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Monday, March 19, 2012

Report: Top Fast and Furious suspect allowed to 'Walk'

Operation Fast and Furious was about the ATF letting guns 'walk' into Mexico. Thanks to a report from CBS' Sharyl Attkisson, it looks like the prime suspect of the investigation - Manuel Acosta - was allowed to walk as well.

Via CBS:
The prime suspect in the botched gun trafficking investigation known as "Fast and Furious" -- Manuel Acosta -- was taken into custody and might have been stopped from trafficking weapons to Mexico's killer drug cartel early on. But the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) let him go, according to new documents obtained by CBS News.

An ATF "Report of Investigation" obtained by CBS News shows Border Patrol agents stopped Acosta's truck on May 29, 2010. Inspectors said they found illegal materials including an "AK type, high capacity drum magazine loaded with 74 rounds of 7.62 ammunition underneath the spare tire." They also noted ledgers including a "list of firearms such as an AR15 short and a Bushmaster" and a "reference about money given to 'killer.'"

The Border Patrol ran a check and found Acosta was already "under investigation for firearms trafficking" in Fast and Furious, so they called in the lead ATF case agent Hope MacAllister. Under questioning, Acosta allegedly described his contacts with a Mexican cartel member nicknamed "Chendi," and admitted going to Chendi's house for a shipment of narcotics.
MacAllister, the ATF agent whose voice was heard in conversations with the gun store owner of Lone Wolf Trading Company, let Acosta go:
Instead of pursuing charges, Agent MacAllister asked Acosta if he'd be willing to cooperate with federal agents. He agreed and was released. Apparently, the promised cooperation never materialized. The report notes that 17 days after Acosta was let loose, he still had "not initiated any contact with Special Agent MacAllister."

In a letter today, Congressional Republicans investigating Fast and Furious asked the Justice Department why Acosta wasn't arrested in May of 2010. They also want to know why the Justice Department failed to turn over the documents on Acosta's detainment and release, which were covered under a longstanding subpoena.
HERE is a link to the Report of Investigation filed by MacAllister after the May 29, 2010 stop / interview. Notice that the names David Voth and William Newell are part of the report.

Video: George Clooney's Interviews about Sudan

Here are two interviews with George Clooney about the situation in Sudan. The first is with Fox News Sunday, which was actually shot before he met with Barack Obama on March 15th but it gives you an idea of how he views the situation in the Sudan. In both interviews Clooney and his colleague John Pendergast accurately describe the situation relative to Sudan's oil, its internal battle on how to handle it, and China's concerns but they both overlook the root cause of the genocide. Look, I believe Clooney is well-intentioned but the elephant in the living room is Islam in general and the Muslim Brotherhood in particular.

Near the beginning of the interview with Chris Wallace, both Clooney and his partner, John Pendergast are asked to explain what's behind the genocide in the region. Both give explanations that completely bypass the root cause. They each talk about Northern Sudan - Clooney actually mentions the country's leader, Omar al-Bashir - but neither talks about the religion and political entity that's driving Bashir. In fact, at one point toward the end of the first interview, Clooney actually says his battle is not a political one but that he simply wants to save lives. This is naive and avoids the real problem, which puts him at a significant disadvantage.

The answer is that Bashir is supported by the Muslim Brotherhood, the same Muslim Brotherhood that is taking over the entire Middle East. This is an extremely important omission because until that reality is identified, any and all of Clooney's work is likely to be in vain, or at least dwarfed by the secret agenda of the unnamed enemy. In fact, if Bashir is removed - as Clooney justifiably wants to see happen - the mass murderer will likely be replaced by someone far worse, like Hasan al-Turabi, a much more strident Muslim Brotherhood adherent.

To illustrate this reality, I direct you to this previous post. I also encourage you to go here as well.

Again, Clooney is well-intentioned but he's flying blind, in denial, or both.

Via Fox News:

Clooney also interviewed with David Gregory of Meet the Press. Here, Clooney and Gregory admit that what is happening in the Sudan is the result of "ethnic cleansing" perpetrated by the government of Northern Sudan. Blatantly absent in this analysis is the religion practiced by that government (Islam) and the entity that supports it (the Muslim Brotherhood):

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