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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Video: Jimmy Carter Refusing to Relinquish 'Worst President Ever' Title

All this talk about Obama being worse than Carter appears to be offending Jimmy. In this news report from Al-Jazeera, Carter all but endorses a Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt. In fact, he's going to help certify the elections. Check out how Carter has the gall to say that the peace treaty he brokered between Egyptian president Anwar Sadat and Menachim Begin has been honored over the years while the rights of the Palestinians have been ignored.

Lost on Carter is the fact that Sadat was assassinated by the Muslim Brotherhood for signing the deal in the first place.

Here is an older report on Sadat's assassination:

h/t Verum Serum

Issa Committee Releases Charts Ahead of Holder Hearing

Mark this date down. On February 2nd, Attorney General Eric Holder will be in front of the Oversight Committee for the first time to answer questions about Fast and Furious. A website started by the committee chaired by Rep. Darrell Issa has released a couple of very informative charts. One shows who all of the players are and who is ultimately responsible for the operation. Think of it as an accountability flow chart.

I wouldn't be surprised if this chart ends up right behind Issa so Holder can stare at it during the hearing:

Here is a similar chart that focuses on the victims. Perhaps the members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) should take this one to heart. Each member of the CHC is a Democrat and not one of them has called for Holder's resignation:

Al Gore in 2007: North Pole Gone in Five Years; Five Years later, North Pole still there

Actually, Al Gore has been saying that the North Pole will melt in "five years" for several years now. For some reason, the phrase "five" never seems to change as the years pass by. In any event, Gore first said that the North Pole would be gone in five years as a result of man-made global warming at the Davos Conference on Climate Change in 2007.

Then, one year later, in 2008, Gore said the North Pole would be gone in "five years." Uh, based on the fact that he had said it a year earlier, shouldn't he have said "four years"?

Since the 2008 video of Gore making the absurd prediction is no longer available, here's something that's a little better, especially in light of the fact that it exposes him as the fraud he is. This is from 2009. Watch as the sycophantic Harry Smith asks Gore to read a poem at about the same time climategate was being exposed.

Harry came dangerously close to giving Gore the key to his hotel room.

h/t GWP

Video: Ron Paul shows his Love for Iran

In the wake of the Iranian nuclear scientist who was assassinated with a car bomb, Ron Paul seems to jump to the defense of Iran here. In fact, right off the bat, Paul says, "We should empathize with them" and calls Iran "victims of terrorism." A little later, he refers to Iran as "a very weak nation" and that "they don't want trouble." Paul proceeds to call "the idea that (Iran) is looking for a fight," nothing more than a "concoction," which only garners more sympathy for a country found to have been behind the 9/11 attacks just last month.

Pay attention at the 3:40 mark. Fox's Megyn Kelly asks Paul what he would do as President if Iran followed through with its threat to shut down the straits of Hormuz. His answer? There really isn't one. He makes an attempt to say withdrawing the sanctions would prevent them from doing such a thing. He then seems convinced that Iran would never shut down the straits.

As I watched this, I kept waiting for this guy to unzip his body suit and Jimmy Carter to be revealed.

h/t Hapblog

Video: Liberal Slapped Multiple Times, Feels Nothing

If this clip wasn't the result of extremely good editing, the liberal mind is sicker than we thought. The woman who appears to be intellectually vacant is Froma Harrop and she runs a journalism outfit that has teaching people how to engage in argument / debate without being uncivil, as its primary goal. When Comedy Central's John Oliver confronted Harrop on her use of the term 'economic terrorism' to describe Tea Party conservatives, she failed to see any modicum of irony or hypocrisy.

In fact, she doubled down while Oliver ratcheted up the mocking quotient, which continued to remain lost on Harrop.

Must Watch:

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