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Sunday, May 9, 2010


Last week, Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, CA made news when four students had the unmitigated gall to wear American flags on their clothing on May 5th, otherwise known as Cinco de Wacko. Now we have new video of an hispanic student ripping an American flag out of the hand of another student waving it from outside the passenger side window of the truck he was riding in.

KRON TV reported:
Racial tensions are high on the campus of Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill a day after five students were sent home for wearing clothing with American flags to school on Cinco de Mayo.

Several dozen Latino students walked out of class Thursday. Shouting "We Want Respect", the students marched to a nearby park where they held a rally.

Along the way, KRON 4's Rob Fladeboe witnessed a dispute with a group of students waving an American flag out the window of a pickup truck. One of the marchers grabbed the flag and hurled it to the ground. What followed was an angry confrontation in which both groups of students shouted obscentities at each other.
Seriously, how long are Americans going to put up with this garbage?

For the video on the incident at Live Oak one day earlier, click HERE.


If social justice is just another way of saying socialism, then a community organizer is just another term for socialist. Following Andy Stern's resignation as head of the Service Employees International Union, the void has been filled by a woman named Mary Kay Henry, who was profiled - can I say that? - in a New York Times article.

According to the Times, Henry's colleagues tout her as an "organizer" who isn't polarizing. I just love this quote from Dennis Rivera, the head of SEIU's health care division - which is likely another oxymoron all by itself:
“I’ve never seen her be polarizing,” said Dennis Rivera, who heads the service employees’ health care division. “She brings people together.”
Uh, if Rivera is right, why on earth would a Community Organizing outfit like SEIU make some woman president who doesn't polarize people? That violates the basic tenets of the founder of Community Organizing, Saul Alinsky who insisted on polarizing people to get what you want.

My personal favorite in the Times article is when it says this of Henry:
She is a straight talker with a strong, comforting voice who speaks freely about how her Roman Catholic upbringing nourished her interest in social justice, about being a lesbian and about her hopes to use her new position to battle for workers’ rights, immigrants’ rights and gay rights.
The only evidence that excerpt provides is evidence the Catholic church is falling down on the job. The Catholic church has no business teaching social justice and if one of its members says it learned social justice from the Catholic church, that simply means the latter has a severe communication problem.

I would love to know Henry's feelings on SEIU-affiliated group National Peoples' Action and its members' attempt to further bully banks on May 17th. The event, billed as Showdown on K Street is likely to be somewhat polarizing. Since Mary Kay Henry is not polarizing and is better known for bringing people together, perhaps she can use her influence as the top dawg at SEIU to bring the members of National People's Action (NPA) and bankers together.

Founding Bloggers has MORE on the Showdown.


While appearing on a panel moderated by Chris Matthews recently, Joe Klein of TIME magazine said - courtesy of notes he wrote on a napkin - that Glenn Beck is inching very close to sedition with his words. If you have Klein's email, please send him the video below and ask him what he thinks of it. This man's words seem quite incendiary and he's calling for revolution against the United States, something Beck has never done as far as I know.

Here is video of Ron Gochez, a History teacher at Sanchee High School in Los Angeles. Could it be that Klein is not interested in calling this what it is because Gochez is advocating a socialist revolution?

h/t to Jawa Report

Here is the video of Klein on April 18th. Assuming he will ever see the video above, wouldn't you love to see him tell us how Beck is seditious and Gochez is not?

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