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Monday, March 1, 2010


The U.K. Guardian is reporting that Barack Obama has been told to quit smoking and moderate his "alcohol intake". It's been common knowledge that Obama has battled smoking for some time but it was a bit eyebrow raising to many when the Guardian quoted verbiage from doctors that would indicate the president may want to re-consider future beer summits.

According to the Guardian:
Barack Obama is still struggling to kick smoking, according to his first medical examination since becoming president.

Obama is sensitive about his cigarette habit and tetchy with reporters who raise it. But after his 90-minute medical at the Navy hospital outside Washington yesterday morning, his doctors confirmed he had not yet managed to conquer the habit and suggested he "continue smoking cessation efforts".
Here is the sentence that ended the article.
The doctors also recommended "moderation of alcohol intake".

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At this point, wouldn't you double down too? An Allegory is a visual symbol representing an abstract idea. An Al Gore is a visual symbol representing a fraudulent idea that continues to be pushed as legitimate despite the overwhelming evidence that continues to grow. I guess the kindest thing you could say about Al Gore is that he's a martyr for Gaia who simply refuses to go down.

After reading Gore's pathetic defense of the fraud he has helped to perpetrate on the world, it's not only obvious why he's been hard to find lately. It's also obvious that he shouldn't have written this op-ed. It's wrought with lies, hypocrisy, projection, and defense of the indefensible.

Kind of reminds you of Randall "Tex" Cobb, doesn't it? Cobb is far more honorable though. The guy made a name for himself by going the distance while taking blows so numerous and devastating, any other boxer would have been hospitalized if not given last rites. He still lost. Al Gore is losing big as well. That didn't stop him from lamenting in the form of an op-ed for the New York Times. Ironically, Gore's first lie came in the first sentence:
"It would be an enormous relief if the recent attacks on the science of global warming actually indicated that we do not face an unimaginable calamity requiring large-scale, preventive measures to protect human civilization as we know it."
If anyone believes for one second that Gore would be relieved by it being widely acknowledged that he was a major accomplice in the biggest fraud perpetrated on mankind since the days of Adam and Eve, they're on crack. Man-made global warming is, quite simply, an international conspiracy by definition. It was a conspiracy to soak billions of people for the benefit of a few. Things have gotten so bad for Gore, his fraud being true would actually be a relief for him at this point and he knows it.

It didn't take long for Gore to trump his opening lie with shameless hypocrisy in his second paragraph:
"Of course, we would still need to deal with the national security risks of our growing dependence on a global oil market dominated by dwindling reserves in the most unstable region of the world, and the economic risks of sending hundreds of billions of dollars a year overseas in return for that oil."
Anyone remember Gore bad-mouthing his own country while speaking in Saudi Arabia? Not only that but Gore has made a personal fortune on Saudi oil, which might explain why he was so complimentary of them while slamming the United States. Once you're done reading Gore's dreck in the New York Times, have a look at an article by Lowell Ponte that appeared in Newsmax back in 2006:
...oil wealth is nothing new to Al Gore Jr. His senator father's fortune and Al Gore Jr.'s own portfolio today have gotten the lion's share of their money from Occidental Petroleum and its eccentric head Armand Hammer, whose father founded the Communist Party USA and, before his death, acknowledged carrying millions of dollars in cash from Moscow to fund the CPUSA.

The Gore family has controlled up to $1 million worth of Occidental stock, and Al Gore Jr. has pocketed up to $20,000 per year by leasing mineral rights on Gore property to an Occidental zinc mining operation cited for polluting the adjacent Tennessee River.
You might not think it possible but Gore actually trumps his first paragraph lie and 2nd paragraph hypocrisy with quintessential projection in paragraph #3 when he talks about what it would mean if man-made global warming wasn't cause for concern.
"But what a burden would be lifted! We would no longer have to worry that our grandchildren would one day look back on us as a criminal generation that had selfishly and blithely ignored clear warnings that their fate was in our hands."
Yes, you read that right. Al Gore is calling those who dispute his fraud as being part of a "criminal generation". That takes the cajones of someone like Randall "Tex" Cobb!

Paragraph #4 reiterates the lie in paragraph #1 and couples it with the hypocrisy in paragraph #2:
"I, for one, genuinely wish that the climate crisis were an illusion. But unfortunately, the reality of the danger we are courting has not been changed by the discovery of at least two mistakes in the thousands of pages of careful scientific work over the last 22 years by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. In fact, the crisis is still growing because we are continuing to dump 90 million tons of global-warming pollution every 24 hours into the atmosphere — as if it were an open sewer."
Again, his being wrong would expose him as the fraud he is and whining about pumping "global-warming pollution" into the "atmosphere" belies how he made so much money from oil and other energy ventures that are NOT "green-friendly" using Gore's standards.

In paragraph #5, Gore demonstrates bitterness which he directs at those who exposed Climategate:
"e-mail messages stolen from the University of East Anglia in Britain showed that scientists besieged by an onslaught of hostile, make-work demands from climate skeptics may not have adequately followed the requirements of the British freedom of information law."
Wouldn't you love to ask him if he thinks the Watergate tapes were "stolen"?

Paragaph #6 enters into the realm of denial in the very first sentence.
"What is important is that the overwhelming consensus on global warming remains unchanged. It is also worth noting that the panel’s scientists — acting in good faith on the best information then available to them — probably underestimated the range of sea-level rise in this century, the speed with which the Arctic ice cap is disappearing and the speed with which some of the large glacial flows in Antarctica and Greenland are melting and racing to the sea."
In light of the head of the IPCC facing increasing heat from the science community, I'd say any actual global warming taking place has decided to focus on that U.N. body as IPCC head Rajendra Pachauri (pictured with Gore) is doing a little collar-tuggin' right about now. Did you also catch Gore's verbiage that glaciers are "racing to the sea"? That's kind of reminiscent of Gore's appearance on Saturday Night Live, when he mocked the very fraud he's engaged in. During one of his skits, the premise was that he won the 2000 election and was in the middle of a fight against glaciers.

I could go on about how Gore's column shows him to be a lying, hypocritical huckster who is very bitter about his fraud being exposed and uses the defense mechanisms of denial and projection to demonstrate it get the point.

Al Gore or Allegory? You decide.


Whether it be dereliction of duty on the part of the media, the distraction known as the health care summit, or the fact that the story of Islamic envoy Rashad Hussain being caught in a lie - as well as being complicit in covering it up - was released in a Friday night news dump sometime after 10pm on February 19th. The fact remains that even after the dust settled on the Rashad Hussain story, the White House announced via Robert Gibbs on February 22nd in response to a question posed by Fox News reporter Wendell Goler that it still had full confidence in Hussain.

To her credit, Megyn Kelly at Fox News had been covering the story and even interviewed Frank Gaffney along with a Hussain apologist on February 22nd.

Bill O'Reilly deserves mention for having Kelly on his program to discuss the story as well but this is the type of story that reveals the actions of people within the White House as being so egregious, that it should be followed incessantly until the truth is uncovered. Van Jones would still be a member of the Obama administration if not for Glenn Beck reporting on him daily. The same should be the case with Rashad Hussain but the story appears to have fizzled at this point.

While checking in with the site that initially broke the story, the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report, I noticed that they have a take on the Hussain story very similar to the reaction I had back on February 17th. Specifically, even if you completely overlook Hussain's quotes at the 2004 MSA event, the fact that he was participating in an MSA event at all is what should be the most troubling. The MSA, or Muslim Student's Association has strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and falls under the latter's umbrella.

Here is what GMBDR posted about Hussain and the troubling fact that what media coverage his appointment did get actually missed the larger point:
Instead, almost the entire U.S. media/blogosphere was focused solely on the issue of Mr. Hussain’s comments about Al-Arian and the missing sentences. This was very similar to what happened after we reported on Mazen Asbahi, the Muslim outreach coordinator appointed in 2008 by then candidate Obama. At that time, the entire focus of media attention was on Mr. Asbahi’s presence on the board of an organization along with an imam at a controversial mosque which had been tied to Hamas fund raising. Just as almost nobody appeared to have read the original post on Mr. Asbahi, nobody now appeared to be reading the original post on Mr. Hussain (in part because FOX, ABC, and other blogs either never referred to our original report or gave us only very sparse credit).
Fox News prides itself on bringing news to the public that the Mainstream Media refuses to cover. To that end, journalism itself requires digging. Again, to Fox's credit (O'Reilly and Kelly), they covered the story but they didn't dig deep or drive the story for more than scant on-air minutes. Did you notice at the end of Kelly's report above, she teased a story about Scott Brown's daughter?

Since O'Reilly reported on the Hussain story, he's actually had the "Body Language Lady" on, as well as the "culture warriors" multiple times. For the record, I have absolutely nothing against Tonya Reiman. She seems like a very nice woman who makes very astute observations about what people are communicating visually. However, if O'Reilly took half of the time he dedicates to having someone like Reiman on to breakdown HIS body language in debates with the likes of Barney Frank and instead had her analyze the body language of members of the Muslim Brotherhood, maybe he'd be somewhat surprised by what Tonya tells him. Heck, Tonya might even be surprised.

GMBDR also takes Rashad Hussain's apologists to task:
His (Hussain's) defenders also alluded to the fact that Mr. Hussain’s comments on Al-Arian and two of his speaking appearances occurred when “Rashad was quite young” (actually only six years ago). This defense ignores Mr. Hussain’s speaking appearance at the recent 2009 Summit of the Council for the Advancement of Muslim Professionals (CAMP), occurring after Mr. Hussain had already become a White House attorney.
GMBDR points out that even if one concedes that point, once you look at CAMP's ties - coupled with Hussain's appearance at one of their events while employed by the White House - they appear to be just as unsavory as the MSA:
CAMP has multiple ties to the North American Muslim Brotherhood. At one point, current Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) President Ingrid Mattson was listed by CAMP as an adviser and Zeba Iqbal, the Vice-Chair of CAMP International, is also on the board of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC-NY). At least one of the CAMP chapters, CAMP Toronto, has joined with other USMB organizations such as CAIR, ISNA, and ICNA to issue protests at Israeli actions in Gaza and against the Niqab (full face veil) ban (a CAMP VP wears it) and in support of Omar Khadr, being held in Guantanamo on charges of killing an American solder in Afghanistan.
What is truly astonishing is that one can continue conceding points to both the White House and Hussain on this story and still find some extremely disturbing facts and ties. Yet, those layers of the onion don't appear to be getting peeled.

Be sure to read the entire GMBDR post.
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