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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Report: ATF Scrambling to get Confiscated Guns from DEA Raid

This Gunwalker scandal continues to show signs that it's heading for critical mass. Yesterday, it was an internal memo that was leaked. Today, it looks like the DEA has come into possession of 50-60 AK-47's during a traffic stop. The weapons were apparently headed for Mexico and purchased during Operation Fast and Furious.

Here is what Sipsey Street claims to have confirmed through inside sources:
Within the past few days DEA in Phoenix was survielling what they believed to be a dope load. A traffic stop was executed. The haul was not drugs but instead 50 to 60 AK-47’s, wrapped in cellophane and intended for Mexico that were purchased during Fast and Furious. DEA has the guns and ATF is reportedly scrambling to take possession of the guns from DEA to avoid further bad publicity.
ATF agents continue to come forward in greater numbers and it seems they're providing much of the information to Issa and Grassley that the congressman and senator are not getting from Holder and ATF Director Kenneth Melson.

More to follow.

Gunwalker: Grassley Sends Another Demand Letter to Holder

Between letters and subpoenas, Rep. Darrell Issa and Sen. Chuck Grassley are sure filling up Eric Holder's inbox. The latest is a letter from Grassley, ranking member of the Senate Judiciary committee. Perhaps the most stinging aspect to the letter - in addition to the number of requests he makes - is the specificity of the requests.

Here is an excerpt from the letter in which he reiterated what he wants Holder to produce:
1) All records relating to communications between the ATF and the Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) who sold the weapons to Avila, including any Report of Investigation (ROI) or other records relating to the December 17, 2009 meeting “to discuss his role as an FFL during this investigation.”

2) All records relating to communications between ATF headquarters and Phoenix Special Agent in Charge (SAC) William Newell from December 1, 2010 to the present, including a memorandum, approximately 30 pages long, from SAC Newell to ATF headquarters following the arrest of Jaime Avila and the death of CBP Agent Brian Terry.

3) A copy of the presentation, approximately 200 pages long, that the
Group 7 Supervisor made to officials at ATF Headquarters in the Spring of

4) Copies of all e-mails related to Operation Fast and Furious, the Jaime
Avila case, or the death of CBP Agent Brian Terry sent to or from SAC
Newell, Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) George Gillette, Group 7
Supervisor, or the Case Agent between November 1, 2009 and January 31,
HERE is a link to the entire letter. Be sure to read it because Grassley appears to be honing in on what the ATF knew about the death of another U.S. Agent - Jaime Zapata of ICE. Zapata was killed in Mexico and, like Border agent Brian Terry, he died as a result of Operation Fast and Furious.

The detail Grassley provides in this letter is likely meant to underscore the fact that ATF agents are confiding in him in greater and greater numbers.

h/t to David Codrea

Is 'Son of Hamas' Digging a Deeper Hole?

Earlier this month, former PLO member Walid Shoebat outed the 'Son of Hamas' - Mosab Hassan Yousef - as someone who says one thing in english and something else entirely in Arabic. Yousef is the son of one of Hamas' founders and went on a book tour last year to promote his story about how he converted to Christianity. Unfortunately for him, Shoebat unearthed some interviews Yousef gave in Arabic and claims that the alleged convert is actually plotting against Israel and plans to do so by infiltrating western churches.

Yousef has apparently decided that Shoebat's claims against him are gaining enough traction to warrant a character witness. There is indeed a problem, however with who Yousef has decided to lean on. His name is Gonen Ben-Itzhak and he was once Yousef's Shin Bet handler. Unfortunately for the 'Son of Hamas,' Gonen was fired from the Shin Bet for - of all things - lying and financial mismanagement.

Shoebat writes about this at Pajamas Media:
In an attempt to defend himself from my exposure of his record and actions, Mosab Hassan Yousef has solicited help from Gonen ben Itzhak – Yousef’s former handler within Shin Bet (Itzhak was fired from the organization). Itzhak intended to write and publicize a letter damaging my name and credibility. I obtained the letter sent by Itzhak prior to its publication, have seen its claims, and can offer proof beyond any doubt defending myself from the spurious charges therein.

It is crucial to note Itzhak’s own background: he was fired from Shin Bet for “financial mismanagement and lying.” Additionally, former deputy head of the Shin Bet (and current Kadima MK) Gideon Ezra has questioned the credibility of Mosab’s story, saying it was all “exaggerated.” Itzhak is also an extremist Greenpeace activist and a pro-Palestine, anti-settlement advocate. This man is now countering my honest, factual reporting of Yousef by claiming he investigated me and found that I was a “fraud.” I can prove he is now lying about my past, and given his current behavior, I am not surprised at the stated reason for his previous firing.
Makes perfect sense. After Mosab Hassan Yousef is called out as a fraud for what he actually says in Arabic, he enlists the support of an eco-wacko leftist who was fired for lying and financial mismanagement.

HERE is a link to an interview Gonen gave to Haaretz last year in which he actually admits to why he was fired by Shin Bet.

Shoebat appears to be having his case made by the very individual he has outed.

Read it all.
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