome of which can be seen from the experience we had in the Palestinian elections, on which president George W. Bush insisted. The results ushered in a divide between Islamists and so-called moderate Palestinian Authority. Palestinians were killing Palestinians in the streets as Hamas ran rampant, executing other Muslims who didn't agree with their agenda. But unlike that miniature state of psychosis, the scale of mayhem in Egypt will be immense! Egypt's “democratic elections” will simply change one form of dictatorship into another!

Whether it is the Iranian Shia or Sunni Revolutions, the way to victory will not be only by stepping over Israel but also over Arabia – the cradle of Wahabism that started the trouble in the first place. As a consequence, the world will kiss its addiction to Arab oil good-bye after Iran destroys Arabia with nuclear weapons. You can say that I am mad, but the documents released by Wikileaks revealed that King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz repeatedly urged the United States to attack Iran in order to halt its suspected nuclear weapons program. If in doubt, ask yourself, didn't Saddam Hussein send scuds crashing over Saudi Arabia during the First Gulf War? If he'd had nuclear warheads wouldn't he have used them there?

And while the progressives cry “where are the weapons of mass destruction,” is there any doubt that Iraq's neighbors are building them? Once Obama succeeds in pulling our troops out of Iraq as a good gesture to satisfy the screaming and complaining progressives that the U.S is not an occupier, then Iraq will immediately be gobbled up by Iran. And like the miniature Hezbollah-Hamas alliance against Israel, you will have a future Turkish-North Africa-Iranian alliance which will try to put the Islamic Caliphate "Humpty-Dumpty" back together again so they can dash in and “liberate” Jerusalem!

In the meantime, the Islamists will lay low, calling for democracy and – just like Arafat did – pretend to denounce terrorism at the cost of upsetting Al-Qaeda, who then gobbles it up and into the belly of its Trojan Horse, which, upon fully entering the fortresses of the West, will release its Al-Qaeda “locusts” into Israel, where they will meet their final destruction!
Shoebat's argument, for years, has been that the anti-Christ will one day arise out of Turkey and it will be Islamic.

More at Special Guests

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Video: Michael Steele on Bill Maher

In this exchange between former RNC Chairman Michael Steele and Bill Maher, Steele reminds me of the guy who is passed up for a promotion, becomes bitter, and then proceeds to act immaturely, thereby validating the original decision. The implication here is that Steele thinks the Republican Party is too rigid and unwilling to reach out to minority voters. He also scornfully refers to 'Republican justice' for why he was ousted despite all of the gains the party made in November.

Lost on Steele is that responsibility for the landslide elections was the result of two things - the Obama Administration and the Tea Party, which he did not do enough to support. Instead of humbly accepting that reality, he seems bitter and could go down a path similar to Al Gore after 2000, though certainly not to that extent.

The race that best exemplified where Steele went wrong was the special election in NY 23 in 2009 in which he backed far left liberal RINO Dede Scozzafava over Tea Party conservative Doug Hoffman. The end result was that Scozzafava dropped out and endorsed the Democrat. Hoffman lost a close race he most certainly would have won had the Republican party supported him.

Steele has essentially two choices at this point. He can either become bitter and trash the Republicans or he can get on board and show a little maturity. If this clip with Maher is any indication of coming attractions, he may choose the former which again, would validate his being voted out as RNC chairman.

Also, take note of Bill Maher's comment that there is a lot of 'Chicken' in Harlem.

Via Daily Caller:

Here is Steele standing by Scozzafava in 2009. It's at the very end of this clip; listen to Mika's comment after Chuck Todd gets Steele to publicly endorse Scozzafava.

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Videos: Did CNN Sabotage Michele Bachmann's SOTU Response?

If you watched Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) give her Tea Party rebuttal to Obama's State of the Union speech, you likely found yourself wondering why she was looking away from the camera. Actually, she was looking directly into another camera, set up by the Tea Party Express. The camera that provided the feed which showed Bachmann looking away was from CNN and if the claim over at Breitbart is correct, it just shows - again - that the left in general and the liberal media in particular, have absolutely no shame.

According to Breitbart, CNN originally agreed to use the Tea Party video feed to carry Bachmann's response but set up another camera during the actual State of the Union speech, which Bachmann was attending. Any inclination one may feel to give CNN the benefit of the doubt should be snuffed out by an extremely pathetic track record.

Here is the Tea Party Express feed:

Here is the CNN feed:

And of course, Saturday Night Live found the incident worthy of a skit. It'd be funny if you accept the false premise.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

1979 Iran vs. 2011 Egypt: A Comparison

The overthrow of the Shah of Iran in 1979 cleared the way for an Islamic Shiite theocracy whose face was Ayatollah Khomeini. In order to defeat the Shah, the Islamists needed the help of the left. In simple terms, the leftist guerrillas that aided in the Shah's overthrow provided the quintessential example of the moniker 'Useful Idiots' because once they were no longer useful, the Islamists executed them. Despite this very recent history, the left in 2011 appears to be falling for the same thing in Egypt.

In an article (photo of relevant portion) that appeared in the Middle East Journal in 1987 entitled The New Iranian Left, Nozar Alaolmolki explains how it happened:
...the leftists were able to mobilize more than half-a-million supporters and sympathizers for the May Day rally in Tehran alone. This trend continued during the next few months until the Islamic Republic consolidated itself and then turned against the leftists. The Tudeh Party was spared initially, but by 1983 all leftist organizations, including the Tudeh, were banned and a large number of their active members executed, imprisoned, forced underground or otherwise eliminated from the scene.
Ironically, before his overthrow, the Shah fled to Egypt.

Fast forward to 2011 and the only differences between the situation between Iran and Egypt have to do with the brand of Islam behind the revolution, the name of the two countries' respective leaders, and geography. The uprising in that country is backed by the Muslim Brotherhood, which has the support of the left. Specifically, the Obama administration and the likes of Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, and Code Pink, were all instrumental in forming the Free Gaza Movement, a group allied with the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

For as intellectual as Ayers, Dohrn, and the rest of the elite leftwing in the United States who either support or act as apologists for Muslim Brotherhood-linked groups like CAIR like to be portrayed, they sure are stupid.

Go HERE for more on the Iranian Revolution.

Democrat: Limbaugh Bad, Anti-American Song Good

A state Senator in California is outraged that Rush Limbaugh would mock the speech of Chinese president Hu Jintao during his recent trip for a state dinner at the White House. Conspicuously absent from Sen. Leland Yee has been any denouncement of a the pro-Chinese / anti-American song played at that state dinner by a Chinese pianist named Lang Lang. This selective outrage should immediately call into question, Yee's loyalty to the Constitution he took an oath to uphold.

Via the AP:
Rush Limbaugh's imitation of the Chinese language during a recent speech made by Chinese President Hu Jintao has stirred a backlash among Asian-American lawmakers in California and nationally.

California state Sen. Leland Yee, a Democrat from San Francisco, is leading a fight in demanding an apology from the radio talk show host for what he and others view as racist and derogatory remarks against the Chinese people.

In recent days, the state lawmaker has rallied civil rights groups in a boycott of companies like Pro Flowers, Sleep Train and Domino's Pizza that advertise on Limbaugh's national talk radio show.
Yet, where is Yee's outrage about Lang Lang performing a song at the White House less than ten days earlier in which American troops were referred to as "jackals?"

While the White House wasn't silent on Lang Lang's performance, it DID defend it by saying it was not insulting. No word yet on what the official Obama administration response to Limbaugh will be.

With that as a backdrop, sit back and enjoy a little Rush...

Is Obama Administration Backing Egyptian Uprising?

It certainly is interesting to learn that the United States is apparently and secretly backing the uprising that is taking place in Egypt but seemed almost disinterested in the uprising that took place in Iran in 2009 - 2010. This revelation is the result of more Wikileaks documents in which a group known as the April 6 youth movement - a facebook group in Egypt with approximately 70,000 members has been coordinating anti-government activities for some time.

Via the Telegraph:
The American Embassy in Cairo helped a young dissident attend a US-sponsored summit for activists in New York, while working to keep his identity secret from Egyptian state police.

On his return to Cairo in December 2008, the activist told US diplomats that an alliance of opposition groups had drawn up a plan to overthrow President Hosni Mubarak and install a democratic government in 2011.
That summit took place from December 3-5 of 2008. Coincidentally, that was during the transition period into and out of the White House from the Bush administration to the Obama administration, with Obama having been elected one month earlier.

HERE is the document that details the summit as well as one of the April 6 dissidents.

Connecting a few dots here, it is important to keep in mind that the revolt in Egypt is supported by the Muslim Brotherhood, which is publicly saying it is calling for non-violence. However, that same Muslim Brotherhood has been developing a political apparatus in the United States for decades, with many of its members having strong influence at the highest levels of U.S. government. The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), and the Muslim Students Association (MSA) to name just a few.

The Muslim Brotherhood spawned Hamas, which spawned CAIR.

For example, Obama's Islamic Envoy to the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) is a man named Rashad Hussain, who has connections to the MSA. He spoke at a 2004 MSA event where he praised convicted terrorist Sami al-Arian. Hussain tried to deny it but was caught on audio and still wasn't fired by the White House. Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) is a Muslim congressman with very questionable ties to CAIR as well.

It isn't just the leftwing of American politics that has been infiltrated by people with ties to the Brotherhood. Suhail Khan, an alleged conservative is on the Board of the American Conservative Union, which is responsible for the annual CPAC convention, has ties to the Brotherhood as well. His father founded the MSA and was a high ranking official inside the ISNA. Khan had inside access to the White House in the early years of the Bush administration.

Read it all.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Evidence DOJ Colluded with ACLU over Arizona Immigration Law

Judicial Watch has come into possession of some disturbing emails between leaders within both the Department of Justice and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) that could demonstrate collusion between the two entities. In one exchange between the ACLU's Immigrant's Rights Project head, Lucas Guttentag and the DOJ's Solicitor General Edwin Kneedler.

Via Judicial Watch:
2:15 pm: Ed
I left a voicemail earlier today about checking in once the district court rules. Would you be available then?
[Redacted statement] And from all of us, thank you again for your argument on behalf of the United States.

2:40 pm: Thanks Lucas. We should definitely check in once we hear. We’ll be huddling here as soon as we can. What is your thinking at this point on if/how you will proceed in various possible scenarios?
It was good to see you, even if only briefly, and to be on the same side for once! [Redacted statement] I have a feeling we might be seeing each other again on this case.

6:14 pm: Thanks Ed. Yes, a real pleasure to be on the same side.
I think we will be strongly inclined to seek an immediate emergency injunction from the 9th Circuit…
Can you share your current thinking with regard to the various scenarios?
Best Lucas
Yes, the Solicitor General in Eric Holder's Justice Department told a leader of the ACLU that it's good to be on the same side. Also noteworthy is Guttentag telling Kneedler that the ACLU was going to seek an emergency injunction from the 9th Circuit at about the same time U.S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton essentially did the same thing one day later.

More evidence Obama sides with Communists.

h/t Free Republic

Videos: Obama's Duplicity on Ronald Reagan

In the run-up to and in the wake of Barack Obama's State of the Union speech, the liberal media twisted itself into knots trying to compare Barack Obama with Ronald Reagan despite both men being polar opposites in every single way. The narrative clearly came directly from the administration's operatives and was fed to the liberal media, which proceeded to spit out the lies ad-nauseum. Carefully omitted by the left is this exchange between Obama and Hillary during the Democratic primaries of 2008.

The money clip comes at the 1:07 mark when Obama says, 'I spent a lifetime fighting against Ronald Reagan's policies.'

Via Blip TV:

Now, contrast that with the media narrative surrounding the SOTU address.

Via Eyeblast:

h/t Gateway Pundit

Liberal: Don't Fear Muslim Brotherhood

Bruce Riedel at the Daily Beast writes that the United States should not fear the Muslim Brotherhood and that what happens in Egypt is beyond our control anyway. How a long time CIA officer fails to understand the long term goals of the Brotherhood is virtually inexplicable. The Brotherhood or 'Ikhwan' doesn't believe in nation states and seeks a return of the Islamic caliphate by resurrecting the Ottoman Empire.

Says Riedel:
Egyptians will decide the outcome, not Washington. We should not try to pick Egyptians' rulers. Every time we have done so, from Vietnam’s generals to Afghanistan’s Hamid Karzai, we have had buyer’s remorse. But our interests are very much involved so we have a great stake in the outcome. Understanding the Brotherhood is vital to understanding our options.

The Muslim Brethren was founded in 1928 by Shaykh Hassan al Banna as an Islamic alternative to weak secular nationalist parties that failed to secure Egypt’s freedom from British colonialism after World War I. Banna preached a fundamentalist Islamism and advocated the creation of an Islamic Egypt, but he was also open to importing techniques of political organization and propaganda from Europe that rapidly made the Brotherhood a fixture in Egyptian politics. Branches of the Brotherhood grew across the Arab world. By World War 2, it became more violent in its opposition to the British and the British-dominated monarchy, sponsoring assassinations and mass violence. After the army seized power in 1952, it briefly flirted with supporting Gamal Abdel Nasser’s government but then moved into opposition. Nasser ruthlessly suppressed it.
While he's right about Karzai, he's not looking at this scenario playing out like Iran did. He's apparently bought the lie that the Muslim Brotherhood is peaceful. The Brotherhood simply advocates using peaceful means until it achieves power. As for Karzai, whether he was well-intentioned when he started out is irrelevant; he was given a Constitution, endorsed by the United States that made Shariah the law of the land in Afghanistan, which makes the rest of the document worthless. Karzai was in a 'no win' situation when he took power.

Riedel is correct about the formation of the Brotherhood in 1928 but he omits an extremely important fact. al Banna didn't just want an Islamic Egypt but an Islamic Caliphate where there were no Muslim nations, just one 'Ummah.' Today, there are 57 Islamic nation states. The Brotherhood wants to see all of them under one form of rule. Riedel either doesn't get this or endorses it.

The west needs to look at what's going on in Egypt through the lens of history in Iran. An oppressed people under the Shah, rose up but replaced him with a theocratic regime that was far more dangerous. Now, they are even more oppressed. This is what is at risk in Egypt.

Read it all..... if you can.

h/t Hot Air

Muslim Brotherhood Supports Protesters in Egypt

At first blush, the situation in Egypt seems to call for support of the protesters over a suppressive Mubarak regime, a similar situation to what transpired in Iran in 2009. There are some distinct differences, however. In 1979, the Shah was viewed by the people of Iran as an oppressive dictator. He was toppled and a far worse regime filled the void, led by Ayatollah Khomeini and the Mullahs. In 2009, Iranian youths rose up for freedom, to be released from the theocratic regime.

Here, in 2011, the Mubarak regime is certainly oppressive and the inclination is for people to view these protests through a lens similar to what happened in Iran two years ago. A problem with that thinking is that the Muslim Brotherhood has announced that it supports the Egyptian protesters.

Via Jerusalem Post:
The outlawed Muslim Brotherhood also expressed support for the demonstrations, raising the prospect that members of Egypt's largest and best-organized opposition group could join Friday's demonstrations in mass. If they do, it could swell the numbers on the streets significantly. But the group has stopped short of an outright call for its backers to turn out.

The Muslim Brotherhood called on its website for protests to remain peaceful. It also called for new parliamentary elections under judicial supervision, the introduction of far-reaching reforms and the lifting of emergency laws in force since 1981.
The Brotherhood is the Sunni equivalent of the Shiite Mullahs in Iran and would be far more dangerous to world stability than Mubarak's regime. The Muslim Brotherhood seeks an Islamic caliphate and the resurrection of the Ottoman Empire.

The Egyptian protests may more closely resemble Iran in 1979, not 2009.

Another prominent figure has publicly announced that he would help to LEAD the protests - Former International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) head Mohammed ElBaradei:
...the grass roots protest movement was getting a double boost likely to energize the largest anti-government demonstrations Egypt has seen in years. Mohammed ElBaradei, a Nobel peace laureate and the country's top pro-democracy advocate, was returning to the country Thursday night and declared he was ready to lead the protests. The country's largest opposition group — the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood — also threw its support behind the demonstrations.
Once again, another Nobel Prize winner has some disturbing allegiances.

Read it all.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Video: Palin Says a lot of 'WTF Moments' in Obama Speech

If you're a conservative looking for a reason Sarah Palin should NOT run for president, this is it. She is absolutely most effective when she is able to speak her mind without being censored by hypersensitive handlers. What better example can there be than her telling America that there were a lot of 'WTF Moments' in Obama's State of the Union speech? Of course, the speech was billed as 'Winning The Future' but that is NOT what Palin meant when she referred to the acronym.

Unfortunately, unless someone like Jim DeMint jumps into the race, Palin may still be the best candidate currently in the proverbial pack. Gingrich, Romney, Huckabee, et. al. should be non-starters with the Tea Party. History says they're establishment elites who are trying to adopt Tea Party rhetoric with little to no willingness to implement Tea Party mandates. Unfortunately, the liberal media is going to do all it can to nominate one of them, like McCain in 2008.

Palin's 'WTF' moment comes very early in this clip but it's worth watching the whole thing; she hits the nail squarely on the head for the entire interview.

Via Fox News:

Rep. Lt. Col. Allen West (R) vs. Rep. Muslim Keith Ellison (D)

There is a battle brewing between two black congressmen. One is a Ret. Lt. Colonel who has been extremely critical of Islam. The other is a Democrat who happens to be a Muslim. This is a debate we should all welcome because it pits the U.S. Constitution against Shariah Law. Both are supposed to be the Supreme Law of the land in their respective political structures.

Via Afro National News:
Tea-Party backed Congressman Allen West, R.-Fla., has stirred a bees nest with negative comments about Islam. West, appearing on the “Shalom Show,” told producer Richard Peritz that Islam was the “antithesis” of America’s founding principles.

At the outset of the 11-minute interview, Peritz asked West how he was going to deal with members of Congress he disagreed with, especially Rep. Keith Ellison, D.-Minn., who is a Muslim.

“Well I think it’s most important that I stand upon the principles [of the] people that elected me to go to Washington, D.C., and represent them on Capitol Hill,” West responded. “So that when you run into someone that is counter, or someone that really does represent the antithesis of the principles upon which this country was established, you’ve got to be able to defeat them intellectually in debate and discourse, and you just have to be able to challenge each and every one of their assertions very wisely and very forthright.”
Said Ellison in response...
“Contrary to the views expressed by Congressman West, I work to represent the highest ideals of our great nation – ideals like freedom of worship and respect for all faiths, equal protection under the law as well as a civil and open public discourse,” Ellison said.
Again and again, if Shariah Law is supposed to be the supreme law of the land, Islam's existence is NOT a first amendment issue but an Article VI issue.

h/t Weasel Zippers

Ruh Roh: Celebrity Journalist Backtracks on Birth Certificate Claim

The Birthers are going to have an absolute field day with the latest saga. Celebrity journalist Mike Evans appeared on a Minneapolis radio station recently and stated that he has been close friends with Hawaii Governor and registered socialist Neil Abercrombie for years and that Abercrombie told him that there is no Obama Birth Certificate in existence in Hawaii. That caused enough of a stir that Evans is now saying he never spoke to Abercrombie after stating quite emphatically that he had.

Via Fox News:
Mike Evans told on Wednesday he was remorseful and embarrassed that he appeared to have given the impression that he had discussed the search for Obama’s birth certificate with Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie.
Evans then went on to explain exactly how he made such a mistake...
“Only this I can you tell you is 100 percent fact: that Neil never told me there was no birth certificate,” Evans told Fox News. “I never talked to him.”

Last week’s radio interview was part of Evans’ syndicated five-minute feature, “On the Road with Mike Evans,” which is broadcast on 34 stations across the country each morning.

On the morning of Jan. 20, Evans says he accidentally told one of those radio stations -- KQRS -- that he’d spoken directly with Gov. Abercrombie about the Obama birth certificate.

“I was on 34 radio stations that morning. That was the only station where I said, instead of saying ‘the hospital said there’s no birth certificate’ I misspoke and said Neil said that,” Evans said. “I misspoke and I apologize for that. I apologize to Neil.”
I guess it's theoretically possible that after talking to 34 stations, you might get your lines crossed but if Evans can make a mistake like this, how much stock should listeners put into what he's saying about anything?

Anyway, here's the original interview with Evans in which he says Abercrombie - registered socialist - told him there is no Obama Birth Certificate.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Video: Pro-Life American Idol Contestant

Her name is Paris Tassin and she is a contestant on American Idol who passed her New Orleans audition. Of the three judges, Jennifer Lopez was clearly touched more than the others. Tassin discovered she was pregnant at the age of 18 and was advised to have an abortion because her baby was not going to be normal. She decided to give birth and her special needs daughter is who she sings for. It is an emotional video as Lopez's reaction will attest.

This is the kind of thing that can wake people up and convert them.

Via Hope For America:

Video: Keep talking, Van

Remember, before watching this video, that former Green Jobs Czar Van Jones was NOT fired by the Obama administration. He left of his own volition according to White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. If you accept that as the premise, you must also necessarily accept the premise that the Obama administration agrees with this sentiment. Using allegorical language during a speech at Guilford College in Greensboro, NC on January 19th, Jones clearly enunciates his vision of communism for America.

This man needs to keep on talking because he doesn't seem capable of following his own advice that says to 'drop the radical prose for the radical ends.'

Via The Blaze:

Socialist Hawaii Governor: There is no Obama Birth Certificate

Bithers notwithstanding, the left is boxing itself into a corner over the issue of Obama's eligibility. Hawaii Governor and registered member of the Democratic Socialists caucus, Neil Abercrombie made news in December when he indignantly said he was going to put the Birther issue to bed by producing documents that would shut the Birthers up. Not only that, but Chris 'Tingles' Matthews mockingly called for Obama to produce the evidence as well, not because he believed it was a legitimate issue but because he wanted a Birther smack-down. Matthews' two far left guests, David Corn and Eugene Robinson chimed in with condescending agreement.

Small problem. Abercrombie has come out and admitted there's nothing further he can do; he cannot produce the evidence he pledged to produce.

Making Abercrombie's situation even more significant is a radio interview by Hollywood Celebrity reporter Mike Evans on 92 KQRS in Minneapolis. During that interview, Evans told the hosts he has been a close friend of Abercrombie for years and that the Hawaii Governor and Registered Socialist told him that no Birth Certificate exists for Obama. The original YouTube of Evans has already been pulled but here's another version.

If that video is pulled by the time you read this, here is exactly what Evans said, via the Daily Caller:
According to Evans, who claims that Abercrombie has been his friend “for decades,” the Hawaii Democrat revealed to him “there is no Barack Obama birth certificate in Hawaii, absolutely no proof at all that Obama was born in Hawaii.”
It would appear that there are some far lefties whose faces are smeared with proverbial eggs.

For grins, here's the exchange between Matthews, Corn, and Robinson back in December. If Matthews is truly interested in ratings, he will revisit this issue once the thrill running up his leg that was brought on by Obama's State of the Union speech dissipates.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Liberals Outwardly Align with Genghis Khan

There may not be greater evidence that liberalism is a cult. To some degree, its eco-wacko contingent is now looking like the one led by the notorious Jim Jones - a suicidal one. The Mother Nature Network is actually pointing to Genghis Khan as a hero of the Green movement. Why? Because he reduced mankind's carbon footprint by killing so many of them. The one person this may pose a problem for is Massachusetts Senator John Kerry (D), who in 1971 invoked the name Genghis Khan by likening him to our troops serving in Vietnam. Using this new narrative, Kerry appears to be in quite the conundrum.

Via MNN:
Genghis Khan's Mongol invasion in the 13th and 14th centuries was so vast that it may have been the first instance in history of a single culture causing man-made climate change, according to new research out of the Carnegie Institution's Department of Global Ecology, reports

Unlike modern day climate change, however, the Mongol invasion actually cooled the planet, effectively scrubbing around 700 million tons of carbon from the atmosphere.

So how exactly did Genghis Khan, one of history's cruelest conquerors, earn such a glowing environmental report card? The reality may be a bit difficult for today's environmentalists to stomach, but Khan did it the same way he built his empire — with a high body count.
Maybe it's time to get John Kerry's take on this latest narrative from the left.

h/t Fox Nation

Video: Frances Fox Piven Answers Glenn Beck

This is further evidence that Glenn Beck is onto something - when the people he warns about are captured in their own words, saying anti-American things. In this case, it's Frances Fox Piven, who along with her husband in 1966, authored a paper that encouraged people to take down governments by flooding welfare rolls. The consequence would be the opportunity to implement new, socialist governments. To learn more about that paper, click HERE.

Recently, Piven has been captured in a series of audio and video recordings in which she advocates the same thing on a much grander scale, including calls for violent protests. It apparently got to the point that she felt she had to publicly defend herself. What better venue for her to do so than MSNBC.

Here is 4 minutes of lies followed by almost 30 seconds at the end when Piven goes speechless in mid-sentence. It's possible she was about to say something incriminating and didn't know how to spin it. In any case, it was very bizarre. That moment starts at the 4:08 mark.

Via The Blaze:

Socialist in Congress Tries to Put Leash on Darrell Issa

For the last two years, Edolphus Towns (D-NY) was the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee on Government Reform. During that time, ranking Republican Darrell Issa attempted on multiple occasions to get him to launch investigations into some very shady activities inside the Obama administration. Towns did not budge. After the elections, Issa became the Chairman and has expressed plans to use his leadership position to issue subpoenas.

Elijah Cummings (D-MD), a registered member of the Socialist Caucus is is the new ranking member of the Committee and is attempting to block Issa's efforts. Cummings replaced Towns as the Democrats' leader of the Committee when Towns stepped aside after the election.

Via the Daily Caller:
Rep. Elijah Cummings, the combative foil to top GOP oversight official Rep. Darrell Issa, is making his first significant power move to cut Issa down to size, demanding authority to stop Issa from issuing congressional subpoenas “unilaterally.”

In a Jan. 24 letter, Cummings claims Issa vowed to him privately to aggressively use his subpoena power “more expansively” than past oversight committee chairmen. Congressional subpoena power gives Issa almost unlimited authority to demand documents and compel testimony from the Obama administration.

Now, Cummings is pushing to give Democrats input on which subpoenas Issa issues and force a committee vote on any he disagrees with.
Issa's office also put forth an explanation for why they believe Towns is out and Cummings is in:
“Rep. Cummings obtained this position by convincing his caucus that he would be a better obstructionist than Chairman Towns or his more senior colleague, Carolyn Maloney. Since assuming the position as Ranking Member, it is evident that obstruction is the only agenda Mr. Cummings in interested in pursuing. Ultimately, the fellow Democratic members of the Committee will have to judge for themselves if they are comfortable with following his path of unilateral obstructionism,” said a spokesman for Issa.

A source close to the committee also denied a key Cummings charge, that Issa had said he would not allow a vote on any subpoenas.

Since Republicans hold a majority on the committee, the proposal by Cummings would not likely give Democrats power to block any subpoenas, but would instead give Cummings and his fellow Democrats another venue to attack Issa on his oversight moves.
In light of the fact that socialists are known liars, I have no doubt that Issa's office is telling the truth when asserting that Cummings was never told there would be no votes on subpoenas.

It's what socialists do.

Read it all.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Assassination Attempt on Missouri Governor

If this seems like breaking news, it's because it wasn't reported by the liberal media when it was breaking news in September of last year. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon (D) survived an attempted assassination at the hands of 22 year-old Casey Brezik, not because of any injuries Nixon survived but because of a case of mistaken identity. Brezik actually did kill someone but it wasn't his intended target; it was someone he thought was Nixon.

Via Jack Cashill at American Thinker:
Successful propaganda is composed of equal parts deception and suppression, and the apparatchiks in the mainstream media are much better at the latter.

They may have erred in pushing the Arizona assassination attempt beyond its ideological limits last week, but they succeeded brilliantly a few months earlier in suppressing news of a nearly lethal attempt by a genuine leftist.

In September 2010 Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon was scheduled to speak at Penn Valley Community College in Kansas City.

At some point, wearing black clothes and a bullet-proof vest, 22 year-old Casey Brezik bolted out of a classroom, knife in hand, and slashed the throat of a dean. As he would later admit, he confused the dean with Nixon.
As Cashill pointed out, this attempt, unlike the one on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D) was not used by the media as a chance to use political exploitation. But why? Nixon was a Democrat. The attempt on his life would have been a perfect chance to attack the Tea Party, right?

Well, not when you look at Brezik's profile. Cashill presents quite the liberal list of traits.
Brezik seems to have inhaled just about every noxious vapor in the left-wing miasma: environmental extremism, radical Islam, anti-capitalism, anti-Zionism and Christophobia, among others.

In his "About Me" box on Facebook, Brezik listed as his favorite quotation one from progressive poster boy, Che Guevara. The quote begins "Our every action is a battle cry against imperialism" and gets more belligerent from there.

On his wall postings, Brezik ranted, "How are we the radical(s) (left) to confront the NEW RIGHT, if we avoid confrontation all together?"
Even the left reaches a point where they think it's not expedient to pursue their absurd narratives.

UPDATE: Thanks to commenter Blair below, who rightly points out that the real victim of Brezik's attack - Al Dimmit, Jr. - was not killed. The verbiage in the American Thinker piece led me to believe he had been killed. HERE is another story from shortly after the incident that confirms Blair's post. That said, the lack of attention surrounding the attack is still noteworthy.

Read it all.

Rep. Lt. Col. Allen West Rips Flying Palestinian Flag

These are the kinds of things that often fly under the radar but once given sunlight, are so obviously and blatantly egregious that no one should find them acceptable. The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) has apparently been flying its flag outside its Washington, D.C. offices. Thanks, once again, go to new Rep. Lt. Col. Allen West for pointing out this affront. The first question should be why on earth is the PLO even allowed in this country but the second question is just as obvious. Why are they allowed to fly their flag?

Via Sun-Sentinel:
The office of U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation, says the freshman congressman is publicly condemning the Palestine Liberation Organization, or PLO, for raising its flag outside its offices in the nation's capital.

"The raising of this flag is an attempt to legitimize an organization with a known history of terrorist actions," West said, in a written news release.

"By allowing this flag to be flown, the United States is extending a diplomatic right that we refrain from offering to even our own allies, like Taiwan. This action is a diplomatic slap in the face of our greatest of allies, Israel."
Not only does this put the PLO on its heels but it puts many of the Jewish liberal Democrats in congress on defense as well.

h/t Weasel Zippers

New Ground Zero Imam Same as Old Ground Zero Imam

Feisal Abdul Rauf is out as the Ground Zero mosque Imam but his replacement has expressed sentiments that many Americans found so objectionable in Rauf. In fact, Abdallah Adhami seems to be far less savvy than his predecessor. Rauf's tone lent itself to elevator music, which was actually played during one of his radio interviews. Conversely Adhami's nuance doesn't seem to rise to the same floor that Rauf's does.

Last week, it was learned that Adhami believes that Muslims have more of a right to Moses than do Jews or Christians. Now, Aaron Klein at World Net Daily has posted more audio of Adhami. This time, he is heard saying that anyone who converts away from Islam (apostates) and preaches against their former religion should be jailed.

How can this be? Wasn't the Ground Zero mosque supposed to be about interfaith dialogue?

Via WND:
Those who leave Islam and preach against the Muslim religion must be jailed, declared the imam who has become the new face of the proposed Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero in New York City.

"If someone leaves the din, leaves the path privately, they cannot be touched. If someone preaches about apostasy, or preaches their views, they're jailed," stated Imam Abdallah Adhami in a November lecture obtained and reviewed by WND.

Adhami was discussing the Quranic view of apostasy, or Muslims who decide to leave the Islamic religion.
He then went on to express the view that people have the right to leave Islam but not the right to preach against it.
He said, "In Islam, in the Quran, theoretically, if you look over the Quran from cover to cover, you literally have the right to the choice to reject God's message. The only thing you do not have the right to do is to spread this conviction, lest you, quote unquote, pollute others."
This should pose quite the conundrum for Muslims who insist the U.S. Constitution and Shariah law can co-exist. Proponents of the mosque like to assert that they are simply exercising their first amendment rights. This cannot be if they are advocating the ban of others' first amendment rights.

Again, Shariah law is not about the First Amendment. It's about Article VI and specifically the part about the Constitution being the supreme law of the land.

It's still early but Adhami may be more controversial than Rauf. Here's the audio:

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Video: George W. Bush Stood with CAIR after September 11th

In light of what we now know about the nefarious intentions of groups like the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), this is an extremely disturbing video of George W. Bush in the days after 9/11 speaking at a Saudi mosque in Washington. Standing directly behind him is CAIR Executive Director, Nihad Awad (you can see him at the end as Bush moves away). The days after 9/11 were absolutely critical when it came to setting the direction for this country against our Islamic enemies and this speech may have been the catalyst for setting us in the direction we're now on.

That Bush shouldn't have known about CAIR requires a suspension of belief because six days before 9/11, on September 5th, Federal Authorities raided an office belonging to the Holy Land Foundation and found evidence that implicated CAIR. How did the message that CAIR had these ties with Hamas not reach the president? HLF had been under investigation for five years at the time.

Via Discover the Networks:
Suspicious of its terrorist ties, U.S. federal authorities began monitoring the Holy Land Foundation in 1996. On September 5, 2001, federal anti-terrorism agents raided InfoCom Corporation, the company that ran the HLF website. According to defectors from the conspiracy, the HLF web server was used also by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic Society of North America, the Muslim Students’ Association of the U.S. and Canada, the Islamic Circle of North America, the Islamic Association for Palestine, and American Muslims for Jerusalem. As Islam scholar Stephen Schwartz writes, “All these organizations drew from the common financial and technical pool at HLF. All shared a single administrative and technical contact for the maintenance of the web server. They had been erected as political shells around the Hamas hydra-head represented by HLF.” (Support for Hamas had become illegal in 1995 as the result of an executive order by President Bill Clinton and subsequent congressional action.)
In fact, a man named Suhail Khan may have had a hand in this speech taking place where and when it did. According to a report by Frank Gaffney, Khan is a Muslim who has infiltrated the conservative movement with the help of Grover Norquist. Moreover, Khan is also on the Board of the American Conservative Union (ACU), which runs CPAC. Khan worked in the Bush administration's Department of Transportation.

HERE is Gaffney's report on Khan.

Former ACORN Leader to Head Obama's Reelection Campaign

The man who holds the equivalent of the job Karl Rove held in the Bush administration is apparently leaving that gig to head up Organizing For America (OFA) so he can work on Obama's reelection campaign. Patrick Gaspard is apparently a seasoned Alinsky-ite as well. The gall here is palpable though. As Republicans in the House consider mixed seating at Tuesday's State of the Union speech in order to demonstrate civility, Obama taps a guy who used to lead an organization that's already proven to be thoroughly corrupt, to coordinate his reelection efforts.

Via Matthew Vadum at the Daily Caller:
Gaspard comes from the same world of radical left-wing community organizing that shaped Barack Obama. Gaspard is well schooled in the brutal, street-smart organizing tactics taught by the late Saul Alinsky, author of Rules for Radicals. He’s the hatchet man Obama sent to New York over a year ago to strong-arm then-Gov. David Paterson into dropping his reelection campaign. As executive director running the DNC’s day-to-day operations Gaspard will oversee Organizing for America, a project of the DNC supposedly modeled on Alinskyite organizing principles. (Former Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine will remain as general chairman of the DNC.)

Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo to Haitian parents, very little is known about this Rasputin-like power behind the throne. Gaspard shuns publicity and is extremely reluctant to speak to the media on the record. Look him up on Nexis and you will find virtually nothing about this otherwise influential counselor to the leader of the free world.

But his colleagues hold him in high esteem. “Patrick is the best political mind of his generation in New York and maybe the nation,” according to Kevin Sheekey, a lieutenant of New York mayor Michael Bloomberg. “I wouldn’t dispute that,” added David Axelrod, a senior advisor in the Obama White House.

Gaspard came to the White House from ACORN’s favorite labor organization, Service Employees International Union. (SEIU Locals 100 and 880 were until recently official affiliates of ACORN.) He had been executive vice president for political and legislative affairs for SEIU Local 1199 United Healthcare Workers East, which claims to be the largest union local on the planet “representing more than 300,000 members and retirees in New York, Maryland, the District of Columbia and Massachusetts.”

Gaspard was previously revealed to be political director for ACORN’s New York branch. Although the source of this information, ACORN founder Wade Rathke, has since feigned senility and claimed he was mistaken, other evidence points to Gaspard’s involvement with the nation’s most notorious activist group.
Read it all.

Epoch Times: Anti-American, Pro-Chinese Song Performed at White House State Dinner

If this is true, it is beyond disgraceful, and even further confirms Obama's contempt for the country he was elected to lead. At the recent White House state dinner for Hu Jintao, a Chinese pianist named Lang Lang performed a song from a Chinese propaganda film about a victory against 'American jackals.' This tune has apparently been a longtime favorite of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and was intended to humiliate the United States.

Via Epoch Times:
Lang Lang the pianist says he chose it. Chairman Hu Jintao recognized it as soon as he heard it. Patriotic Chinese Internet users were delighted as soon as they saw the videos online. Early morning TV viewers in China knew it would be played an hour or two beforehand. At the White House State dinner on Jan. 19, about six minutes into his set, Lang Lang began tapping out a famous anti-American propaganda melody from the Korean War: the theme song to the movie “Battle on Shangganling Mountain.”

The film depicts a group of “People’s Volunteer Army” soldiers who are first hemmed in at Shanganling (or Triangle Hill) and then, when reinforcements arrive, take up their rifles and counterattack the U.S. military “jackals.”

The movie and the tune are widely known among Chinese, and the song has been a leading piece of anti-American propaganda by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for decades. CCP propaganda has always referred to the Korean War as the “movement to resist America and help [North] Korea.” The message of the propaganda is that the United States is an enemy—in fighting in the Korean War the United States’ real goal was said to be to invade and conquer China. The victory at Triangle Hill was promoted as a victory over imperialists.
Speaking of Americans as 'imperialists,' see how many friends, associates, and people from Obama's past who loathe this country based on the notion that it is 'imperialist.'

If you can stomach it, here is a clip from the movie called "Battle of Triangle Hill." Then ask yourself how many people are more concerned about the Super Bowl than about this.

h/t Hapblog

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jim DeMint Boycotting CPAC - Is Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrating GOP?

Two mildly related stories involving CPAC's loss of conservative figures and groups. CPAC is having quite a few problems this year, with groups boycotting over GOProud's participation and others over the prominence of a Muslim with questionable ties, Suhail Khan. On top of that, the head the group behind CPAC - the American Conservative Union (ACU) - had been mired in a messy financial scandal. The statement from DeMint's office is somewhat vague about his reasons for deciding not to attend but in light of his adherence to socially conservative principles, it's likely the GOProud issue.

"With leading conservatives organizations not participating this year, Senator DeMint will not be attending. He hopes to attend a unified CPAC next year," DeMint spokesman Wesley Denton said in an email.
The larger issue very well could be the alleged infiltration of the Republican Party by the Muslim Brotherhood. While appearing on CNN's Anderson 360, Frank Gaffney debated Suhail Khan, a Muslim on the Board of CPAC. Video speaks for itself.

Via TPM:

Tea Party to Hold a 'Dump Dupnik' Rally in Effort to Recall Whack Job Sheriff

Not sure how much real impact this is going to have beyond demonstrating how effective Tea Party muscle can be, if some reports that Clarence Dupnik has indicated he wouldn't run for election again anyway, are true. Then again, in addition to Sarah Palin being the victim of blood libel and baseless accusations relative to the shootings, so has the Tea Party so I don't fault them in this effort to recall the Pima County Sheriff. Besides the blood libel angle, Dupnik seems to have tampered with the investigation by popping off about Loughner's motivations.

Via the Washington Times:
Conservatives have bristled at Sheriff Dupnik's insinuation that Republicans and the tea party movement were somehow responsible for the rampage. The Pima County Tea Party Patriots plan to "indict" the sheriff at their rally for "politicizing the shootings, blaming free speech for the crime without evidence, failing to protect Giffords, failing to recuse himself from the investigation, and embarrassing the community in front of the nation," according to the Arizona Daily Star.
As for the recall effort, it will be a test of Tea Party resolve as over 90,000 signatures in 120 days, which is just under 800 signatures a day.
The group needs to gather 90,809 valid signatures within 120 days to qualify the recall for the ballot. The recall would require a special election, which could be held at the earliest in March 2012, said Pima County Elections Director Brad Nelson.

That's a lot of signatures in a county with 485,629 registered voters. In order to oust Sheriff Dupnik, recall organizers would also have to make sure another candidate runs against him, and so far the sheriff is batting 1.000 against Republican challengers.
As time goes by, the only person Dupnik's words seemed to benefit were Obama, who called to thank him.

h/t via The Blaze

Video: Another Member of Congressional Black Caucus Cites Constitutionality of Obamacare

In addition to Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) is another Democrat who's decided to actually cite the U.S. Constitution in defense of Obamacare. It's completely mis-applied and ridiculous on its face but at least they've decided it's better than Nancy Pelosi's decision to scoff at the question and mock the questioner when she was asked about it back in 2009. More evidence the Tea Party is framing the terms of the debate.

Laughably, both Lewis and Lee are not only members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) but they're registered socialists. Talk about an oxymoron - Socialists are citing the U.S. Constitution to justify socialist policies that are antithetical to the Constitution. The good news is if they're going to argue they're on the right side of the Constitution, they'll lose.

Here's John Lews citing the Fourteenth Amendment - as did Lee - as justification for the individual mandate. In particular, he focuses on the part in Section 1 that says persons should have equal protection under the law. That doesn't answer the question about whether Obamacare is constitutional; it simply says that people will have equal protection under an unconstitutional law.

Via The Blaze:

Here's Nancy Pelosi before Lee and Lewis decided to point to the Fourteenth Amendment. Look for the Democrats in general to pick up the mantra of Lee and Lewis and get ready for some laughs.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Video: U.S. Rep Says Hu Jintao Should be at the Hague

As we all know, Chinese president Hu Jintao was treated to a lavish state dinner by the Obama administration during his visit to the United States. With China's human rights record, it's nothing short of rewarding evil. In light of the Great Recession, it's just another notch in Obama's irresponsible spending belt.

Obama has already demonstrated an affinity for Mao in the form of his relationships with Van Jones, Bill Ayers, Mike Klonsky, Ron Bloom, Anita Dunn, et al.

Via Hapblog:

Video Explosive: Rick Santorum Drops a BOMB on Abortion Debate

While appearing on CNS News for an interview, former Republican Senator from Pennsylvania Rick Santorum not only compared abortion to slavery but connected some extremely explosive dots based on Obama being black and on record as saying that unborn babies are not persons. Santorum is clearly thinking about a presidential run in 2012 and while he's not anywhere near the front of the pack, this 50 second clip is a quantum leap among social conservatives.

It's hard to debate this logic, which is why Obama is unlikely to do so.

Just watch.

Santorum provided further clarification of his point after the interview.

Via the Washington Post:
Santorum expanded on his comment in a statement Thursday. "For decades certain human beings were wrongly treated as property and denied liberty in America because they were not considered persons under the constitution," he said. "Today other human beings, the unborn of all races, are also wrongly treated as property and denied the right to life for the same reason; because they are not considered persons under the constitution. I am disappointed that President Obama, who rightfully fights for civil rights, refuses to recognize the civil rights of the unborn in this country."
Check mate, mate!

h/t to Red State

New Ground Zero Mosque Imam's Outrageous Claims

It didn't take long for Feisal Abdul Rauf's replacement as Ground Zero Mosque Imam to step in it. Rauf's dismissal was announced on January 14th and now it has been learned that Abdallah Adhami has said that Muslims have more of a right to claim a connection to Moses than do the Jews. I guess we're supposed to forget the fact that Moses was Jewish and led the Jews out of Egyptian lands. In addition to seizing the 'Moses' mantle, Adhami encouraged Muslims to 'compete' with other religions.

Via Aaron Klein at WND:
Muslims have "more of a right" than Jews to the biblical prophet Moses, declared the imam who has become the new face of the proposed Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero in New York City.

Imam Abdallah Adhami also urged Muslims to "compete" with other religions.

"We must be doing it first, we must compete with you to be doing more of that. We want to fast Ashura too, because that's the day God saved Moses; that is certainly a day to be celebrated. We have more right to Moses," stated Adhami in a 2008 lecture obtained and reviewed by WND.

Ashura is an Islamic fast day that commemorates Muslim events, including the Islamic claim that Moses fasted on that day to express gratitude to God for liberating the Israelites from Egypt.

In his lecture, Adhami recounted the Islamic story of the Muslim figure Muhammad arriving in Medina, where he encountered Jews who fasted on Ashura and asked them why they were celebrating the holiday.
The formula used by the opponents of the Ground Zero mosque that ultimately saw Rauf get the boot - sunlight - needs to be applied to Mr. Adhami.

Hear new the Ground Zero Mosque in his own words.

Islamophobes Win: Ground Zero Mosque Imam Dismissed

Ground Zero Mosque Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf was dismissed last Friday. Apparently lost on the mainstream media is the primary reason - public opposition, which led to even more revelations about Rauf's past statements and scandals. As Pamela Geller points out, what the media will not tell you is that this was a victory for the Tea Party and opponents of the Mosque. Rauf, Islamic leaders like him prefer to operate with little being known about them. If you remember, his closet was full of skeletons that wouldn't have come out had it not been for the Islamophobes.

While the New York Times highlighted the friction between Rauf and the Developer, Sharif el-Gamal, they did report that both men were 'surprised' by the amount of public opposition.

Via American Thinker:
There has been a shakeup at the Cordoba Initiative/Park 51, the group behind the projected Islamic supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero. The deceitful pro-sharia Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and his wife Daisy Khan are out, and an imam from Washington, D.C., Abdullah Adhami, is in.

What does this mean? First, it means that we won. We are declaring victory. It seems clear that Rauf had to go because he had become a liability to the taqiyya project of the Ground Zero mosque. And that is because of the light we shed on his true beliefs and allegiances. Rauf snagged more than $2 million in public financing to renovate low-income apartments he owns in New Jersey. He took the money and never made the repairs, forcing good people to live with vermin and dilapidation. Slumlord Rauf is also a prominent member of the Perdana organization, a leading funder of the flotilla launched against Israel by the genocidal Islamic terror group, IHH. He has made extreme statements like "the United States has more Muslim blood on its hands than al-Qaeda has on its hands of innocent non-Muslims."
Unfortunately, for the Islamophobes, Rauf's replacement - Abdullah Adhami - doesn't appear to be much better as he, like Rauf, has ties to CAIR as well as possible links to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Read it all.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Video: CNN's Anderson Cooper RIPS Democrat Rep Cohen for Nazi Comparisons

Say what you will about Anderson Cooper but he is not an Olbermann / Matthews type liberal lapdog. He shredded Rep. Eddie Bernice-Johnson (D-Dallas) over her distributing Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) dollars to family members. He was tough on the Obama administration over its handling of the BP Oil spill.

Here, he takes Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Memphis)to the woodshed over the latter's comparing the Tea Party and Republicans to Nazis. Even Bill O'Reilly wouldn't have been as tough as Anderson was.

Via HapBlog

Arizona Sheriff Dupnik Silenced on Loughner Shooting

There are many angles to this one. As Sheriff Dupnik's mouth kept running about how talk radio and rhetoric was responsible for Jared Loughner's shooting spree, multiple people pointed to how the more he spoke, the more he would damage the prosecution's case. It appears that speculation has become a reality based on a news report from Tucson's ABC affiliate, KGUN-9. Indications are that there is some friction between the Sheriff's Office and the County Attorney's Office.

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - The Pima County Sheriff's Department has suddenly turned off the flow of information in the January 8th mass shootings in Tucson. Shortly after noon Tuesday Sheriff's PIO Jason Ogan released this terse, one-line statement:

"Until further notice, due to a controversy between the Sheriff's Department and the County Attorney's office, no further information reference the January 8, 2011 shooting will be released."
Interestingly, now that marching orders seem to be taking shape with respect to who is being prosecuted by whom, the County Attorney will have skin in the game, which likely plays a big factor here.
The federal government is prosecuting accused gunman Jared Lee Loughner only on those charges related to his actions against victims who were federal employees. It will be up to County Attorney Barbara LaWall to decide when, and whether, to prosecute Loughner on charges related to the other victims.

The word "controversy" contained in the statement would seem to imply some sort of disagreement or discord between the Sheriff's Department and LaWall's office. But the statement did not elaborate about the nature of the controversy. When contacted by KGUN9 News, LaWall's office declined to comment.
So Loughner will be charged by the Feds relative to the deaths of Judge John Roll and a Giffords aide as well as the attempted murder of Giffords herself. The County Attorney will be responsible for prosecuting Loughner relative to his other victims. Before these prosecutorial lines had been established, Dupnik was popping off and getting phone calls from the President thanking him for his work. If the County Attorney's office is now demanding that Dupnik's Department zip their lips, why didn't the Feds do the same thing in the days after the shooting?

h/t The Blaze

Video: Democrat Tones Down Rhetoric by Comparing Republicans to Nazis

The meat in this clip is obviously Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) making the allegation that Republicans are behaving like Nazis after studying Josef Goebbels, by telling a lie over and over until it's believed. The lie, according to Cohen, is that Obamacare is a government takeover of health care. The relevance of the comparison takes on added significance in light of the Democrats' call for toning down the rhetoric after the Arizona shootings but the lies came from Cohen himself in this little diatribe, which only bolsters the case of his opponents.

For starters, he referred to the Tea Party as the 'tail that wags the dog.' The implication of that charge is that the American people are not in charge, the government is. The second thing he said was when he cited a source to make his case. Cohen literally said that PolitiFact is non-partisan, which is like saying water is not wet.

As for the charge that conservatives are behaving like Nazis... In 2007, Cohen became Tennessee's first Jewish Congressman and pledged on the 2006 campaign trail that he would also attempt to become the first white person in the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC). But alas, was ultimately told that whites need not apply. Considering that over 70% of the CBC's members are registered with the Socialist Caucus and discriminate based on race, perhaps Cohen is engaging in a bit of projection here. Who else was racist and socialist?

Gee, I wonder.

h/t Hot Air

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Hou) Cites Constitution to Defend Obamacare

There is good news here. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is actually citing the U.S. Constitution in her defense of Obamacare. In particular, she's pointing to the Fourteenth Amendment, Section 1. The part she points to in that section is the part about states not being allowed to deny citizens 'equal protection of the laws.' Yes, that's beyond laughable but it's another sign that the Tea Party is not only framing the terms of the debate - the Constitutionality of this monstrosity - but will likely win it.

The biggest argument against Obamacare being constitutional is the Individual mandate, which says that the Federal government is authorized to force citizens to purchase something. Lee's defense is basically that those who can't afford that mandate are entitled to the money of those that can. Yes, Lee is pointing to the Fourteenth Amendment to justify wealth re-distribution.

This is Classic.

Via The Blaze:

Jackson Lee wasn't done. The next day, she went on the House Floor and cited the Fifth Amendment, again pointing to the part about pursuit of life, liberty, or property. If she would have kept reading, she'd have stumbled across the last sentence, which says, 'nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.'

Unwittingly, she makes the case against Obamacare by citing this Amendment. Money in my possession is inherently my private property. Therefore, an individual mandate that says I must buy health insurance so that those who can't afford it may have it also is wealth re-distribution and theft. Obamacare takes private property and makes it for public use. More patients and less doctors is hardly just compensation.

Ms. Jackson Lee, PLEASE keep talking.

More at American Spectator

Hawaii Governor's Progress on Proving Obama's Eligibility

Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie (D-and member of Democratic Socialists Caucus) made headlines last month when he decided to go to bat for Obama's proof of citizenship. He pledged that he would produce documents that would once and for all silence the Birthers - or at least put them officially on par with flat-earthers if his evidence still didn't appease them. Now that it's been a month, let's check in with the progress of Socialist Abercrombie.

In an interview with a Hawaiian newspaper, Abercrombie apparently has nothing tangibly new to report.

Via Honolulu Advertiser:
Q: You stirred up quite a controversy with your comments regarding birthers and your plans to release more information regarding President Barack Obama's birth certificate. How is that coming?

A: I got a letter from someone the other day who was genuinely concerned about it; it is not all just political agenda. They were talking on Olelo last night about this; it has a political implication for 2012 that we simply cannot have.

(Abercrombie said there is a recording of the birth in the State Archives and he wants to use that.)

It was actually written I am told, this is what our investigation is showing, it actually exists in the archives, written down ...

...What I can do, and all I have ever said, is that I am going to see to it as governor that I can verify to anyone who is honest about it that this is the case.

If there is a political agenda then there is nothing I can do about that, nor can the president.
If I had to lay money on this one, I'm fairly certain Socialist Abercrombie is now regretting what he did last month. As the clock ticks, he's actually bolstering the case of those he's so intent on debunking.

A particular movie line from Al Pacino in GlenGarry GlenRoss comes to mind: "You wanna know the first rule you'd know if you ever spent a day in your life. You NEVER open your mouth 'til you KNOW what the shot is."

It would seem to me that Socialist Abercrombie did not apply that rule.

More on how this controversy began HERE and HERE.

h/t Weasel Zippers

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

NAACP Disgrace: Boxing in George Washington

At an NAACP rally in Columbia, SC yesterday a statue of America's first president - George Washington - was prevented from being seen by those in attendance. This is flag burning on steroids. Let there be no doubt that there is nothing but sheer contempt for this country's founding and the vast majority of those who hold that contempt are either supporters of Barack Obama or have withdrawn their support because he's not radical enough.

Via Free North Carolina

h/t Atlas Shrugs

Is this the Inevitable Chris Christie Letdown?

This is a very disturbing development. It also serves as further proof that no politician represents a full loaf. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has become a hero of the right and a conservative choice for president in 2012 in many Tea Party circles. That is likely to change with Christie's appointment of Sohail Mohammed to a county Judgeship.

Via Right Side News:
New Jersey, the Garden State, has just taken its first step toward becoming the Sharia State, with Governor Christie's nomination of Sohail Mohammed, an attorney to detained terrorist suspects, to a Superior Court judgeship in Passaic County. The Sohail nomination continues Christie's unfortunate pandering to the American Muslim Union and the Islamic Center of Passaic County.

Passaic County has the second largest Muslim population in the country. And the Islamic Center of Passaic County is the state's largest mosque, and it's the only one run by an an Imam who was a member of the Hamas terrorist organization. But when the United States government attempted to deport Mohammed Qatanani, New Jersey's pols and wannabe pols like Christie, quickly came to his aid. Despite the fact that Mohammed Qatanani was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization that is behind both Al Qaeda and Hamas, despite his own guilty plea to being a member of Hamas, and despite the fact that even in the United States, he had defended a charity that provided funds to children of suicide bombers (this is done as an incentive to reassure terrorists that if they die their families will be taken care of), Qatanani was not deported.
Again, this is the kind of thing that will happen when our enemies are not adequately identified.

To extend grace to Christie in this case would require an incredible leap. It would involve his nominating Mohammed while knowing the State Senate will refuse to allow the appointment. If Mohammed is confirmed, even that play is gone.

As Pamela Geller says, Christie is now off the list.

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