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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


First up, the must see throw down between Fox News Channel's Megyn Kelly and liberal Kirsten Powers. The panel started out with Kelly as the moderator in a debate between Powers and her conservative opponent. However, the exchange between Kelly and Powers overtook any best laid plans. At times, Powers looked like a deer in the headlights. Kelly had her facts and busted Powers on more than one occasion over the latter's ignorance of them. Powers conceded that ignorance but for some inexplicable reason felt compelled to keep arguing.

Whether Powers wants to admit it or not, she was in the position of having to defend the racist leader of a racist organization that's been protected by racist policies. Be sure to watch the video after the one showing the exchange between Kelly and Powers.

Kelly took her down........hard.

Next up is an exchange from March of 2008 in which Powers filled in for Alan Colmes during an installment of Hannity & Colmes in which the guest was New Black Panther Party leader Malik Zulu Shabazz. Fast forward to the 5:30 mark to see Powers question Shabazz. In light of the Philadelphia polling station case coupled with what should have been an "ah-HA" moment for Powers in this interview, I am struck by the obstinate posture of Powers in the exchange with Kelly today.



This trial is a spectacle in many ways but a pattern that has been developing and continues is the Judge's propensity for rulings that favor the Barack Obama administration. Now we have another one. The circumstances surrounding it are rather noteworthy as well. The prosecution is wrapping up, the defense is apparently caught flat-footed, and the judge is refusing to grant a delay in the trial.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports:
With a lightning-fast prosecution team resting more than a month ahead of schedule, lawyers for Rod Blagojevich are scrambling to call their first witnesses in the ex-governor's federal corruption trial.

With just a day or two until showtime -- and with vacation schedules and Secret Service logistics to contend with for big-name witnesses such as Rahm Emanuel and Valerie Jarrett -- the defense said Monday they could be "out of luck."
It's certainly possible that the Defense should have been better prepared for such a scenario but again, when you look at the totality of Zagel's rulings, they continue to benefit Obama.

More on this Judge's rulings that have been fortuitous for the Obama administration HERE and HERE.

CORRECTION: At the time of this original post, I mistakenly posted that the judge had decided not to grant a delay to the defense. Judge Zagel has NOT ruled on that request and the Sun-Times is now reporting that Zagel may in fact grant the delay.

Full story at the Sun-Times


Pennsylvania Senate candidate Joe Sestak appears to have a new controversy dogging him. He couldn't shake Jobsgate and even now, it's likely only dormant. Now his connection to the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is not going away either. A pro-Israel group called the Emergency Committee for Israel is upping the ante on Sestak with a new ad.

CAIR, an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial, has ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, a group that wants to take down western civilization from within. Does that make Sestak a domestic enemy? If our leaders would have identified an actual enemy after 9/11, perhaps he would be.

More on Sestak and CAIR here.

Via Weasel Zippers


Until Jesse Jackson inserted himself into the LeBron James story I intentionally stayed away from it because in light of all that's going on in the world - and in this country - lately, it's about as consequential as a fly problem in someone else's yard. It's sophomoric, ponderous, and insipid compared to something like, I don't know, the corruption trial of Rod Blagojevich? Perhaps not so coincidentally, Jesse's son, Jesse Jackson Jr. has probably been implicated more than anyone else at that very trial in recent days - it has become painfully obvious that Jr.'s attempt to denounce "pay to play politics" was a big fat lie based on the recorded phone conversations played thus far.

It's almost as if a distraction was needed. Is the elder Jesse running interference for his son by publicly saying that Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert has a "slave master mentality" with respect to James, who Jackson says Gilbert views as a "runaway slave". Eugene Kane at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel sees Jackson's assertion as ill-advised:
Raising his voice in support of James by evoking slavery seems like a foolish move.

James has been paid millions in salary and endorsements since joining the NBA seven years ago. During his free agent excursion, he had the owners of several professional teams courting him for his services.

Sorry, Jesse; this guy is no slave.
If Jackson was truly concerned about racism, why isn't he speaking out against Rod Blagojevich, who is heard countless times on recorded phone conversations, played at his corruption trial, referring to Jesse Jackson Jr. as an "uber African-American"? The answer to that one is rather obvious if you've been following the trial. Jesse Jackson Jr., despite his indignant and adamant declarations to the contrary shortly after Blagojevich's arrest on December 9th, 2008 is revealed in recorded phone conversations to have offered money to Blagojevich in return for being appointed to Barack Obama's then soon-to-be vacant Senate seat.

The timing of Jackson Sr.'s ludicrous claims is indeed curious. Even more ludicrous are his comments during an appearance on the Ed Schultz program. Listen as Jesse tells Ed that if Gilbert's claim that James often "quit" during games is a serious charge and would amount to a "scandal". The real scandal is going on in a Chicago courtroom and Jesse Jackson Jr. is in the middle of it. Then Jesse Sr. lectures Ed's audience about integrity and cheating before wrapping up with a reference to child rearing.

Jesse Sr. is 3 for 3 on that one - scandal, integrity, and offspring. He just has the wrong controversy and it's by design.

h/t to Hot Air for the video.

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