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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Public Policy Polling is reporting that incumbent Texas Governor Rick Perry is finding himself tied with Democratic challenger and former mayor of Houston, Bill White. On one hand, this is mildy shocking because Texas is a conservative state and Perry is an established Republican who talked tough before his primary with Kay Bailey Hutchison. He made national news championing the Tea Parties, even aligning with them against the Feds. Now that he has the nomination, that sort of talk is conspicuously absent.

In fact, Texans may already be viewing Perry as part of the establishment.

Via Public Policy:
One of the biggest questions about the 2010 election cycle, which we still don't really know the answer to, is whether it will be solely an anti-Democratic year or more broadly an anti-incumbent year. Our newest Texas poll would seem to suggest voter fatigue toward long serving politicians in both parties- Republican Governor Rick Perry is now tied at 43 with Democratic challenger Bill White.
The solution to this problem for Perry is actually very simple. All he has to do is look two states over to his west and follow Jan Brewer's lead. She's already built the model and it includes taking a stand on illegal immigration and actually DOING what Perry talked about before his primary - standing up to the Federal government. Once Perry won his primary, he became the anti-Brewer.

Perry is in this position for one very simple reason - political cowardice.

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In the soon to be notorious interview given by Gen. Stanley McChrystal and his staff to Rolling Stone, some extremely charged words were used in reference to the Obama administration. McChrystal then issued a strongly worded apology. That was then followed by a summoning to the White House from Afghanistan. It's difficult to believe the apology was heartfelt considering the circumstances under which McChrystal made the comments that caused the furor.

The implications of his words, however, may have lasting consequences. In particular, these words via the NY Daily News:
McChrystal, the article reports, took control of the war, the article states, "by never taking his eye off the real enemy: The wimps in the White House."

An aide is quoted as calling National Security Adviser Gen. (Ret.) Jim Jones a "clown."
The dots McChrystal lays out with his words are not difficult to connect. He practically said the American people elected a domestic enemy. Speaking from Afghanistan, those statements appear to provide a window into what McChrystal actually believes and the apology does not change that. The words were potentially so damaging to Obama that McChrystal has been summoned to the White House from Afghanistan.

Via The Daily News:
Gen. Stanley McChrystal apologized from overseas Tuesday for ripping the administration in a magazine article.

Now, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan will have a chance to say sorry in person.

McChyrstal has been ordered to Washington to explain why he and his staff criticized the White House in a recent Rolling Stone interview, administration officials said Tuesday.
Larger issues involve how McChrystal's expected firing will impact his troops, who reportedly hold him in very high regard.

The entire Rolling Stone interview is now AVAILABLE HERE.

More here.


Obama Labor Secretary Hilda Solis is featured in a 30 second PSA, in which she blatantly says that undocumented workers (illegal aliens) in the United States should be paid honest wages. How ironic. Solis is overtly advocating that illegal alien workers should feel justified in demanding something they're not eligible for in the first place, not to mention her outward rejection the law of the land while encouraging the furtherance of illegal behavior on the part of employers.

If this message isn't sanctioned by the White House, Solis should be fired. The fact she is not is actually an indictment of the Obama administration. Technically speaking, Solis is overtly advocating law-breaking. See for yourself and then let's talk Joe Wilson.

We all remember Joe Wilson's two famous words on September 9, 2009. He yelled, "You Lie!" directly at Obama. Do you remember what Obama said that Wilson specifically responded to? Wilson took umbrage with Obama's claim that his health care plan would not pay for illegals. In light of Solis' remarks that illegals working in the United States should be paid fairly - and assuming Obama agrees with her - why wouldn't health care apply as well?

Wilson continues to age like a fine wine...

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