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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


We all know that Judge Andrew Napolitano is a strict Constitutionalist but declaring what the President of the United States is doing as "illegal" is a strong charge. However, the facts appear to be on the side of the judge here. Regarding TARP funds, the law states that the funds are to be returned to the taxpayers. Obama wants to send them to smaller banks so they can open up the credit markets.

Obama does not have that power.

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This is funny on several levels but I would REALLY love to know how Chris Matthews views it. Instead, we only say David Shuster's reaction to Obama telling his Democratic caucus to turn off CNN and MSNBC. When it became apparent that it wouldn't be a passing comment but a point Obama was going to belabor, MSNBC cut away from the president.

Take note that MSNBC cuts away as Harry Reid is reiterating that Obama has told them to shut off these media outlets before.

This is awesome!

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Not really sure how I feel about this one. I see Gibson's point but my initial reaction was that he totally overreacted. Notice he mentions he's done all of the necessary "mea-culpas" and wants to move on. The interviewer didn't strike me as someone who had any axe to grind either. The reason he asked the question was because it's something that's on the mind of those watching.

Gibson appears a bit too arrogant here but maybe I'm reading it wrong. The interviewer didn't strike me as an "A**H***" either. Gibson obviously saw it differently.


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Not every Senator is up for re-election this November but the Democrats who aren't are no doubt feeling like they've escaped some sort of undesirable political lottery. One who may not escape being shown the door is a Chuck Schumer, whose mug conservatives would place on one of a deck of cards' Aces in a set of the 52 most disgraceful politicians.

Larry Kudlow, a very familiar face to conservatives - and trusted man when it comes to economics - is apparently considering a run against Schumer, whose numbers are falling and considering New York's financial status right now which is bad and likely to get much worse between now and November.

Via National Review:
Will Kudlow challenge him? “The only thing I’ve said and I’ll continue to say,” he told The Daily Caller, is that “I’m honored to be considered.” But “defeating Senator Schumer,” he added, “would be a noble cause.”

It would be perfectly understandable if Kudlow declined to put himself and his family through the hell of a campaign. But if he did throw his hat in the ring, his candidacy would be an important one.
Let's also not forget that Kudlow worked inside the OMB of the Reagan administration which is quite an enticing reason to vote for him in this economic climate.
At this critical juncture, Candidate Kudlow could make a vital contribution to the debate. That’s because the combination of gifts he possesses is so rare. Kudlow is at once an economic expert and an expert communicator. As an economist, he was “present at the creation” of Ronald Reagan’s tax cuts in the Eighties, when he served as associate director of economics and planning in Reagan’s OMB. As a communicator, he reaches a vast audience through CNBC’s The Kudlow Report and WABC radio’s The Larry Kudlow Show. He can tell you the top marginal income tax rate when President Kennedy proposed his own epochal tax cuts in 1962 (91 percent). What’s more, he can make you understand the significance of those cuts in a way few other economists can.
As the article points out, defeating the New York political establishment, of which Schumer is a part, will be incredibly difficult. It will require economic smarts and name recognition. Kudlow has both. He may be the best choice Republicans have. Hopefully, he gives it a go.

Read the whole thing.


Thomas Sowell is a literal genius who understands economics as good as - or better than - anybody. He also happens to be black. The president of the United States, Barack Obama, ran on a platform of being post-racial. If anything, this country has regressed in that regard under his leadership. Sowell, on the other hand, seems more concerned with fixing actual problems.

He also identifies intellectuals as those whose end-products are ideas and not products or services.

Worth watching.

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Pretty hard to fault the mayor Oscar Goodman's claim that Obama has a "vendetta" against Las Vegas. Having already derided the city last year, Obama should have learned his lesson because the fallout was significant. A vendetta inherently means there was no lesson for him to learn, that he has something against the city and doesn't care who knows it.

At the end of this clip, Goodman gives Obama the benefit of the doubt while still insulting him. He finishes up by saying "Obama is a very slow learner."

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